Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta: Known Issues & Fixes 2

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Jun 4, 2018.

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  1. rusbus

    rusbus Intergalactic Tourist


    - The host can hear Animal sounds when other players enter the barn/coop regardless of where the Host is
    - When players are married if you talk to another players spouse they will respond with the spouse dialogue even if your not married to them "Hi honey, ....etc"
    - Non host players after dismounting the horse can't click on the horse again unless they change maps first.
    - There is a weird ... dsync? Just south of the main house on the basic farm where whatever you plant there will change back into soil the next day, however, some non host players will still see what you planted and can water it and harvest it when its done, while some can't.
    - Randomly (can't reproduce, just happens) ore will finish instantly in the furnace.
    - When non host players give their tools away (to be upgraded by another player or they put them in a chest) sometimes Lewis? sends them another one in the mail thinking they lost it.

    Below are not a really bugs, just things I've noticed

    *The time of day goes way too fast since you can't pause it. The arcade game, the night market fishing, all extremely hard to do given the time limits.
    *When you eat food you become invun but the game isn't paused so monsters walk directly under your body.
    *Robin never physically shows up to upgrade non host houses (although it still gets built), also the house looks the exact same on the outside after upgraded.
    *Trying to fish up certain fish at certain times is really annoying (Pufferfish says hi) especially since the fishing mini game doesn't pause game.
    *Secret notes are individual ... which seems odd since nobody writes a secret note 4 times :nurutease:
    • maddysarah

      maddysarah Space Hobo

      Thank you it worked!
      • RenaiRoa

        RenaiRoa Space Hobo

        Been trying to play on Co-op with my boyfriend today but every time we try to connect it says "Connection failed."
        We've tried joining the hosted game in-game, inviting each other through steam & sending each other the invite codes with no success.
        Both our internet connections work fine and we've both got the most recent version installed today, & we've also both tried switching roles of Host & Joiner.
        • BlueAmaranth

          BlueAmaranth Void-Bound Voyager

          Highly recommend the TimeSpeed mod as a workaround for this. Not sure whether it works for farmhands, but works fine for me as a host. With that mod, you can change how long "10 minutes" is in the game (AKA the tick length) and/or pause while looking through menus and whatnot. You could play around with different tick lengths to see which one best compensates for the lack of auto-pause. Note that when you install the mod it defaults to doubling the tick length from 7 seconds to 14 seconds, but you can manually change it to whatever you want.
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          • Frundan

            Frundan Space Spelunker

            You're right, I haven't even noticed that the candles went out in my game as well.
            • Krenaros

              Krenaros Space Hobo

              Interesting and probably rare bug, but my wife and I got married in game. One night, I leveled up my mining, then after that got the dialog for having a child. I clicked yes, and it was then stuck on 'waiting for other player' as she had progressed to the income screen. We had to force-quite her game to progress, and no children have appeared, and she's never had the popup.
              • hero_of_time

                hero_of_time Space Hobo

                I believe the Master Angler achievement is bugged. I was able to get it despite having not yet caught a Legend, the fish in the swamp cave (sewers) or one other fish whose name escapes me at the moment.

                My suspicion is that since 3 new fish were added with this update (the squid + the two catchable during the night market) that the master angler achievement was based on a fixed number of unique fish caught which is now outdated.
                • gameace777

                  gameace777 Poptop Tamer

                  I understand that it says the fishing lure breaking in one use bug was fixed a couple patches ago. I am on the current patch and I'm still having issues with the lures breaking in one use.

                  Also, I applied a floor and wallpaper to my house, and while the wallpaper is still there, the flooring completely disappeared.
                  • azhazh96

                    azhazh96 Space Hobo

                    Hi all! I've posted before about still having the LAN only issue. It seems I've tried every fix in the book (back up, uninstall, reinstall, etc) for a Mac and am unsuccessful. Anyone on here have the same issue/ways to get around it? Thanks!!
                    • Gelex

