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Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta: Known Issues & Fixes 2

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Jun 4, 2018.

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  1. yomitan

    yomitan Space Hobo

    So is there any news on the winter korbus bug? >.<
    me and my friends are still stuck there and haven't been able to play
    • Koihime Nakamura

      Koihime Nakamura Ketchup Robot

      That bug has been fixed at least twice. What error are you having? Have you tried today with the most recent patch?

      Appears to be legacy code from 1.1, where this was blocked in MP. It just needs to be updated to remove the condition check.

      A longer check of FarmAnimal (the constructor of the class) shows that there was a MP check for something, and I bet when the event was added, it was originally just added for SP.
        Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
      • chroniz

        chroniz Void-Bound Voyager

        • Like stated before, 1.3.16 broke all Community Center quests for farmhands. They work still fine for my spouse's character (who is a host) but my farmhand can no longer interact with any existing tablets. No issue in 1.3.15.
        • Not sure if this is just a 1.3.16 issue: after loading game save updated from 1.3.15, my farmhand had lost a copper pickaxe I had given for Clint to be upgraded. When the day started, there was a letter by Lewis regarding misplaced tools, but I could not find my pickaxe near the bed. However, next morning there was an unupgraded pickaxe over there instead and another post by Lewis in mail. However, a new steel pickaxe appears to be lost.
        • Kingsalad

          Kingsalad Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          Why aren't you using a proper bug tracker? I think it would make the quest for bug hunting much easier.
          P.S: Love the game <3 Keep up your great work;)
          • RenaiRoa

            RenaiRoa Space Hobo

            Haven't seen any updates on this, anyone else experiencing it? Would like to know whether it can be fixed somehow still.
            • Blorp

              Blorp Big Damn Hero

              See here.

              As searching, or reading previous posts, seems to be something most people don't think of, I think a bug tracker accessible to everyone would just end up like this forum - full of duplicates and reiteration, rather than nicely organized.
              • Kingsalad

                Kingsalad Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                @Blorp that's true, you are right. Just wanted to make a suggestion
                @RenaiRoa I experienced that too, what helped was to turn of the server in the options and then switching back to Friends-only/Invite-Codes etc.
                • BroNizZe

                  BroNizZe Intergalactic Tourist

                  My wife penny doesnt seem to function properly ( I am not the host). During most of the days she just stands in the kitchen doing nothing, I can't kiss her on most occasions however I can talk and give her presents. The kids in town have a normal routine as if penny was there.My friends wife Abigail however has a normal routine and works fine! (even after the new update where it mentiones "spouse positioning fixed")
                    Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
                  • faithstark11

                    faithstark11 Yeah, You!

                    • The return scepter teleports ALL the characters to the host's house when one person uses it.
                    • It does not seem like my toddler sleeps - I always find her standing and staring at the screen even when its like 12am.
                    • sneakyjon

                      sneakyjon Space Hobo

                      Only the Host player is able to receive the benefits of perks that increase item value (Artisan 40% bonus to wine etc. for example) when using the shipping crate. Farmhands still receive their bonus when selling to vendors, but NOT when using a shipping crate that they purchased.
                      • Geschinta

                        Geschinta Seal Broken

                        ****EDIT (6/07/2018): I have updated this a few times since posting, but will now add new posts to the thread instead of updating this one again so that they can be seen****

                        I have a long list, so hopefully it doesn't get skipped over, but I've put a LOT of time into trying to test this beta. I've tried to be as thorough with describing as possible, but if you have any questions I'm willing to clarify :)

                        This is based from my now ~100 hours playing the beta, combined single and multiplayer. Keep in mind I haven't played the game before this beta since the summer of 2016, so some bugs I report may be long standing. I also have a section of things that also may be features and not bugs (I've labeled it as such), I was just trying to be thorough. I also want to note that over the last couple of days I've gotten some big lag spikes, usually when going back to Stardew after doing something else on my computer, but not always and that may not be the cause (and if it is known that this does this then ignore this comment).

