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Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Apr 30, 2018.

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  1. simone.justine

    simone.justine Space Hobo

    When I try to re-enter my farmyard in the evening (it's Fall, year 2) the game *almost* freezes (coming from inside the house, or the road from town). I can move a bit, but the delay between the keyboard commands or mouse movements, and my character moving is significant. I was once able to make it back inside my house (had come from inside), and then I could move around like normal and end my day. But I've lost two days of play this way when I had to pull up the menu and ever so s-l-o-w-l-y move the mouse to exit to desktop.
    • ddskyblue

      ddskyblue Poptop Tamer

      Agreed to
      1. Hearing footsteps and other actions bgm even though both players are at a different locations
      2. Unable to end the day on time because one of the player's (should be host) screen showed (1/2) players were in bed although both were ady in it.
      3. The community center bundles are not updated properly on the inventory screen other than the host. I can't check other bundles other than the foraging bundles page and is unable to click the arrow keys, even the foraging bundles page itself is not updated with the completed set.

      Other than that, there are various connections problems. Players will suddenly kick out from the server multiple times with the notice "the server's connection is closed". Only the host remained in the server.

      Sometimes when we slept at 2:00am, our energy bar is still full the next day we woke up even though we received the letter and money was deducted; but some other day it will be reduced into half.

      *doesn't have the save file, as i am not the host.

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      • kys.97

        kys.97 Space Hobo


        multiplayer, in the mines when fighting the bugs that turn into flying things

        1. Can't hit/kill them after hitting them once, becomes immune instantly. Have to wait for them to turn into flying bugs to kill them

        2. Game crashes often in the mines when fighting these flying bugs. Grass effect appears followed by the crash.

        3. Bug sounds wont stop in the mine even after killing

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        • MadMario123

          MadMario123 Space Hobo

          I can't even launch the game without crashing. I press play on Steam, the game launches, I hear birds for about 1second and then "Not responding" and close program.
          • Thadius

            Thadius Void-Bound Voyager

            Once enough time passes on my farm, it slows to molasses. Once it gets past 6pm, I can't even go out onto my farm to put my animals away. The farm chugs along until then, but past that? Nada.
            • Kotking

              Kotking Space Hobo

              Didn't see if someone wrote about this.
              I play in English because I prefer the original language, my friends plays in Russian.
              The problem is, when I type in Russian I get something like "******" but when he types I see his "Привет" which means Hello.
              I didn't try to switch language and to see if this is my windows 10 fault or English client can't recognize my Russian letters.
              My friend can write in both languages without problems, and I have to go with "Privet" for time being.
              TLDR My friend can write in Russian but I can't because I play in English client.
              • wolf-5

                wolf-5 Void-Bound Voyager

                Bug found:
                2 players, I was playing arcade in the Saloon, the second player went to bed and initiated the wait for other player dialog. My game froze, their's continued till it showed days results then they froze in the saving point.
                I think it was related, however, to my character falling asleep while in the arcade at 2am.
                • Meaty_Ochre

                  Meaty_Ochre Space Hobo

                  Some fishing bugs my friend and I have found recently, I can’t link my save file as I am typing this from my phone (sorry).
                  1. My friend has observed my character walking around in the casting pose with my arms up but no fishing rod.
                  2. Sometimes while you are fishing you can cast one way and your character will look in the other direction, causing the models to overlap.
                  3. When fishing the other player can find your character in seemingly random spots around the area you are fishing in, regardless of the distance from your actual spot. The line still leads to the actual spot where your hook landed in the water, but your character will be somewhere else until the player moves or line is reeled in.

                  Side note: crashed once when entering the saloon. Crashed twice when attempting to sleep at the end of the day 10:00 p.m. -1:00 a.m. (sorry I can’t elaborate more)

                  P.S. In mines upon entering zone infested with larvae and when advancing down the mine further after passing through it, constant buzzing sound heard until all monsters defeated.
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                  • froststar11

                    froststar11 Void-Bound Voyager

                    I also hear the furnace sound when I load a game.

                    And the larvae in the sewer do the same thing. They are invincible even while still moving.
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                    • Meaty_Ochre

                      Meaty_Ochre Space Hobo

                      This happens quite often in our save, we almost always have different weather reports.
                      • Henshu

                        Henshu Space Hobo

                        I accidentally broke a chest with my pickaxe, and the contents were lost (none of them dropped with the chest)
                        • AmandaC

                          AmandaC Void-Bound Voyager

                          My sister (the client) is receiving massive amounts of lag whenever I come onto the farm's map, but it didn't happen when we were both on the tunnel to the north of the farm. We suspect it has something to do with the animals all being out to graze in the field. My save file is available upon request. It might have something to do with my requesting Robin to build another shed for us, but we're not sure.

