Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Apr 30, 2018.

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  1. angelodk

    angelodk Space Hobo

    Hello. I have sent an e-mail reporting this bug I foung today, but will post it here too.

    I'm facing a problem while playing with my friends in the beta multiplayer. I'm hosting a Farm that is on Summer, first year, with 3 other friends. Today, we discovered that everyone could get the chests every ten levels of the mine, everyone except the first one that opened the chest. So, with this in mind, I started going every 10 levels, opening the chests, since I have opened no one till today. When I got to level 90 chest, and opened it, my game crashed. Since I am the host, the whole day has gone.

    Tried to repeat the bug one more time with my friends, loading the save again, and this time, I just got to floor 90 and the game crashed. Not even walked this time, just heard the "plim" from the elevator and boom, game crashed with the same error: CLR20r3.

    Attached here are the logs from the two times it crashed today and my save file from that farm. I think the content of both archives are the same, but still, maybe can help you out.

    Thanks in advance for the help with this problem of mine. And of course, thanks for the AMAZING game.

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    • MrLink13

      MrLink13 Void-Bound Voyager

      I've noticed it also works with most other things that give items upon interaction. Furniture, crops, etc.
      • Hyperballa

        Hyperballa Space Hobo

        The following are game-breaking issues that do not appear in the (Fixed) list that we have been experiencing since version 1.3.11:

        Host crashes before game saves when transitioning to next day after farmhand uses shipping container during day. Implicitly results in immediate disconnect for all farmhands. I believe this behavior is related to the next issue.

        Host and farmhands crash/disconnect when selling more than 1 stack of an item to Pierre. When farmhands reconnect item stack sold which caused crash will remain in inventory. This one is intriguing because the issue mentioned above (shipping items) is similar in that more than 1 item is being sold in a small amount of time (1 tick?), the difference being shipping occurs immediately before transition to next day and pierre sales occur during day runtime. Only thing that stuck out when I looked at the error logs was the left-click handler trace showed invocation of method 'tryToPurchaseItem' -> 'actionWhenPurchased'; which is weird because farmhand was selling the item (maybe purchasing negative items?). When I dug through the save files the only thing I could think of based on what I saw was that the farmhand was attempting to sell stacks of items that the host hadn't held in their inventory. This made me question why 1 stack at a time was working but larger than 1 was not. The use of 'actionWhenPurchased' method made me wonder if the programmer was using that method for both sale and purchase transactions and their conditions for item purchase eligibility got messed up (would make sense to only be able to purchase things that are in Pierre's inventory). Also it seemed non-deterministic; sometimes particular crops seemed to cause it. Could be a race condition, where it takes too long during big sales to update the save state information before the next tick. This issue struck the farmhands first in Fall 3, host could still sell stuff at first; but eventually the same thing started happening to host.
        This can result in exploitable item duplication (probably low-priority). Seems like the host's file should have 'authority' over conflicting state information in the farmhand's save files.

        Host crashes when transitioning to next day after farmhand purchases the first backup upgrade during day. Only way I can think this is related to the issues above is that in order to buy a backpack upgrade the farmhand has to sell a significant amount of items to Pierre using the right-click handler. So far every time one of the farmhands (another farmhand whose files are not attached did successfully purchase a backpack earlier on in the hosts game) attempts to purchase backpack upgrade host crashes during transition to next day.

        Heard from a friend that their late-game large and full of stuff farm started experiencing crashes after they converted it to a host game. They were able to alleviate the crashes by eliminating active objects from their farm. Seems to suggest that the larger the XML save file becomes the more likely a crash is to occur. This could explain why many of the crashes were not experienced until late into the year; although perhaps they were just introduced by update 1.3.11.

        One minor thing I noticed in the XML save files; active quests mail text is not escaped or sanitized, so the XML is broken into more than one line. Doesn't seem to break anything but might wanna encodeURI it or otherwise escape strings in the XML.

        Attached are the save files from the host character and one of the farmhands. Also included are the error logs from the host character. No error logs were generated today on the farmhand character.

        Lastly, thank you for knocking out the bugs that you have. I wish I had access to your repo so you didn't have to do it all by yourselves! Would love to sneak a peak at that juicy farm code! :D

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        • MouseyPounds

          MouseyPounds Pangalactic Porcupine

          Regarding issue #1, that is most likely an outdated Cursors.xnb file because of a mod based on the 1.2 version of that file.
          • Frundan

            Frundan Space Spelunker

            Two minor issues from the previous non-beta build that weren't addressed in this thread so far:
            - mummies sometimes get up and walk around immediately after getting knocked out, touching them causes damage to the player; they can still be finished with bombs, and after some time you can hear the sound effect of them getting back together and they have to be incapacitated again like normal
            - rain doesn't fill the cat's/dog's dish with water
            • alurkingcat

              alurkingcat Intergalactic Tourist

              Stumpled upon a bug in single player: Summer 4, Year 10 in this farm, I've done almost everything, including finished the mines. Went to look for the new Abigail cutscene (we're married at full hearts) and instead got the chest you get when you reach level 10 for the first time. Went to level 20, 30, etc, and the first time chests were there as well, with the items inside, all except the Stardrop at level 100, where the chest still appeared but was empty after opening. Used the elevator, obviously, if that matters.
              I can't upload my save file here for some reason?
              So here it is on my google drive.

