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Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Apr 30, 2018.

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  1. nightleld

    nightleld Space Hobo

    omg thanks dude
    • Katzeus

      Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

      You may be onto something with this...

      Could I ask you all, and anyone else who has had trouble with the options to connect is willing to help troubleshoot this - does installing visual c++ redistributable 2013, x86 version resolve the problem?

      If we implement this change it could be high impact, even to stable users, so if we could get a few confirmations this works for players that would be excellent.

      Thanks everyone!
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      • detriene

        detriene Space Hobo

        I have a bug where failing to sleep in bed by 2AM will crash the player's game in multiplayer. if it is the host the entire server will go down. Not sure if this is the right crashlog but.

        Additionally theres a desync for fishing. If you enter a new screen with another player already fishing, their character will appear at the entrance with the fishing line streching towards the water.Just a visual bug, doesnt affect gameplay.

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        • katattax

          katattax Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          A couple things:

          Playing multiplayer with 3 other people on PC, I'm hosting via Steam. New save, no mods. I was buying seeds and using shift-click to buy 5 at a time. At some point, I stopped receiving seeds but the money was still being spent as if I was purchasing them. I stopped clicking and started buying seeds again, which worked as normal.

          One of my farmhands bought the second backpack upgrade. He had to leave before the day ended and it didn't save his upgrade. The money spent on the upgrade was still gone, but the backpack wasn't upgraded. He was able to buy it again another day but 10k was lost.
          • SoraRed

            SoraRed Seal Broken

            This did indeed fix it for me, thank you so much!
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            • RainbowMichel

              RainbowMichel Yeah, You!

              Hello there.
              I've been playing with three friends, and we've been encountering bugs now and again. ll list the ones that, to my knowledge, haven't been fixed yet.

              1. I tried upgrading my pickaxe to copper, but when I went to pick it up two days later Clint was acting as if he had never received it, giving us shop options and breaking geodes. None of us had talked with him since I brought my pickaxe in, so I have no clue about his behaviour during the day I brought the pickaxe in or the day after. I tried upgrading another tool, and Clint did respond regularly during the same day. Other players were still able to interact with him and upgrade a tool alongside mine, though that may be intended behaviour.

              2. My farming level seems to be stuck at 0 no matter how much hoeing/watering/harvesting I do, and a friend of mine was in a similar situation for a while, only reaching 1 recently despite working on the farm every day. Our other two friends have been levelling up regularly.

              3. If you enter a screen while a person is fishing, they will appear very far away from their actual location and the line will stretch to the correct fishing spot. The visual glitch stops once the person reels in their line and/or casts again (I forget exactly, sorry).

              4. For everyone who isn't the host, the community center bundles tab in the menu is unaffacted by progress, showing only Crafts Room, no additional pages, and no complete bundles. This happens to the person who completed the bundle as well. It fixes itself inside the Community Center, but returns to its incorrect behaviour upon exiting.

              5. I've encountered a grass cutting effect, both visual and audio, sometimes with fiber drops, from "invisible" grass, especially when swinging a sword in the mines.

              6. Inconsistencies with scarecrow and seed placement (tiles appear as empty), seed watering status (watered seeds appear dry), across non-host players.

              7. Visual glitches involving doors, which appear as transparent or completely missing and cannot be interacted with. NPCs have also been seen walking through solid door sprites.

              8. Players outside the mines have been hearing music from the mines when another player is in there, especially while waiting in bed.

              9.I don't know if it counts as a glitch, but we had three meteors fall during the same night.

              10. While introducing myself to everyone in the city, NPCs I hadn't introduced myself to appeared in the menu with their name instead of a series of question marks, with the exception of the wizard. This leads me to believe it was due to some interaction my friends had had with said NPCs, as the only NPC no one had interacted with was the wizard.

              11. Emojis cannot be used while laying in bed.

              12. I once got a letter from Linus telling me he found me unconscious the previous day, but I had not passed out the day before. The host passed out that night due to being unable to reach his house, as the farm screen was incredibly laggy (see next point).

              13. With 4 people, the farm screen lags extremely heavily every day from exactly 6pm, though the intensity varies from "annoying but manageable" to "completely unplayable". Time flow is also affected. We currently have 3 furnaces and 1 recycling machine, and the lag started around the day egg festival, around the time we put the recycling machine down. We tested using the recycling machine before and after 6pm with only 2 people, and no lag ensued.

              On a sidenote, and please ignore this if it's not the appropriate time and place, I would suggest implementing a way to delete your save file from a server, freeing up your spot for another player.
              • Adelvina

                Adelvina Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Didn't work for me, already have it. I repaired it still didn't fix. Also tried uninstalling & reinstalling, didn't fix.
                • Bosgiath

                  Bosgiath Intergalactic Tourist

                  Hey, just wanted to try and report a couple of things that came up in the playthrough with 4 of us.