                        Things my friends and I have noticed with the bugs:
                        Bugs appear inconsistent across multiplayer and single player beta, and sometimes just inconsistent from save file to save file. Some of these bugs may also be fixed by now, since I started making this list about a week ago and ConcernedApe seems to be fixing things rapidly (awesome job, guys!). The most notable, frustrating bugs are at the top.

                        For the things labeled "sometimes," note that the bug was only replicable on occasion, and not every time.

                        General Bugs:
                        - ****No knockback when attacking enemies, except for from the host player, making it very hard to fight more than one enemy and especially hard to fight the fast flying bugs
                        - ****While in multiplayer only, all tools destroy seeds in the ground and they are unable to be collected. This has been true for every multiplayer server I've been on. While in single player, seeds/acorns in ground on farm will always be destroyed by a pick or axe, can only be gathered with a hoe (not sure if this is just a change in general, but I remember this being opposite of before the beta).
                        - ****I never gave Maru a bouquet, and her hearts were still capped at 8 visually on the social tab, but when I talked to her it said I had 9 hearts with her and she was placed next to other people with 9 hearts in the social tab despite the last 2 being greyed out (may be notable that I went from 7 hearts directly to 9 through giving a loved birthday gift). Same thing happened with Alex, in the same way (gave a loved birthday gift). I got the 10 heart scene with Maru having never given her a bouquet, and with the game still labeling her as single. I experimented and also found that I was freely able to go to 10 hearts now, and gave her a bouquet to see what would happen. When I gave her the bouquet her hearts were indeed already at 10.
                        - ****Game froze in fishing tent of Stardew Valley fair. This happened AFTER it said online this had been fixed. Couldn't move, fishing meter appeared but was empty and I couldn't cast (meter didn't go up or down at all, just appeared and remained empty), and when I tried to open the menu the time went to zero and menu didn't open. I had to force close the game. Subsequent attempts all had the same result (tried 4 times); I am completely unable to play the fishing game. Will try again this coming year.
                        - The Fish XML file is incorrect when it says Legend can be caught in all seasons, lease fix this as it confuses newbies
                        - I got the achievement "Master Angler" for catching every fish, without catching every fish. I haven't yet caught Legend, or the two fish in the Witch's swamp/mutant bug lair (Got the achievement both in-game and on Steam). I think it counted the 3 new night market fish I got toward the old total before they were added.
                        - When completing the community center, the Junimo disappear immediately after the last bundle, and don't put the final star up, and the Junimo hut is still there. Once leaving and immediately re-entering the building, the hut is gone and the star is there.
                        - Host players control settings for some host players (didn't happen to me, but kept happening to my friend when she hosted) occasionally (frequently) reset to default at (seemingly) random times (didn't notice this with non-host player)
                        - Initial cutscene with Willy doesn't register as having met him if you skip the cutscene (tested several times with different people, always met him when friends didn't skip and never met him when skipping)
                        - Cutscenes that both host and non-host players experience upon leaving the house will teleport everyone to the host players porch
                        - When upgrading the farmhouse to tier 3 (2nd upgrade), the bedroom flooring switches to the kitchen, the kitchen's switches to the extra room above it, and the living room's switches to the kid's room
                        - Occasionally won't let you pick up multiples of an item already in your inventory if inventory is otherwise full (i.e. you have a space of no-star horseradish and all spaces are full, will tell you you can't pick up another because of full inventory, but if you make a space and pick up the horseradish it will also be no-star and will stack with your others).
                        - If walking while opening a Junimo scroll in the community center, walking animation and sound will play the entire time until scroll is closed. Also sometimes happens with the traveling cart, Pierre, and other shops.
                        - I can steal and rearrange furniture in other players homes (both host and non-host can do this), which becomes a problem if players have decided they want to take all your stuff or rearrange it daily.
                        - Sometimes there will be dropped clicks or extraneous clicks (i.e. some [like 3 or 4 sometimes, no buttons being clicked] continued chopping attempts after the button has stopped being held, or a held press when fishing that brings the line up to the top despite not pressing anything at all)