                      Gelex Intergalactic Tourist

                      I've run into a decent number of bugs listed by _keru_ in message #2, like:
                      • Armored bug killable by farmhand
                      • Farm house floor and wallpaper changing randomly-- we've noticed what's in the second floor tends to "drop" down to the first floor for the upgraded farm house with the nursery
                      • Farmhands not getting updated descriptions for artifacts the host has given to Gunther
                      • Tackles breaking after the first use (trap tackles in particular, sometimes)
                      • Different daily totals (we've noticed the host's totals are the ones that matter, so any bonuses the farmhands have are ignored by the host's game, which is the one that hosts the data)
                      • When exiting the game (everyone) after the end of a day and after the game saves, if the farmhand leveled up before exiting the game, the next night the farmhand sees the same level up notification.
                      • Animal mood dropping when not in winter
                      I didn't see the following in the list above, but I've run into them:
                      • Farmhand sometimes does not get quest letters. In particular, it seems to happen when logging on-- e.g. yesterday I (farmhand) was playing and got the coco-no-no letter from Gus, but we had to leave so we exited the game. Today, same game day, the host got the letter, but I did not. Same has happened two game years in a row with the letter for the Feast of the Winter Start festival, same triggering mechanism (exiting game after getting it once, before saving).
                      • During the ice festival in the winter, farmhand froze during the fishing competition. It looked like I had two fishing rods sticking out, and I could not move. I exited the game. When I came back, I had a bamboo pole taking up the first slot in my inventory, replacing a weapon I had in that slot. At least it wasn't the galaxy sword.
                      • Farmhand can't use the food inside the host's fridge for cooking.
                      • I've only noticed this as the farmhand (so I don't know if the host sees this when the farmhand leaves the same location), but when the host leaves the same location as the farmhand, sometimes the host's sprite appears for a fraction of a second randomly in the map before disappearing. This is most obvious at night if the host has a glow ring equipped, since it's easier to see the glow effect-- it appears and disappears in the blink of an eye.
                      • Not sure if intentional, but when married to the host, when re-connecting to the game, the farmhand re-appears in their hut instead of the main house with the host.
                      • Snollygoster

                        Snollygoster Yeah, You!

                        I have two issues to report:

                        1. I (client) was in the middle of a cutscene when the host went to bed. I skipped the very end of the cut scene, and the screen went black and stayed black. I could see and move the cursor. The screen stayed black until the host got out of bed (cancelling the waiting for other players dialog), and then everything worked just fine and hunky dory; I was put back in the game and went to bed with no other problems.

                        2. At the Moonlight Jellies festival when we were watching the jellies, my spouse was standing next to the host on my screen instead of next to me. The host's screen showed the correct spouse. On both screens, the lonely farmhand looks on from behind, with no one standing next to him.

                        SMAPI 2.6-beta.15, Stardew 1.3.15, both on Windows machines.

                        Thank you soooo much for this awesome game! I played more hours than I'd like to admit when it was single player, and now that it's multiplayer, I've gotten many, many more hours of incredible fun out of it. :D
                        • Digus

                          Digus Ketchup Robot

                          BUG REPORT
                          I'm here to report a bug in the game Netcode.
                          Being a Modder, I ended up finding a bug in the 'NetList' class, 'Insert' method.
                          I don't know if this method is used by the game, but it bugs out if you try to insert an item that will make the list full. (it does not go over the capacity, it just reaches it)
                          This happens because when coping the end elements of the array to make room for the new one, the code always copy the last null value to the next position. So when the array has 9 elements and 10 capacity, when it try to copy the null element in the tenth position to the eleventh, it throw an out of bound exception.
                          This can easily be fixed by only increasing the count variable after the copy has been made. Or starting the for in 'Count -1' instead of Count.

                          I will be using a workaround for my mod, but it would be wise to fix this, as it may avoid problems in the game if any part of the code tries to use it.
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                          • ConcernedFarmer

                            ConcernedFarmer Seal Broken

                            I've been playing on a joint farm with my friend. She recently purchased a coffee table from Robin, and placed it in my house [being the main house, as I'm hosting the server]. After placing it, the coffee table suddenly was stuck. We can walk through the piece of furniture, but for some reason at one specific corner of the table, we can't move past it. It's almost as if it's part of the floor! We tried using an axe, a pickaxe, a hammer, and even a bomb, but the table just won't move. I even tried to join the world as a single player to see if it would fix anything, but that also didn't work.