                          EDIT: It might have something to do with placing a second shed while she's still on the farm, but we're not sure. We're doing Spring 6th Y4 again for the third time, this time not going to place the shed, and we'll see how it goes
                          EDIT2: Not placing the shed didn't help. By noon or so, after I'm off the farm for awhile, and come back on, she's lagging like mad with us both on it. By night time, the farm seems to be lagging uncontrollably for both of us, to the point where I can't get back home into bed.

                          Additionally I've been getting ghost "Wash is not ready to be milked" messages when she's tending to the animals, even though I'm far away. ( Wash is a goat, since that'll probably matter )
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                          • nathanmartinss

                            nathanmartinss Space Hobo

                            My friend and I are trying to play the multiplayer only for her in the Co-op menu does not appear the option to enter by invitation, appears only by LAN, she already tried to uninstall and install the game again but it did not work, does anyone know how to solve?
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                            • Moasseman

                              Moasseman Intergalactic Tourist

                              The Fisher 25% price increase does not seem to apply if items are sold through the magic box at the farm. However, the prices on the "earnings" screen are shown as if they were increased.

                              Possible that the magic box considers only host's bonuses and not clients. Selling directly to the shop works properly.
                              • xYuna

                                xYuna Void-Bound Voyager

                                It's often been mentioned it could be because of various reasons, for example she has other symbols in her name like ö, ä, ü etc.
                                • CloudyNight

                                  CloudyNight Space Hobo

                                  I'm also having the issue where the community center bundle pages are not updating properly. My friend is the host, and he is able to see/scroll through all the bundles, but on my menu I'm only able to see the foraging bundle and it's not showing that we have completed the spring foraging bundle. If I go into the community center itself, I am able to deposit and view the menu as if everything were normal, but the second I step out of it, I'm unable to see anything in my menu besides the foraging bundles. I was the person to turn in the last item needed for the foraging bundle, and after that, I was unable to scroll through the rest of them when not in the center.
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                                  • TheDroolingCat

                                    TheDroolingCat Void-Bound Voyager

                                    I have a little report log i did when playing with my friend, here it is:

                                    Coop buddy's tv said it would rain, mine didnt. We used raintotem later, didn't work. "Clouds are gathering" message didn't pop up though totem was used. ofc
                                    Year 4
                                    6->7 Summer

                                    Gift's didnt reset either (Sunday)

                                    Sometimes fruit instantly finishes turning into wine when placed into a keg.
                                    (Ancient fruit was used)

                                    Coop buddy crashes sometimes when Junimos are on the farm.
                                    Coop buddy can't see Junimos.

                                    Sometimes the dog would hilariously sprint backwards (Michael Jackson 2.0)
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                                    • Saari

                                      Saari Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Okay so I play with a friend, both games are in german location, Steam, connected over Steam, but we are in the same LAN. We started a new coop farm together yesterday, so its a brand new v1.3 save file. We encountered so far the following issues:

                                      • [Already Reported Here] For my friend (I am the host), the Community Center Screen that is accessable from the inventory does not work properly, it is not updating according to our progress. It does not seem to matter if he or I complete bundles. If he stays inside the community center he can access the packages in the inventory and they are updated correctly, but if he leaves the community center again it is broken again
                                      • If my friend gives something to the museum, the english name of the Item is shown in the info chat message
                                      • If I give something to the museum, the description of those items is not updated for my coop partner, so it still says that gunther can tell him more. He cannot turn it in in the museum and INSIDE of the museum the description is updated. If he leaves the museum again, it is back to "gunther can tell you more"
                                      • The time continues if a cut scene happens (i.e. if someone enters the town at night and see linus searching for food). That can cause a problem since approx. 3 hours passes while I am watching the cut scene and it got so late that I almost did not get back to the farm. Not sure how this could be handles better though
                                      • aer0des1gn

                                        aer0des1gn Big Damn Hero

                                        Reporting a bug: I picked up a floor carpet as a farmhand in my little farmhand cabin. rotated it and placed it down again, now I am not able to pick it up again. Not gamebreaking, but annoying.
                                        • Cammerel

                                          Cammerel Void-Bound Voyager

                                          Two things so far:
                                          • My character's eyes are green in game, as they should be. But on the login screen they're pink. Idk why. StardewModdingAPI 2018-05-01 13-30-15-04.png
                                          • The Egg Festival isn't happening. I've restarted twice and nothing. It's the 13th and a normal day. But it told me it started... and it obvs hasn't. EDIT/UPDATE: It also won't let me go into shops on this day, shops are locked. StardewModdingAPI 2018-05-01 13-24-35-47.png
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