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Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Apr 30, 2018.

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  1. Clayuwu

    Clayuwu Lucky Number 13

    So i don't know if im just stupid but i downloaded the beta etc etc and then my friend sent me the code for the game they are hosting and it didn't give me the option to join them using the code i just have the option to Join LAN and when i hosted a server i couldn't make the code because the option wasn't there https://imgur.com/aOg1RDf https://imgur.com/BedglQ5 these are the links for the images
    I dont know if im supposed to do something or no sooo
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    • finnglas

      finnglas Orbital Explorer

      Just a tiny text bug, and unfortunately I didn't screencap it before I clicked through. I broke open a rock and received the first geode of the game, and my character did "I just found something exciting!" pose, but when the message popped up, it said, "You have received a Stone." I'm almost certain that this message usually says "Geode" instead and tells you that a blacksmith can break it open.
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      • viobeth22

        viobeth22 Space Hobo

        I've also got that problem along with them not being able to see my game when I try hosting. These are the two screenshots I have: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/426443879395622964/440550959001632789/unknown.png

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        • LordRoshan

          LordRoshan Space Hobo

          i have an issue, delay when i walking and do the action at my farm. But if i go to the home or to the bus location it's fine. Jut delay at the farm location.
          • scoobydoo192

            scoobydoo192 Void-Bound Voyager

            So a few glitches so far

            1 when i kept trying to skip the cut scene in the beginning a visual glitch happened where i just saw 1 shadow moving towards the house
            2 when i got disconnected my energy returned in full.
            2.5 also my watering can was full as well.
            3 not sure how exactly but me and my girlfriends times got out of sync she was ahead of me when she was host and when i was host i got ahead making going to sleep an impossible thing.

            Hopefully the sleeping thing gets fixed so we can continue testing but sadly we can't play past day 1.
            • GearUp

              GearUp Space Hobo

              While trying out the new Multiplayer Function we encountered 2 new bugs

              1. Massive De-sync: While playing with other players, if one player manages to get exhausted to the point of almost passing out, time seems to slow down for them and them alone. Time goes on normally for our other two players while gradually the player that was exhausted starts to lose time. We tried sleeping (two players went to bed at 10pm for them, while the other player was still at 5pm when they went to bed) The game eventually caught up to every player resetting the day. but this didn't reset the de-sync.

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              • WhatEverett

                WhatEverett Space Hobo

                A few bugs I've noticed (playing singleplayer):
                -the horse glitches when entering/leaving an area
                -can't gift items to children (unless you can only give them specific things?)
                -fishing tent at the Stardew Fair is broken. Can't move at all, can press to start casting but only the bar shows up and it doesn't do anything. Also have two pointers for some reason. I let the timer run out and nothing happened. Had to close the game.
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                • maximise20

                  maximise20 Seal Broken

                  If you finish a quest (in my case "Robins lost axe) we me and a friend got both the 250 reward.
                  • maximise20

                    maximise20 Seal Broken

                    dont know if intented or not, but you can use the same beds for sleeping (single bed)
                    • CrayonGoo

                      CrayonGoo Void-Bound Voyager

                      There is a game breaking Crash when talking to Emily during Training with the other girls.
                      -Me and my friend have only gotten to day 2, My friend is unable to talk to her at all, but when he and I tried to talk to her during her training the game crashed.
                      I do have a couple mods but they are only character portraits , sorting and house mods. they should not affect the character (as far as I remember).
                      • Seanm07

                        Seanm07 Aquatic Astronaut

                        Just a minor issue with upgrading my save file in singleplayer:
                        Before opting into the beta I had 10 hearts with Emily in the bouquet (girlfriend) stage. However afterwards she's now back down to the locked 8 hearts stage and just marked as (single).

                        Also noticed that game audio still plays when the game isn't in focus even with "Pause When Game Window Is Inactive" enabled. Not sure if this was an intentional change but previously the audio would also mute when losing focus.

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                        • tedileo

                          tedileo Void-Bound Voyager

                          I have the same issue here. I was playing in co-op just now with another friend and went to Pierre's on Tuesday, spring 2nd, 1st year and I talked with Jodi and Marnie, it was all fine. Then I went to talk with Emily and the game crashed. It didn't crash for my friend, though. I came back and talked with Emily again, crashed again.

                          One more thing, the ladies are just standing there, their animations for working out aren't activating.

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                          • HiddenAura

                            HiddenAura Space Hobo

                            I try to open the game (which is in beta) and this pops up. I feel like my graphics card is powerful enough to run this game and shouldnt be having this problem. upload_2018-4-30_14-50-53.png

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                            • MarySae

                              MarySae Space Hobo

                              Played with 3 (to 4) friends for the first 12 days and we noticed a few things:

                              1.) Crashed when talking to Emily on the second day as she was doing sport (error log attached)
                              2.) Can't 'greet' people anymore. Book says I don't know them (no names) but when I talk to them they are talking normally to me
                              3.) Had a different receip at day 10 spring as the others. It said Rerun, but I learned something new
                              4.) Sometimes the spunds of those fly things in the mine are audible for all players around the map and the noise is only vanishing if you change the instance or the one that triggered the fly changes the mine level
                              5.) Other players don't know museum items if someone else brought them to Gunter but if they are at the museum the text changed as if they know. When they leave the mine it's again the 'bring to museum' text
                              6.) Had to restart the game once because the Steam overlay didn't work

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                              • Timelieden

                                Timelieden Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                I tried to talk to Robin infront of Pierre's Store. The game window stopped responding.
                                I cannot reconnect without crashing and my farmer is no more.
                                Only a party of 2.

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                                • HiokuOkami

                                  HiokuOkami Space Hobo

                                  This afternoon I played with some friends and have the following issues:

                                  - When you watch the forecast on the TV, the forecast is about the day you are in, not the following day.
                                  -Sometimes, it just closed (that happened to the friend that was hosting it).
                                  • Awle

                                    Awle Space Hobo

                                    Hi, me and by friend have following Issues:
                                    - shift+tab won't work on my friends Version, we are not sure if it's a problem with the game or his PC...
                                    - when I am farming and planting, and my friend is in the mine, plants, trees and crops will get destroyed when he swings his sword in the mine
                                    - weather reports are incorrect
                                    - found a level in the mine where I killed every mob and destroyed every stone, but couldn't proceed further

                                    I hope this helps!
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                                    • Aqualye

                                      Aqualye Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Hello! We have this issue where doing everything is super delayed in the farm such as when moving maps or any other actions occurring in the farm. Since I am the host i am fine but it would take from around 8 am in game to 4-5 pm in game to finally load for my friend as he would be stuck in a black loading screen for the whole duration. This also happens with sleeping and other actions on the farm but outside the farm he seems to be able to do things without delay. We're not sure if it is a ping issue as we currently live in different countries but in other games we've played together, we would only have around 100-150 ping and had never really had issues with massive delays. Thanks.
                                      • maximise20

                                        maximise20 Seal Broken

                                        when you talk at the same time to the Museum guy to collect rewards, both can collect the reward
                                        • jaredinsc

                                          jaredinsc Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                          I'm having a problem with my wallpaper. It won't let me apply anything different to the walls. This is my 1.2 save that I loaded into 1.3.

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