                        - Got the message "spreading weeds have damaged your farm" and some crops disappeared, but there were absolutely no weeds/grass/rocks/logs/trees anywhere near my crops (forest farm type)
                        - Cannot go to bed if holding an item over your head, must be holding a tool
                        - If blocking with a sword while trying to move, the player will sometimes drop the sword visually (sprite still moves but is frozen, just showing character in standing position while walking without walking animation, with sword at feet). Fixes itself if you block again, but until you do you are prevented from using the weapon/switching to something else.
                        - If dropping an item near another player sometimes it will glitch and both players will pick up the item, duplicating it.
                        - If going into a cutscene, sometimes the screen will have a flash of something (either it's just blue or it's so brief I can't make out what it is) before (or after) it starts
                        - If in a conversation with a character who's walk path you blocked, they will eventually walk away from you while still having the conversation. They will also continue walking away eventually even if not blocked. I've only seen this in multiplayer
                        - If Emily is stopped in front of the bar, sometimes she'll greet you with a text bubble above her head as if she is greeting you in the bar
                        - Collections numbers are innaccurate (i.e. you've found 3 of something and it says you have 0 from the collections menu). Having these total for all players combined would also be helpful.
                        - Donated items to the museum can be repeatedly picked up and set down to give a donation alert, filling the screen. However, sometimes it will simply give no alert at all for even new items.
                        - When Jas/Vincent are following each other, stopping one of them causes the other to walk into and overlap the other.
                        - Sam 'doing a kickflip' doesn't have a skateboard when there are multiple players (not seen in single player)
                        - When picking up Mayor Lewis' "Lucky shorts" they remain on the ground forever but also appear in your inventory. Cannot pick the item up again, although the '+' is still there when hovering over it
                        - Sometimes when the morning comes, when opening the sell box the "last item shipped" from yesterday is still there
                        - Sometimes the player sprite will consistently try to face a different direction than the one you are trying to chop in, even when the mouse is pointed in the direction you want to be facing. The sprite will briefly face where you want it to, then go back to facing away from the target. This results in not chopping the desired target unless continuously holding the movement button toward it and hovering over it with the mouse.
                        - If coming out of a cutscene in the bath house with Penny (at least for the girl sprite), if facing forward and not moving the sprite is incorrect (turns into what looks like just wearing pants, no top). Fixes itself when changing back into normal clothing.
                        - Sometimes when the dog is outside in the morning and awake, it shows him snoring
                        - Sometimes when trying to give a gift and you've already givn 2 gifts that week, while the game is telling you you can't give the gift the players hands will go down from the item and the item will just float overhead
                        - The first gun bought in Prarie King has little black lines around it
                        - In multiplayer when one player triggers a major cutscene and the other players experience it too, all players are teleported after the cutscene ends to where the first player triggered the cutscene
                        - There's a small visual glitch of the hand when the coffee merchant at the night market pours the water
                        - Might not be fixable, but when going to bed late, the "it's getting late" message will still be there when you wake up
                        - When Robin is upgrading buildings, she will stand on top of things like mayo machines and block them from being used/collected from
                        - Before the bus is repaired at the community center, you can still have cut scenes where the bus is running
                        - The bridge on the beach is shown as broken during the Luau whether it's fixed or not; I suspect that it also show as fixed when it's not during the Moon Jelly event. During the Luau it has a totem blocking it, so it shouldn't be necessary to have it broken to prevent passage
                        - Sometimes gates pop off when walking through them (they just fall on the ground, and can be put right back on)
                        - Maru showed a disgruntled bubble as if she was walking through something placed, when nothing was there
                        - Sometimes you can't walk through dead trellis crops (i.e. hops, when they died at the turn of the season I could walk through some of them but not others, even though visually the trellis is gone)


