Stardew Valley on Linux and Mac Through VirtualBox!!

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    After trying in a various different ways to get this game to work on wine, I came to the conclusion that it is impossible on a graphics card like mine Integrated Intel HD Graphics.

    Wine at all occasions had told me the "No suitable graphics card found!" error.

    So I decided to try this game through Virtualbox, and it worked.

    I followed this video and added a couple of steps:
    1. At the display page in settings, disable the 3D Acceleration and 2D Video Acceleration.
    2. When installing Guest Additions for Virtualbox, click on Direct3D Support.
    3. Easier guide to Guest Additions is included here:

    4. [​IMG]
    5. After following these steps while watching the video, install Stardew Valley through GOG and Steam(Do not forget to install .NET 40 and XNA 40).
    6. Always open the game as Administrator and Never turn the game into fullscreen or in simpler words never click on the square on the top right of the game.
    7. Also never open the "Stardew Valley.application" file after installing the game or it will remove your save files.[​IMG]
    If you still get the "no suitable graphics card found" error then follow this(Credit to Santikun (Dr. Friendship)):
    1. Download this (
    2. Go to C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/assembly/GAC_32/Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics/v4.0...
    3. Place the file you downloaded (d3d9.dll) in that folder. If there is one with the same name already there, replace it. I'd recommend to make a backup of the file, just in case.
    4. Open the game.
    If you get a black screen on launch then follow this:
    1. Click on the start menu
    2. Search "Run"
    3. Open "Run"
    4. While in "Run" application, type "%appdata%' without quotations and click Ok.
    5. Delete the Stardew Valley folder when the Appdata folder is opened from the command above.

    If you get any other errors with the game refer to this steam post:

    If you do not get sound in your Virtualbox OS then follow this:
    1. Go in your Virtualbox and change only the "Audio-Controller" Tab to ICH AC97. Leave the other tab.[​IMG]
    2. Boot up your virtualbox OS and through Internet Explorer, open this link:
    4. Accept, and click next
    5. Find "Vista/Win7 (32/64 bits) Driver only" Tab and click "Global" to download the driver.
    6. Always trust the driver, and let it install.
    7. After it is installed, reboot your computer.
    8. The sound will work now.
    If you have any other questions on Virtualbox, Google is your best friend, or else you can always comment here.

    Thanks for reading this, and I hope your Stardew Valley works now.
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