                  I know people have mentioned the weather reports, and the sound issues, but a big one that came up is we all were rushing to get to bed for the night - 2 people were already in bed and accepted, 1 was running and collapsed in the doorway, and I was just hitting the "yes" to bed when it ticked over to 2:00am. It blacked out for all our screens, but the just froze and didn't proceed to the day tally. Due to this, were didn't get any official crash log, and we had to alt-f4 after about 2-4 minutes of waiting. I suspect it was due to me hitting "yes" right as it ticked over, but unfortunately I don't have the data/save to try and get that over to you guys.
                  • adorableanne

                    adorableanne Intergalactic Tourist

                    Hiii, me and my boyfriend really like to play. Yesterday we spent playing a long time!
                    1) Then we got the fishing position bug, but seems fixed now.
                    2) Also my bf (i'm the host) cant click further on the community center bundles, the arrows wont work for him. For me they do work.
                    3) He also cant use the hoe in the mines, i can so that's weird.
                    4) Now we experience a lot of game crashes, we managed to do the dance festival quickly before we lost that day (had to restart 3 times already).
                    5) My boyfriend cant finish his meeting quest (aka the first one). He met every person i talked to, and has no ??? for a name.
                    6) He also can't see any help wanted quests, so cant accept them either.
                    Hope to get it fixed soon, but we know it's beta so we take it (except the game crashing :p)!
                    • wong8888

                      wong8888 Space Hobo

                      i cant join my friend farm after someone have already leave.
                      that mean a(host), b,c,d playing, after d leave,, i can't join to play.
                      • IkariMonster

                        IkariMonster Poptop Tamer

                        Couple small bugs me and my friend noticed:
                        - Another player can hear some sounds the other makes, even though they are far apart. In our case, I was in the sea and my friend was in our farm and mines. (opening the shipping box, footsteps, enemy flies buzzing)
                        - The buzzing of enemy flies get stuck even after you kill them, it stops only when you enter another area. This also occurs to another player who isn't in the mines and can still hear the buzzing.
                        - If your character is running and you open the menu or the map, the character keeps running until you close it again.

                        EDIT: I see that the bug buzzing is fixed.
                        • rindert8

                          rindert8 Intergalactic Tourist

                          I have an issue when fishing. A lot of times, but not everytime, the fish is lost before the bar to the left goes all the way down. Some fish are lost the moment the fishing starts, some take a little longer. Sometimes the fishing is just normal. I do think the ones that go normally are the slower fish. Restarting either the game or the computer does not help.
                          • Jacky2611

                            Jacky2611 Space Hobo

                            I looked at the source code with dotPeek and even tested it myself on my laptop (which wasn't able to play mp before), installing 2013 x86 fixed it for me. Are you sure you installed the right version? Just go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features (Add/remove programs in XP). And make a screenshot of all installed Visual C++ Redistributables.
                            • keipolus

                              keipolus Yeah, You!

                              Hello. I'm sorry if I'm a Japanese player and I am using google translation so it got strange English.
                              I played with three friends and found the following three bugs.
                              Sorry if there are duplicate items.

                              1.Apart from the host player, I can not dig earth in a cave
                               Even if a friend uses a hoe, the ground can not be dug.

                              2.A character name other than the host is not translated.
                               Even when you donate to the museum, even if you are playing in Japanese it is an English item name.
                              3.At the egg festival, Willie increased to three people.
                               It might be a relationship as we were playing with three people.
                              • EthanGoldring

                                EthanGoldring Void-Bound Voyager

                                When sunday comes, the marks on present list don't disappear and I can't give NPC's more presents because "You already gave 2 presents this week". It was like this for 2 in-game weeks and I cant make friendship with NPC's anymore
                                • ThePandromeda

                                  ThePandromeda Void-Bound Voyager

                                  When I went to play with my sister, I choose the purple skin color and for some reason her skin changed to purple too.
                                  • NeoDeo

                                    NeoDeo Space Hobo

                                    Game Crashes everytime on Coop Savegame load. 5 Hour Savegame from yesterday can't be loaded anymore. Singleplayer Savegames work just fine.

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                                    • Jacky2611

                                      Jacky2611 Space Hobo

                                      Could someone confirm that this refers to the performEatAnimation nullpointer? really don't want to lose another day of progress...
                                      • aubroo

                                        aubroo Space Hobo

                                        I've noticed an audio glitch that occurs while I open a menu while walking. For example, if I walk up to the community center bulletin board and open the collection there, the walking audio will still play in the background if I didn't completely stop beforehand.
                                        • Varus

                                          Varus Space Hobo

                                          Was trying to play ver 1.3.4. I live in eastern USA and my Canadian friend lives in southeast Canada while our other 2 friends live in Australia and playing together we experienced horrible lag and delay. In other saves with people who all live in eastern Canada and USA the delay was almost non existent, whereas in this save we were watching the others do everything very slowly almost 5 minutes behind.

                                          When one player tried to trade another the other player was not prompted to accept it for over 5 minutes, and even then it took more time for the confirmation to go through. A bit of a delay between each other would be understandable but this was basically unplayable as 2 players were trying to hoe land at the same time and ruining each other's crops because they didn't even see the other player. Between me and my Canadian friend there was a huge amount of delay as well, it wasn't just between us two and our Australian friends.

                                          As I said other saves for all 4 of us were fine when we played with people nearby but this 1 save with us all very far from each other was horribly laggy.

                                          Thank you, hopefully friends far apart can play together eventually :)
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