                        Mail bugs:
                        - Didn't receive letter saying that Joja mart cleared the path to the mines, but the path was cleared on the day it is supposed to be (didn't happen on single player beta, only on muliplayer beta a few times). Also in general, some people just don't receive mail properly (both host and non-host, sometimes mail is just not received, and others it's received at the wrong time. I.e. they met the wizard a week ago and are just now getting the letter asking them to meet the wizard)
                        - Sometimes players get the same piece of mail multiple times (same player gets a letter twice)
                        - When more than 2 players, sometimes only the first 2 players receive mail.


                        Sound issues:
                        - Often times outside music continues after entering a new location. I.e. music doesn't change when entering the mine cave until going downstairs, music won't change when entering the secret woods, etc.
                        - I can hear all of the action sounds of other players in the game (may just be host player sounds, I've only played with one other person at a time). I.e., hear them mining/cutting grass/sometimes fishing (not always). This seems to happen even if we are not in the same screen together (I would imagine same-screen is a feature since NPCs opening doors within your load area make a noise as well).
                        - After a rainy day beach Sebastian cut scene, the sound of the rain and waves both disappear


                        Animal Issues:
                        - Sometimes animals (all at once, like they went on a hunger strike or something) will be grumpy the next day and act as if they haven't eaten, when food was available both inside and outside at all times
                        - Sometimes animals will both the food inside and outside in a single day
                        - If trying long enough you can milk/pet sleeping cows
                        - Outside it is possible to sort of walk through animals (good), but inside they are like stone walls (very bad when there are a lot of coop animals and you get essentially trapped or blocked from feeding them). You can't even force walking through them by walking straight at them for long enough. I've been trapped in the coop too many times now.
                        - [May not be a bug] Pigs can spawn truffles that aren't next to them, i.e. on the other side of a fence


                        Dialogue issues:
                        - This is the one issue I myself have not tested but have seen from people on Youtube. When one player marries an NPC, that NPC's dialogue will address all player characters as if they're their spouse
                        - Villagers will talk about how tastey holly is if they buy it from Pierre. Probably not a good idea to eat that.
                        - Emily during the rain said "nothing like a sunny day to lift the spirits!"
                        - Vincent gave two different chat text one after the other, with contradicting information about dinner that night
                        - In general some characters seem to pull 2 pieces of unrelated dialogue occasionally when they can be talked to multiple times (i.e. when Alex says "you came all the way through the snow to see me?" his usual response is "that was nice of you" but once he said "that makes sense" which, although funny with how asshole-y it is, probably wasn't intended)
                        - Sometimes when giving a character a gift, it will say I've already given them a gift that day when I haven't. The character will still receive the gift, and if trying to talk to them after they will give a typical gift-receiving response
                        - Sometimes characters give dialogue that sounds like it was a follow-up to previous dialogue that was never given (or may have been a conversation started the previous day?).
                        - Gus will talk about how good business is tonight, even when the bar just opened and is completely empty
                        - Jodi talks about visiting the altar to ask for her husband's safe return, but he returned over a week ago
                        - Elliott will sometimes say "Breathe deeply. Do you notice it? That's the smell of the sea." when he is in Pierre's shop, not at the beach. If this isn't a bug the implication that he is asking me to smell him is very strange.
                        - Caroline will sometimes say it's a fine day when it is pouring outside
                        - Shane will sometimes say he's going to the Saloon tonight when he's at the Saloon.
                        - Krobus is silent on Fridays unless you give him a gift
                        - In general problems with dialogue at inappropriate times, like Lewis asking about your first night over a week into the game


                        - Evelyn has a dialogue where she talks about Alex, where she says "Sometime he worries me sick" instead of "sometimes"
                        - During the Sebastian 2 heart cutscene, there's an extra space when he says "That was an instant message from Sam..."
                        - Abigail's text for a prank quest "Here's your payment, as promised.Heh heh..." has no space after the period.
                        - Abigail dialogue after completing a quest: "...Let's see. Here's what I owe you.Hmm..." no space before "Hmm"