                            The first image shows the corner of the table that I for some reason can't walk past, while the rest of the table is almost invisible.. you can walk through the entire thing.

                            Second image shows that I can walk through the piece of furniture.

                            bandicam 2018-06-05 09-07-46-861.jpg bandicam 2018-06-05 09-07-26-621.jpg
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                            • l.vang

                              l.vang Master Chief

                              I'm playing as a farm hand and whenever I get off my horse I cant get back on it again.
                              • Riguel

                                Riguel Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                I actually got pictures I can post to help with reporting this since I just experienced this yesterday.
                                What_Host_Sees.png What_Farmhand_Sees.png
                                • drewvance

                                  drewvance Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Hey y'all! didnt see this in the known bugs yet, in game for me the NPC's arent following the Sun-Sat schedule for gifts, rather reseting on thursday
                                  To give more detail if i gift abby on friday and saturday, sunday she will still be gifted for the week, up until thursday then i am able to gift again. Might be noted that I am not playing co-op rather just playing the beta. Thanks and Good luck!

                                  Edit It is now monday, 4 days later. I am able to gift again. so im not quite sure what the issue is here but it seems its only a 4 day cycle for gifting now
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                                  • Riguel

                                    Riguel Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    I can actually elaborate more on this. This doesn't seem to effect single player but it does effect multiplayer. I did a lot of thorough testing on this tonight and it does seem to be related to the farmhands. Like kissing the spouse, the animation works and then stops the moment the farmhand connects.
                                    Edit: Some of the gif images broke on here so I just left the link instead.


                                    This continues on that the farmhand does not see any of the npc's animations and in fact only see them standing around while the host will see the npc's animations they do. This was tested with Alex lifting weights for example.
                                    What I see:

                                    What the farmhand sees:

                                    And how the farmhand interacting with the npc does break their animation for the host too:

                                    We tested this with several other npcs:

                                    Willy's breaks very weirdly where he'll stop the fishing animation:

                                    The moment I moved close which my gif didn't capture sadly was how badly it broke.

                                    Hope this helps iron out this bug in the game!
                                    • kagasemi

                                      kagasemi Void-Bound Voyager

                                      issue #1
                                      Bigamous marriage
                                      A player married an NPC can still propose to another single player, after that the player has to watch the wedding ceremony every day.

                                      issue #2
                                      Issues about reloading
                                      Reloading the game in co-op mode causes a series of issue, including:

                                      Farmhands sometimes get the same level up popups several nights in a row
                                      happens when farmhands' skill is level up at night, but the host reload the game -- namely, in order to save the farmhands' level up event/choice, the game has to be saved two days continuously, without reload.

                                      Empty recipe mails from Linus
                                      Client player reached three hearts with Linus, first day he sent the recipe 'Fish Taco'(it's supposed to be sent when seven hearts), player talked to Linus, the next day he sent the recipe 'Sashimi', and then he keeps sending an empty recipe every day.
                                      This mail issue is similar to the client level up issue, the game has to be saved two days continuously without reload, otherwise the client will receive the same mail every day.
                                      Still, the recipe 'Fish Taco' is sent at wrong friendship level.


                                      Client gets the same traveling cart stock when the host reloads the game
                                      happens when the host reloads the game on Friday or Sunday, client player checks the traveling merchant stock before the host does.
                                      before reloading(random stock)
                                      after reloading(fixed stock)

                                      Client gets the same daily luck when the host reloads the game
                                      Every time when the host reloads the game, daily luck of the client becomes neutral(known by watching TV ), but not absolutely neutral.

                                      Kegs working while sleeping fail to save the processing time during the night after reloading
                                      Other machines with the tag <minutesUntilReady> might have the same problem.

                                      issue #3
                                      Disconnection when client player is in SPA
                                      When client player reconnects, the character is send back to his cabin but still bathing, he can swim across the maps, use tools and ride a horse.
                                      (similar issue happens when someone is in SPA, another player uses return scepter.)

