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Stardew Valley on iOS crashing

Discussion in 'Support' started by SVLover, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. SVLover

    SVLover Space Hobo

    I searched the forums, and found some examples of others who have had issues with crashing on iOS. But the resolution used computers, which I don’t have access to. All I have is my iPad 5. So! Here’s my problem:

    Game crashes as soon as I go to sleep.
    When I try to load my game from its most recent auto-save, it crashes.
    When I ignore the auto-save and reload my game, it starts over at that day’s beginning. Then the crash cycle repeats itself as soon as I sleep- and I lose an entire day’s work/progress.

    Given that all I have is my iPad, and can’t use computer backup etc to try to solve this,what can I do? Love the game, but I’m stuck in a “GroundHog Day” moment here and can’t move on.
    • Sugarbabylov

      Sugarbabylov Space Hobo

      Hello, i have the same problem since this night. I can t play anymore Stardew Valley on my iPad5. My game do not open any more :(
      I love the game, i m from France.
      • willowb

        willowb Space Hobo

        Same bug here. On an iPad Pro 11, running 12.1.4. Game also started crashing on me last night, in a few different ways:
        * upon not loading from last save, it sometimes opens and I can play to a day but then it hangs at the black overnight screen indefinitely OR it crashes out of the game
        * on opening the app, it crashes
        * on attempting to load either of my saved games, it crashes
        I have restarted the game as well as the iPad.

        Like the folk above, I do not have a computer to connect my iPad to. If hecka useful, I can connect to a friend’s computer to pull the files.

        Thanks so much!
        • willowb

          willowb Space Hobo

          Oh hey, the update that came out yesterday evening my time fixed this! Thank you.
          • Bree70520

            Bree70520 Space Hobo

            Is anyone still active on this thread I am currently having issues with the screen going black on my iPad Pro 2019 edition it asked me if I want to reload from saved and I click yes in the bottom left says loading but there’s a black screen of death never changes anybody have any idea I only use my iPad for this game
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            • isabellak

              isabellak Seal Broken

              hi i am also having this problem on ios, i have a iphone 7 plus and i have tried everything to get back onto the app (restarting phone n updating) but every single time i try to open the app it show a black screen for a second then it crashes. please help because i have worked so hard on this save and i know if i delete the app it’ll delete my save files and i don’t want to do that! :(
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