              • Zifeara

                Zifeara Aquatic Astronaut

                Current beta build 1.3.13 multiplayer bug:

                Today on Fall 17 of year 2, I put gold and silver star cactus fruit obtained from cactus grown in the green house into a seed maker. The seed came out looking normal but were called error item and were unable to be planted.
                • Nheptos

                  Nheptos Void-Bound Voyager

                  Sorry if I say all this in spanish but talking like this I can explain all the issues I got with my friend.

                  Mi amigo tuvo muchos problemas jugando en multiplayer conmigo, el no tiene buen internet, a cada momento se le cae la conexión y eso causa problemas en el juego, por ejemplo uno es que el no recupera los lvl que gano en la mina, farmeando, pescando, etc, cuando se le va la conexión sus lvls se quedan en lvl 1 incluso cuando pasa la noche el estando conectado.
                  Otro problema es que recupera fácilmente su energía y gracias a ese bug lo aprovechamos para terminar todo lo que hay que hacer en el día aprovechando ese bug.
                  También esta el bug que desaparecen objetos de su inventario cuando se le desconecta y vuelve a reconectar.
                  Y no olvidemos el bug de la resolución de pantalla del juego, no encaja bien en la pantalla por ejemplo en mi pantalla en modo ventana (1360x720) se ve de esta forma, no encajan, este bug lleva ya mucho tiempo, antes del beta:

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                  • Katzeus

                    Katzeus Community Manager Chucklefish

                    Thanks for the continued reports everyone!

                    Update 1.3.14 is now live;
                    • (Fixed) Re-enabled moving & demolishing buildings in multiplayer (although only host can do it)
                    • (Fixed) Staircases appearing at the bottom of the mines
                    • (Fixed) Mermaid show not playing if volume is muted
                    • (Fixed) Added a quest to hint at the magnifying lens
                    • (Fixed) Crash when selling lots of items to Pierre / through the shipping bin
                    • simonpeca

                      simonpeca Intergalactic Tourist

                      Bug on current Beta Build 1.3.14:

                      Game crashes when entering floor 20 in the mines via the elevator.
                      I tried different things, but this bug seems to appear at the second / third time when going to F20.

                      3 different ErrorLogs attached

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                      • danno212

                        danno212 Void-Bound Voyager

                        A rarer bug I'd expect: when in the skull cavern I went to eat an item and a farmhand stood on top of me (I'm the host) and when I finished eating it (i.e. finished the animation) my game was stuck with the "Give item to..." dialog box up and I couldn't do anything, or use any items. On my screen I could move with my animation frozen, but on the farmhand's screen I was stood in one place.
                        • Selfea

                          Selfea Void-Bound Voyager

                          After the last update, I went to the 0 mine floors and the reward boxes had respawned, including the rewards. However, when I picked up the Obsidian Sword, my game crashed.
                          • coffeediction

                            coffeediction Yeah, You!

                            MP Bug: Dressed Spinner which was found in a treasure chest, is already worn out after just one use.
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                            • borjay

                              borjay Tentacle Wrangler

                              I want report two bugs:

                              In the first one, the game crashes when you finish the event that you see the shadow guy that give you the magnifying glass.

                              the second not cause a crash, but I consider that is a very important bug, because the dark shrine of selfishness not works, when you offer a prismatic shard, the children still living in your house, when they should be removed by the shrine.

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                              • ShadowTani

                                ShadowTani Big Damn Hero

                                Dunno if it's reported already, but as a guest player the community center bundle contents isn't displayed properly when viewed through the golden scroll button in the inventory screen, can't view what items have been put into the bundle already for instance and thus I have to physically go and check it at the community center every time. It also fail to update what bundle categories have become available until you physically go there and check those bundles manually.

                                Also, as a guest items donated to the museum do not get their description updated, they remain stuck with the notice that you should donate the item to Gunther.
                                • Chelleo

                                  Chelleo Intergalactic Tourist

                                  I want to report this game breaking bug: The game crashes if you finish an event that occurs on winter 1st year 1 if you use the east exit of your farm

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                                  • CoinMaker

                                    CoinMaker Intergalactic Tourist

                                  • gtasthehunter

                                    gtasthehunter Intergalactic Tourist

                                    The host can use /pause to pause the game at any time, like if you are trying to type in chat for a bit organise inventory, chests, crafting or buying stuff or if you need to just go afk for a bit.

                                    Also the host can type /help to get more usable commands.
                                    • myxa-sb9

                                      myxa-sb9 Aquatic Astronaut

                                      The game breaks when I meet in winter with Crobus, there is a movie as he runs away and the game breaks.
                                      Played with a friend and without.
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                                      • yamina-chan

                                        yamina-chan Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                        Beta 1.3.14:
                                        • Going to the Skull Cave on a rainy day, when you leave the mine normally, you will hear rain sound in the little entry room at the top.
                                        • Driving the bus back to Stardew Valley, there's a small blue pixel line in front of the bus in the desertside sometimes, just for a frame.
                                        • Casting a fishing rod up or down will result in a visual issue for about one frame, where the farmer is standing normally with the rod stuck to their side within the casting animation.
                                        • EDIT: Emily's dialouge in the saloon about how eating healthy is important to her is formated wrong; one word breaks the letters down to two rows.
                                        • Machines next to torches still have a chance of crashing the game by breaking apart
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