Stardew Valley Multiplayer: Known Issues & Fixes

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  1. Pathoschild

    Pathoschild Cosmos Killer

    @tccoxon Sorry, a few more places need an IsGreenhouse check. Can you change these too? I went through the code, and I think these are the last ones.
    • In Crop.newDay:
      // from:
      if (... || !this.seasonsToGrowIn.Contains(Game1.currentSeason) || ...)
      // to:
      if (... || (!environment.IsGreenhouse && !this.seasonsToGrowIn.Contains(Game1.currentSeason)) || ...)
    • In HoeDirt.canPlantThisSeedHere:
      // from:
      if (!Game1.currentLocation.IsOutdoors || crop.seasonsToGrowIn.Contains(Game1.currentSeason))
      // to:
      if (!Game1.currentLocation.IsOutdoors || Game1.currentLocation.IsGreenhouse || crop.seasonsToGrowIn.Contains(Game1.currentSeason))
    • In HoeDirt.plant:
      // from:
      if (!who.currentLocation.isFarm && who.currentLocation.IsOutdoors)
      // to: 
      if (!who.currentLocation.isFarm && !who.currentLocation.IsGreenhouse && who.currentLocation.IsOutdoors)
      // from:
      if (!who.currentLocation.isOutdoors || crop.seasonsToGrowIn.Contains(Game1.currentSeason))
      // to:
      if (!who.currentLocation.isOutdoors || who.currentLocation.IsGreenhouse || crop.seasonsToGrowIn.Contains(Game1.currentSeason))
    Thanks a lot for making changes to help modders!
    • KONAKONA93

      KONAKONA93 Space Hobo

      Yesterday I encounter a bug where if I (host) press on the map option when the other player is not in the map (my friend was viewing Sam's 8 hearts event), the game straight crash (host side), I think this will pretty much occur on any event if one of the player is not in the map and then other player happens to click on the map during that time (like Sam's 10 hearts event etc)

      I also attach the log file for that specific error

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      • Terradel

        Terradel Subatomic Cosmonaut

        This mislabel still exists, and I reported it a few weeks before 1.3 launched. It's considered fruit when it should be forage.

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        • heirtothestar

          heirtothestar Void-Bound Voyager

          Manage to find out that because of a certain mod, 3D NPC Houses by anjarpsx, caused the error.
          Get black screen but not freeze when I enter community center after finished crafts room bundle.

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          • margotbean

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          • lostmyhead

            lostmyhead Space Hobo

            seems to crash every time i go to sleep with this file. version 1.3.31
            i use windows 10. still unsure if related to any items. seemed to happen when i bought rabbits. i stopped buying rabbits and it made it one day, but then it resumed crashing the next day.

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            • cakuyan

              cakuyan Void-Bound Voyager

              hey I got this game a week ago and I play multiplayer with a friend, sometimes it crashed but because it was not too often I didnt think much about it. but these last 2 days where the farm got bigger, the crash got more often and nastier. here are some of the logs

              it's getting really frustrating.. please help. thank you.

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              • foxingworth

                foxingworth Master Chief

                Looking over your crash logs I think I had this same issue. I was playing on a slightly older laptop with an automatically switching integrated/dedicated graphics setup and after disabling that feature for stardew valley in the nvidia control panel the crashes stopped. The game runs just fine on integrated graphics only so it's not an issue performance wise.
                • teknogeddon

                  teknogeddon Space Spelunker

                  Hey there, been trying to play multiplayer with a friend of mine and we're repeatedly getting the same crash.
                  I've isolated the problem down to being related to MARNIE.

                  Apparently if we try to turn in a quest with her (amaranth) or buy an animal, the game will crash while trying to sleep. Rinse repeat over and over until we get frustrated and quit. It didn't start doing it until recently when we tried to get a goat.

                  Message: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.​

                  I'll attach my logs, this has repeatedly happened (We were trying to isolate what caused it) so... I'll only attach a couple.
                  Its not letting me attach a save file, do I need that too?