                        Potentially not bugs:
                        - [May not be a bug] In all the files I've played I've never received an alert that the train station opened up. I just walk by one day... and there it is
                        - [May not be a bug] When trying to pass by someone, normally you can force your way by. However, you can't do this when on a horse so you either have to get off and leave the horse behind or wait
                        - [May not be a bug] Quests without rewards disappear from journal when finished, without being able to see they were finished (i.e. no "done" message appears, quest just goes away)
                        - [May not be a bug] When marrying someone, all people previously dated will go back to single status but hearts will not re-cap at 8, they will stay uncapped and heart levels will be wherever they were before the wedding
                        - [May not be a bug] If player becomes exhausted then eats or rests (co-op and single player), the exhausted status doesn't go away even though there are no negative side effects anymore (slow walking goes away and no punishments on restored energy for the next day that I can see)
                        - [May not be a bug] Character doesn't hold Linus' basket overhead when finding it like they do with Robin's axe
                        - [May not be a bug] Shane says I hardly know him even when at 4 stars
                        - [May not be a bug] Characters are not always where their schedules say they should be; not sure if schdules have changed or not/the wiki isn't comprehensive in terms of schedules, or if characters are in different places because a heart event needs to happen (i.e. Lewis wasn't in his home when he should have been, but saw him in the bar when I triggered an Ellitt cutscene; however, he stayed in the bar afterward as if checking in with Gus, instead of returning to his schedule) (also couldn't find Penny in any of the locations she typically is and her alternative schedules didn't help either)
                        - [May not be a bug] Sometimes when you try to talk to a person the sound of the dialogue closing immediately sounds and no dialogue pops up. You are unable to talk to them afterward.
                        - [May not be a bug] this is the case in non-beta as well; going to bed after about 6pm will lower animal moods when not in winter no matter what you do (even if they have a heater/are pet that day) and can make it impossible to get mood bonus to animal product quality if going to bed after 8. Please change this, it loses so much work time having to go to bed so early.
                        - [May not be a bug] During the cut scene where everyone is working out, Harvey only sometimes is off beat, so I can't tell if it's intentional or not (the second half he moves with everyone else in time)
                        - [May not be a bug] grass starters can be planted on grass patches within your farm, but never spread
                        - [May not be a bug] when the player character reachs a hand out, it looks like the shoulder moves much lower than it should
                        - [May not be a bug] When I hover over my character in the inventory menu, it shows that I have a level, however this level doesn't seem to correlate to anything (does not match my combined skill level or combat level, nor any combination of my current skill levels)
                        - [May not be a bug] Some plants, even when watered appropriately every day, take longer to grow than before beta (i.e blueberries)
                        - [May not be a bug] When I gave Master Cannoli the sweet berry, he stayed in that red-eyed open mouth position until the end of the season, then reverted back to how he looked before
                        - [May not be a bug] Rain sometimes fills pet's water dish, sometimes doesn't. Also if one person on a multiplayer server fills the water dish, it only occasionally also shows as filled for other players (usually doesn't sync)
                        - [May not be a bug] only some cutscenes properly teleport you to where the cutscene happens like they used to (i.e. when community center is unlocked you stay where you triggered it, but when it's completed you will teleport to the door)
                        - [May not be a bug] Leah's statue that she gifts you is still in her room after she gives it to you. Also, it is possible for her to give it to you before seeing the cutscene where she's making it (cutscene will still happen later if triggered properly). Is it just the replica of it that's in the art show?


