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Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Apr 30, 2018.

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  1. Oddbjorg

    Oddbjorg Yeah, You!

    Krobus restocks all of his limited stock items every time I close the window and talk to him again. I've seen this issue reported elsewhere, just wanted to add that it happens to me 100% of the time on all of my save files. Fairly sure this is not intended.
    • foxingworth

      foxingworth Master Chief

      Host crashed while farmhand was in desert mines on latest 1.3.15

      edit: just happened again (crash2.zip), i guess we'll avoid going into the mines until it's fixed.

      Also, the farmhand has been crashy since we started playing the beta but it's not a dealbreaker since at least there you can reconnect. I'll attach the two logs from when they crashed today though.

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      • tahlialouise

        tahlialouise Intergalactic Tourist

        Playing the beta in single player, I've found that I can't do the fishing challenge at the Valley Fair. The player can't move, and when the timer runs out nothing happens. I've force closed the game, and started teh day again, avoiding this challenge at the fair.

        Player can't move in the slingshot challenge either, but that one finishes properly.
        • sels

          sels Intergalactic Tourist

          Found that trading the Iridium Rod to a Farmhand resulted in (trap) bobbers being consumed always in a single use, even when the rod was returned to the Host account.
          • LordZekova

            LordZekova Void-Bound Voyager

            She ended up acting normal the next day (She WAS unavailable that day), I had her destroy the added building. I never started that game in Multiplayer, so don't know why a MP hut showed up.
            • Krymia

              Krymia Space Hobo

              When I’m playing multiplayer, the community center doesn’t update for the other players. It seems when all have to do our own community center. When I completed the first bundle, the others saw it in chat but the center didn’t change at all for them. Is that right?
              • Jowy Avilon

                Jowy Avilon Aquatic Astronaut

                Penny occasionally gets stuck on the bridge between Lewis' house and the museum on her way to teach the kids at the museum and will remain stuck there till you go to sleep.

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                • Zifeara

                  Zifeara Void-Bound Voyager

                  I am using a couple of mods, but nothing that has anything to do with the crops. Only SMAPI, something for the geodes, something for the fishing, and one to add dialogue to Sebastian.
                  • greenlilmonster

                    greenlilmonster Space Hobo

                    another thing - i can hear door sounds constantly, from anywhere on the map, including places that are nowhere near any doors
                    • emurii

                      emurii Intergalactic Tourist

                      Not sure if intentional but in Skull Cavern, jumping down the same sinkhole will result in different amounts of floors being skipped for each member. i.e. host will skip 4 floors, but farmhand may skip 7.
                      • foperator

                        foperator Big Damn Hero


                        Non-host player can't access prize corner in casino. (Host player can.)

                        After non-host player jumps off the horse in an area besides the farm, it can't be ridden again until changing screens and coming back.

                        Chest containing dark talisman (in sewer lair) disappears after being taken by one person, so second person has to exit and re-enter to get it. (First = non-host, second = host in our case.)

                        Community Center completion cutscene only shows host player, even though the non-host player experiences the cutscene as well. (It's as if we're playing the host character in that scene.)

                        Some shelved library books appear for some players but not others. Non-host player discovered all books and is able to read them all, host player is unable to read some of them (goblin book, secret code book, etc) as if they haven't been found yet.
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                        • Lyssie

                          Lyssie Void-Bound Voyager

                          I hadn't seen any inaccessible forage for so long, but here's this crystal fruit. Mocking me.

                          EDIT: Huh, my mine chests seem to have refilled. I didn't catch a screencap of the actual opening, but here you can see the second pair of space boots I got from a chest.

                          I also got duplicates of the obsidian edge and crystal dagger before it occurred to me to take screencaps.

                          duplicate boots.png out of place forage.png
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                          • @ndy

                            @ndy Subatomic Cosmonaut

                            • Break-up event has been made less harsh
                            Why? i loved it that way...
                            also harem/reverse harem end comming?
                            • Blorp

                              Blorp Big Damn Hero

                              Gifts-this-week will not reset at all for gifts given in 1.2 in converted save files, until you give the person in question a gift in 1.3. This will be possible if you've only given them one gift, or possibly on their birthday (not sure about this one).
                              • Melodie Everly

                                Melodie Everly Poptop Tamer


                                Just updated to the most recent version.

                                If I try to click on a save file it crashes the whole system and exits. Unsure what to do.

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                                • ArtJunky

                                  ArtJunky Space Hobo

                                  Im having this problem where under multiplayer it only says online and offline, and in co-op it only says Lan there isn't a invite code option. I was hoping you could help me out. Thank You.
                                  • MrBootybreath

                                    MrBootybreath Void-Bound Voyager

                                    When using different shipping crates (on our farm we have two), some items don't show up at the end of the day total.

                                    I know for a fact I sold 4 jars of honey and they did not show up at the end of the day, though I'm not sure if they just didn't show up and still counted for the total we got or if they just disappeared and gave us no money at all.
                                    • ArtJunky

                                      ArtJunky Space Hobo

                                      Im having this problem where under multiplayer it only says online and offline, and in the co-op menu it only has the Lan option. I was hoping you could help me. Thank you :3
                                      • Blorp

                                        Blorp Big Damn Hero

                                        You're probably running 1.2. Make sure it really is still set to beta in the Steam properties, then run "verify integrity of game files" from the local files tab, this should fix it.
                                        • nimazaki

                                          nimazaki Space Hobo

                                          Hello. The game has been crashing as soon as I select my farm profile and the loading screen appears and then BAM. It's been happening since around 20 May or something, I tried disabling mods and updating the game and it's still crashing.
                                          I hope you can help me. Here's the crash file

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