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                  • lostmyhead

                    lostmyhead Space Hobo

                    thank you for helping me understand that marnie is the culprit. unfortunately that means the rabbits foot is going to be extremely hard to get and thats the last item i need for the community center. oof. hopefully she gets fixed soon. i feel like this bug happened before.
                    • margotbean

                      margotbean Phantasmal Quasar

                      When catching a fish in Chinese, the game still multiplies the length by 2.54 to convert from inches to cm, but the display says "英寸", which means "inches".
                      • Pathoschild

                        Pathoschild Cosmos Killer

                        The game crashes when saving after the Lucky Purple Shorts are added to Marnie's house (at least with the attached save). Confirmed in Stardew Valley 1.3.31, including without SMAPI or mods.

                        Repro steps:
                        1. Load the attached save file.
                        2. Talk to Marnie inside her house.
                        3. Go to bed.
                        4. The game crashes while saving.
                        The issue seems to happen here in GameLocation.DayUpdate:
                        for (int index = this.objects.Count() - 1; index >= 0; --index)
                           var pair = this.objects.Pairs.ElementAt(index);
                        this.objects.Count includes the overlaid object, so the loop is entered. However this.objects.Pairs.ElementAt doesn't include the overlaid object, so it crashes with an index out of range error.

                        (Based on this support thread; see also another affected user and another one.)

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                        • sharkbait-o

                          sharkbait-o Space Hobo

                          Just to let you know, after recently downloading stardew valley (after owning it on the PS4), on my iPad it has some SERIOUS lag issues, making it near impossible to play the game. I was wondering if there is any way to stop the lag
                          • margotbean

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                          • HidekoYamamoto94

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                            If Players a joining a Hosted game and get their cabin, they can not set any own furnitures in their cabin. They can only move the standard furnitures like TV, table, carpet, chair. Only the host can set furnitures in the cabin. solved by using left mouse click and not right click

                            Also if someone tell Robin to build a farmhouse, we will get the building ground. After complere building, a part of that building ground is still there. Also if the host move the building to another place, we're still see one part of thar building ground on the first place.

                            No Mods, and newest version
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                            • margotbean

                              margotbean Phantasmal Quasar

                              When speaking to the Wizard while playing in Portugese, the name under the portrait in the dialogue box says "Wizard" instead of "Feiticeiro".
                              • Blue6erry

                                Blue6erry Space Spelunker

                                Hello guys! So I am having an issue where, if I talk to Marnie in her ranch, my game will crash. At first, I assumed this was a mod problem, and checked it with my mods on. I warped there, set the time to nine, walked in, gave her a gift (she wouldn't talk to me), walked home, went to bed, game crashed. Upon suggestion, I also tried with no mods. I walked there, waited till 9, went in, had to wait till 10 (because Tuesday), talked to her, walked home, went to bed, game crashed. Something that I noticed while waiting is that Lewis's shorts were not in her room, even though I have already received the quest (and not completed obviously). Attached is my save for this file and here is my SMAPI crash file: Thank you in advance!

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                                • Koihime Nakamura

                                  Koihime Nakamura Ketchup Robot

                                  v1.3.28 -

                                  The seasonal decorations that become snowemen glitch very heavily in winter. Unable to be picked up, missing text, etc.
                                  • 1republic

                                    1republic Space Hobo

                                    I have played multiplayer before and it worked perfectly fine. Today, however, when me and my sister started out playing perfectly fine, and then it just disconnected and when I would try to send an invite or look at the invite code, it would sit there "connecting" until I exed out of it. After that, I would have to completely ex out of the game and steam and open it back up to play again, and then after a few seconds, it would just disconnect again. I've been trying to fix it for hours. I don't think it has anything to do with my internet. The only thing I can think of was the fact I was trying to install a mod earlier today and it might have messed something up, but I'm not sure.
                                    • UnexpectedParole

                                      UnexpectedParole Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                      I wanted to report that the game is allowing me to re-open Krobus's shop and continue to buy iridium sprinklers (past the first) during the summer of year two. I bought 10 before I stopped trying, it never exhausted his supply.

                                      version 1.28 not the beta version .

                                      I found a report of this bug in the previous thread , but no report of it being fixed and it obviously isn't in 1.28.

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