Stardew Valley No Longer Opens on new system

Discussion in 'Support' started by Profanity343, Mar 1, 2019.

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    Hi I recently bought myself a nice expensive new computer, this system runs on Windows 10, and Stardew doesn’t work anymore.

    Ever since I have bought this computer Stardew Valley refuses to open, instead it says it’s running, then syncing, then goes back to as if I hadn’t clicked it, and this cycle can continue on forever as long as I ‘open’ the game.

    For context I have no mods added to the game and I’m only looking to play single player. Also the game worked perfectly fine on my previous systems which from memory ran on Windows 8. I have tried going into its properties and running as moderator, changing the compatability, uninstalling and reinstalling - furthermore when I uninstall or reinstall the game it cause all my other games in my steam library to ‘update’ however this update is not an update and competes instantly.

    Thankyou so much
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