                        General requests (not necessarily for multiplayer only):
                        - ****Add the option to mark something to protect it from selling so you can't forget you didn't want to sell it/needed it for something
                        - ****Have beehives use flowers in gardening pots, and have sprinklers affect them (if outside for both)
                        - ****I'm sure you guys have probably already heard this, but making the wizard/Willy/Linus date-able would be cool. They're single, there's no reason we shouldn't be able to date them (other than maybe Linus since he's not super into that lifestyle/people)!
                        - ****Add more to do in the winter. By the time winter rolls around, many people are likely at the bottom of the local mines/havne't fixed the bus yet to access the others, and fishing may have gotten old by then. New players often quit around this time.
                        - ****Slightly faster run speed (can understand if this would unbalance the game though). Maybe make a late or at least later game item (like the space boots) increase walk/run speed.
                        - ****Add some random events other than the incredibly rare overnight ones, it would help keep the game feeling fresh. In particular, adding random things to festivals would make players more inclined to attend them after the 2nd or 3rd time
                        - ****Add a warp totem crafting recipe for Calico Desert
                        - ****Add some way for everyone to agree on playing an arcade game as once, and as long as everyone is playing it, time pauses (obviously increase difficulty if multiplayer, according to how many players). This will actually allow the possibility of beating the game without running out of time
                        - If you swing a tool and it doesn't hit/do anything (i.e. accidentally swinging an axe when there is nothing to hit), it shouldn't use energy (I thought it was like this before the big update, but I may be mistaken)
                        - Have fish reel in quicker when multiple players are in game, since time no longer pauses while fishing
                        - Multiplayer Prarie King? Like how it works with Abigail's cutscene
                        - Add a pause feature to Prairie King
                        - Have a few personalities kids can develop (maybe a mix of the spouse/your input, or random) and have dialogue with them
                        - When going through the mines, floors with rewards shouldn't have the reward disappear if it isn't taken immediately (i.e. opening the chest and closing it again without removing the item currently results in losing the item forever, which sucks when you have a full inventory and can't take it. Also does this at the Adventurer's Guild)
                        - Maybe add an option to have the energy bar show how much energy an action used
                        - Option to hover over a crop to see what it is (maybe just "???" for wild seed crops)
                        - Let us manually organize chests and/or create organization presets
                        - Allow rearranging museum items other than when adding a new item to the collection
                        - Allow moving while swiping a sword (or at the very least changing direction)
                        - Make it so certain crops can be replanted instead of using seeds to regrow (i.e. potatoes, other crops that it makes sense for that have the ability to drop multiple crops when harvested)
                        - Have the sound effects of things happening in your screen (i.e. a door opening/closing) change volume with distance
                        - Allow equiptment to be sold at the box, just add a sell confirmation first (and maybe still prevent selling permenent items like tools that can be upgraded)
                        - Make it so that when save files are being loaded on the load screen, it says something like "loading" and not "no saves found," which is kinda scary to see when loading takes awhile
                        - Allow for asking your SO on a date; it's strange that occasionally talking and giving lots of presents is a pretense for marriage, we should actually go on dates! (maybe a few set date types, dependent on a few locations you can select)
                        - The Jumping Junimo arcade game needs to be fixed. Random generation often will make many jumps in one level actually impossible; this would be such an enjoyable game if less was based on luck of generation.
                        - Substitute the crafting of wild bait, use bait instead of bug meat (the time it takes to farm bug meat makes this recipe very impractical if you ever actually want to use this "better" bait). Either that, or make bug meat also purchasable from somewhere (like bait is from Willy)
                        - If there isn't some sort of bonus for perfect fishing (there isn't any noticable one for me, aside from in the fishing tent game at the fair), add one! Even if small.
                        - Make it so you don't have to click on a person multiple times to finish hearing their dialogue. If the pieces of dialogue are related, just keep them in the same interaction
                        - Allow for walking through farm animals. Particularly in coops, it gets so crowded it's impossible to get to things without spending a bunch of time just waiting for an animal to move, often with another moving to create a new obstacle
                        - Don't consume bait when reeling in something that isn't a fish/can't actually eat bait
                        - Add some sort of visual indicator while talking to someone of how many gifts you've given them that week/if you've given them one that day. It's tiresome to scroll through the long list and look all the time.
                        - When the kids get old enough, make it so we can ask them to preform farm chores (like petting and feeding the animals/letting them out/milking them)
                        - Have player characters in fancy clothing for the Flower Dance, like everyone else (bonus, that fancy clothing could then also be used for the wedding cutscene! Attending my wedding in a t-shirt seems a little wrong)
                        - Have an option to center chairs beside 2-tile tables
                        - When Shane is recovering from alcoholism/switching to sparkling water, have him dislike or hate gifted alcohol (and maybe have a different schedule, not go to the saloon every night)
                        - It would be nice if the large trees you can't cut down faded when you stood behind them like with the smaller trees that you can cut down. It's difficult to see anything behind there (i.e., forageable items or my horse that I needed to wander around blind for)
                        - Have a preview of wallpaper/flooring before you place it, or make it so the item isn't destroyed upon replacing it with something else (you get it back instead)
                        - Have spouses stop randomly changing wallpaper/flooring (or have a toggle option for that)
                        - Map should show where horse is (or have a toggle option for that)
                          Last edited: Jun 8, 2018
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                        • Koihime Nakamura

