Stardew Valley Multiplayer: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Aug 1, 2018.

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    Agreed, we are going to see if using an external wireless card will help today as her pc is on a built in one on her motherboard and I noticed that it did occasionally have latency spikes.

    Update: The latency fix seems to help, no disconnects yet after a few hours of testing, so it might be a hardware fix.
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    • SuperGamerRob

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      2 things to report:

      Wierd tool visual bug, host sees it on second player, cause unknown. Seems similar to the direction one that was supposedly fixed?
      Ver 1.3.36, also in the previous version as it occurred just before the update as well as after.

      Year 2 winter, my farmhand could not give his gift. His person was Kent, and Kent did not exist for him. (Seems like it loaded the year 1 feast for him, so he couldn't see kent at all)
      Ver 1.3.36

      Oh, also, my farmhand donated the last artifact to the museum, and I did not get the "A Complete Collection" achievement.
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        my husband and i have had issues trying to get a game to even load on the local and online server and have found the only way to do it is to put the starting cabins next to each other, it doesn’t work if they’re spread apart. a cabin doesn’t appear even when one is selected. that may fix some people’s load errors or even just not seeing anything. would love to put our cabins farther apart! thanks :)
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          Hi, I've seen this mentioned a couple of times on this forum but I haven't seen any official response, so I thought I'd bring it up again.

          I'm hosting a multiplayer game with one farmhand. Myself and my farmhand both recently got married. My farmhand's spouse (Penny) is just standing in a single place in his cabin and only moving to go to bed at 10PM. She doesn't go outside to teach the kids, doesn't even walk around the house. My spouse (Harvey) doesn't seem to be having any of these issues, although he does hug me backwards sometimes which is a little weird.

          This bug is really affecting both of our enjoyment of the game. My farmhand doesn't really have a spouse, and Penny has essentially been removed from my game experience as well.

          Is this something being worked on for 1.4? Right now the available solutions (go back ten hours gametime, try save editing to make the game think Penny was never married, delete my farmhand altogether and have him start his character anew) are pretty unappealing.

          I'm happy to .zip and upload my save if it would be helpful in any way.
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          • Gaygalaxyart

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            We started a multiplayer farm (we are two players) and we both use steam. At first everything was fine but now (after about 5h) he keeps disconnecting randomly (I'm hosting).
            It's no set event that makes him disconnect it happens all 5 minutes. It's really frustrating but we both run the newest version and it's not the fault of our connection
            we don't experience other lags.
            I have looked this up but didn't find any solutions, is there anything we can do?
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            • MrMehn

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              We are also experiencing random disconnects, 2 player farm. Playing over steam on same LAN or connecting as local LAN both experience random disconnects.
              If anyone has a tip, please share :)
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              • Suembeaux

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                This doesn't specifically have to do with the multiplayer aspect of the game, but I have found a graphical issue. Hopefully this is the right place to post this.

                I have a 3 monitor setup, using Nvidia Surround with an Asus GTX1070. Playing the game in 5760x1080.
                Game works great when fully zoomed in (100%) on triple monitor setup, but if you try to zoom out, the borders of the visible window moves and the HUD along with it, shrinking and cutting off the right side.

                Screenshot 100% zoom


                Screenshot 95% zoom

                Cutoff becomes more extreme the more you zoom out. Since the screen envelopes the entire area (home farm) the character is not centered and camera does not move, enabling your character to walk off the screen into the black.
                • Ajajane

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                  I've tried posting this in other areas but I'll try again here.

                  Issue: Can't connect to host in current multiplayer - constant 'Connection failed' message. However, if we start a new game we can connect to each other just fine.

                  We've tried all kinds of combinations of restarts to game, steam, router and computer and different ways of inviting (code, lan, steam) we still get the message. However, when we tested on a new game we were able to connect to each other just fine. Neither of us are getting any errors in SMAPI and when we check the logs it shows 'lobby entered' and I'm there for 43 seconds and then it says 'disconnecting from server'. We were playing on lan fine yesterday, not sure what could be causing it since we see no errors and it's fine on a new game.