                          Koihime Nakamura Ketchup Robot

                          Version: 1.3.16

                          The bonus chance to catch the mutant carp for fishing in a certain area has been flipped to being an unreachable area.
                          • Frundan

                            Frundan Space Spelunker

                            Another forage item in an unreachable place.
                            • DShea129

                              DShea129 Space Hobo

                              It is the second year, last day Winter 28. This has happened three times. During the day I have gotten the junimo plush and did a lot of planting. I am unsure if it is exact, but it is possible that it is the night that the "baby" is supposed to arrive. I clear out all items of my inventory except for tools and go into bed. The screen goes black, it sounds like nursery/baby sounds followed by a witch which just repeats and repeats. The game doesn't technically crash but after a few moments of waiting I have to exit out of the game.
                              • pueodragon

                                pueodragon Yeah, You!

                                So neither of my daughters are having a problem on their macs, so not sure it's a mac thing. But could be an update issue. Still can't access it today.
                                • MAD2art

                                  MAD2art Space Hobo

                                  There was only one bouquet at Pierre's. In the non beta version you can get 10 hearts with all of the bachelors and bachelorettes. (10 hearts is optimal, because there should be no decay in the friendship unless you do something to irk them)
                                  • Forcestealer

                                    Forcestealer Space Hobo

                                    I get a bug with my friends where we try to go to sleep but the ticker (2/4) counts themselves and the host but none of the other players. For the host, none of the other players are counted at all (waiting for player 1/4). I've seen it posted here before but haven't seen a solution.

                                    As well, we're getting a bug where some of the players can't see each other.
                                    • Qing Han

                                      Qing Han Space Hobo

                                      We are on our third year and we had finished the community center. She got the letter saying Pierre's store is open everyday now but cabin mates still can't access the store on Wednesdays. All three of the cabin mates tried to get cutscene but none of us got it. Now only host can access store on Wednesdays.
                                      • Geschinta

                                        Geschinta Seal Broken

                                        Found my dog sleeping outside the map (tier 3 house, 2 upgrades)[​IMG]
                                        • Pathoschild

                                          Pathoschild Cosmos Killer

                                          If you have time, could you make this change to fix an issue with modded maps? The result is identical for vanilla maps.

                                          From this in GameLocation:
                                          public void updateSeasonalTileSheets()
                                             if (!this.IsOutdoors || this.Name.Equals("Desert"))
                                             for (int index = 0; index < this.Map.TileSheets.Count; ++index)
                                                string imageSource = this.Map.TileSheets[index].ImageSource;
                                                if (imageSource.Contains("spring_") || imageSource.Contains("summer_") || (imageSource.Contains("fall_") || imageSource.Contains("winter_")))
                                                   this.Map.TileSheets[index].ImageSource = "Maps\\" + Game1.currentSeason + "_" + this.Map.TileSheets[index].ImageSource.Split('_')[1];
                                          To this:
                                          public void updateSeasonalTileSheets()
                                             if (!this.IsOutdoors || this.Name.Equals("Desert"))
                                             for (int index = 0; index < this.Map.TileSheets.Count; ++index)
                                                string imageSource = this.Map.TileSheets[index].ImageSource;
                                                string imageFile = Path.GetFileName(imageSource);
                                                if (imageFile.StartsWith("spring_") || imageFile.StartsWith("summer_") || imageFile.StartsWith("fall_") || imageFile.StartsWith("winter_"))
                                                   string imageDir = Path.GetDirectoryName(imageSource);
                                                   if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(imageDir))
                                                      imageDir = "Maps";
                                                   this.Map.TileSheets[index].ImageSource = Path.Combine(imageDir, Game1.currentSeason + "_" + imageFile.Split(new[] { '_' }, 2)[1]);
                                          The new code keeps the directory path and only seasonalises the filename, to fix an issue where the game incorrectly seasonalises asset paths like this:
                                          => Maps\summer_extrasTileSheet.png
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