                  Edited to add that we've tried the C++ trick too with no luck.
                  • FatBlackChocobo

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                    Me and my wife have recently started a new multiplayer game on steam. It's working really well with a few minor crashes and such but nothing too bad. However I have noticed that I, not being the host, loses progress every time we quit playing and start again the next day. For example, we do 5-10 days and on the last day I level farming to 5 and select my profession. We finish that day, end the day and it says it saves for both of us, we start the next day and then exit the game. The next day we log on and she hosts the game. It's the proper day with all progress saved as far as money and farming and such goes. However I'm back to farming level 4 and it levels me to 5 after we do a whole extra day. So whereas before I leveled to 5 on the 10th of summer or whatever, saved, quit the game, started back on the 11th the next time we played I'll be back down to level 4 and won't go back to 5 until the night of the 11th when we sleep. It's not a huge deal but it is a big inconvenience especially if we play short sessions because I'm losing lots of character xp.
                    • DrShoctopuss

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                      Good morning, I have an issue with multiplayer combat desync. I'm sure this is not an internet speed issue as all members (3) of us have high speed/fiber nodes. We rotate who host and whoever joins through the interface receives a combat bug that when in combat the animations for monsters do not show. This happens on modded and on normal playthroughs, not sure if the net code prefers static routes or something other than having normal port-forwarding. This has been an issue for us since multiplayer beta currently on v 1.3.36, however it has improved as far as the mini games and other content occurs. We all have open nat as well, any advice would be most welcome.

                      Good morning, can you tell me if you have protected folder access enabled in windows 10? Some of my games are more affected than others by this feature, also if you are playing through steam and don't mind backing up your data. I would try to uninstall and reinstall if the feature mentioned before is off, as I'm sure you verified your local game files.

                      We had a few issues like this but after checking port forwarding, making sure each farmer/player has the same mods installed we could connect just fine. Have you tried hosting an unmodded file to see if you guys can join on an old game? I myself use the vortex launcher and added it to steam so my players can see and join much easier.
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                      • FatBlackChocobo

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                        My wife and I have combat desync as well even when playing on a gigabit lan together. We do see the monsters combat animations but the monster placement is always off by a bit. It will show her attacking a monster on my screen when she is too far away to actually hit it, but the numbers still pop up and it takes damage. I've noticed that because of the desync you can actually get 2 drops from one monster or even gem and ore nodes by both of us landing the final blow at the same time. Since we are desynced it will think she hasn't killed it yet on my client and drop the item and on her client it thinks I haven't killed it yet and drops the item as well. It's not terrible or game breaking but it can be rather annoying at times.

                        I have never enabled it myself and I tried to check to disable it but that option doesn't even appear in my version of Windows Defender (Windows 10 Pro 64bit). I googled it and even tried to enable and disable it using the windows powershell commands and that failed as well. And yes, we have verified local game files. I suppose I could back up the saves and have us both reinstall but she just bought and installed it before we started the new game and I just updated mine. Maybe a fresh install on my end would fix it though.
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                        • Ajajane

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                          If we make a brand new game, with our mods as is, we don't have an issue with the farmhand connecting to the host. It is only when trying to connect to our regular game that the farmhand constantly receives 'Connection failed' messages. We both would prefer not to lose the 94 hours of our playthrough, but everything we've tried doesn't seem to work. :(
                          • Raffster

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                            I don't know if this is the right thread for the issue my wife and i found.
                            We play together at a multiplayer Wood Farm.

                            I am the Host, my wife joins my farm.

                            Heres the issue: Since her 3rd house expansion, there is a commode in the kitchen which cant be removed.


                            And is there a possibility to change the color of the bed?
                            • Raffster

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                              Doesn't anybode have an idea?
                              • MouseyPounds

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                                That dresser in the kitchen is provided by the game so that the host can access that player's inventory if they are not online. It can't be easily removed.
                                • isisvera

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                                  Hello first time posting but I have yet to see this problem resolved. My wife and I try to play but whoever doesnt host constantly disconnects. I have tried connecting by every way possible even using the ip address from the run cmd ipconfig . but every second day or so in game we disconnect. I am using the latest version any fix for this ?
                                  • isisvera

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                                    ok maybe a little more info, We are both playing on steam with computers with strong connections using every method i know. I have read a few post over the internet with the same problem but i have yet to see a clear solution? Anyone know a fix for this or have any suggestions of how to fix ?
                                    • Digililly

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                                      Dame problem here. The first day we played everything worked fine but after the second time playing together (2h played) we experienced a lot of disconnections. We played over LAN, invitation code and switched who hosts the game. The problem did not change. We can play for around 5 min and then have to wait for 10min until the second player can connect longer than 5seconds.
                                      It happens more often when it rains ingame but also on sunny days. The laptop of my friend says that there are updates that need to be done after a crash. Mine doesn´t say so. We both play on the newest version (We just bought the game three days ago).
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                                      • Digililly

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                                        As far as I know, the commode is for the inventory of the second player when they aren´t in game. The second player doesn´t have access to it and it can´t be removed.
                                        • Eledrid

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                                          I have same problem with disconencting. Few game was allright but last week the game still disconecting. Mostly we didnt end day whitout disconencting. We try switch Host game when my girlfriend conect to my game but to same problem.

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