                                      issue #4
                                      (in Chinese version)Issues caused by typo in localization
                                      Game crushes at the end of Harvey's 10 heart event when Harvey tries to kiss the player. In some reports, Harvey is flying in the sky.

                                      Player fails to get the money attached to the mail

                                      Player placed Lewis's Statue in town, and 750g should be sent to make sure player keep quiet.
                                      However in Chinese version, player cannot get the money.

                                      issue #5
                                      Client disconnection causes fishing collection record lost
                                      client caught the octopus then disconnected on the same day, after reconnection, the octopus was in the inventory, but fishing collection was reset to locked.

                                      issues listed in #2 confirmed (some with more details)

                                      • Getting stuck at the fishing game at the Stardew Fair
                                      • If a farmhand gives Clint a tool for upgrading, the tool is lost if the farmhand disconnects before sleeping/saving.
                                      if the host gives Clint a pickaxe for upgrading, the next day, the farmhand will wake up with a tool drops on the ground.
                                      • Completing the community center leads to getting stuck at the cutscene and/or won't give you the benefits (achievement, friendship, Pierre's shop opened on Wednesdays).
                                      happens if the client player is not on-line when other players trigger the celebrating event.
                                      • Only the host gets the correct information of which artifacts have already been donated to Gunther.
                                      farmhands cannot see the exact object information when hover on donated items, it still says "Gunther will tell you more...".
                                      In fact, even the host cannot get the correct information. As the picture shows, ancient sword, anchor, arrowhead and elvish jewelry are donated, but still locked on the collection page. All the artifacts are donated by the host, 58 pieces in total, bear statue(reward of 50 donates) is available, but only 49 pieces on the collection page.

                                      • Possibility to duplicate items by 2 players simultaneously run to a dropped item.
                                      especially when network delay is high.
                                      • Spouses not acting like they should (staying indoors all day, not leaving for their normal schedule).
                                      • It is possible to buy an infinite amount of Iridium Sprinklers on Friday from Krobus.
                                      • Return scepter used by the host teleports farmhands back as well.
                                      in fact, anyone uses return scepter, all players will be teleported.
                                      • All chests in the mines can be looted again in SP.
                                      • Everyone sees the hay collecting tooltip in the lower left corner if someone collects hay.
                                      • Some tackles still will break instantly on the first bite.
                                      when the host loads the game, and client player joins the game, all tackles crafted/bought before that day will break instantly for client player.
                                      • Gifting does not reset properly on sundays/mondays in converted 1.2 save files.
                                      • Playing Prairie King till 2am in multiplayer won't knock you out.
                                      also happens when fishing till 2am.
                                      • Whenever the host enters the mines, the mine music is triggered for the clients as well.
                                      occasionally happens, not always.
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                                      • ViolentQuiche

                                        ViolentQuiche Void-Bound Voyager

                                        I gave my hoe to Clint to do the copper upgrade, and he gave me a new copper hoe every day for three days (might be coincidental, but there were three players in the game at that time) even when I had the copper hoe in my inventory.

                                        Also, I gave my axe to Clint for the copper upgrade, and I've been getting mail from Lewis every morning saying "someone put [my] tools in the lost and found bin". He doesn't actually return anything, though, and I don't think anything is missing.

                                        Finally - and this might be related to the above - Clint didn't give me back my copper axe on the day it should have been ready, but I did find a new basic axe on the floor of my cabin the morning after.
                                        • Theleno

                                          Theleno Yeah, You!

                                          This is a very minor bug that I've noticed while playing as a farmhand, on the first day of being logged into the farm you are able to kiss your spouse, however, any day after this it will not let you until you log out and rejoin the farm. Again very minor.

                                          I've also noticed that one of my friends (another farmhand) after she married Elliot (because who wouldn't with his wonderful hair) and I had 8 hearts with him, the heart meter kept decreasing over time (When you have max hearts with an NPC it shouldn't drain, unless they are your spouse)

                                          (Edit) forgot to mention another minor bug I've found, the outside garden area where the hosts spouse will sit sometimes, if the farmhands are also married all NPCs spawn there sometimes, so far this has caused Haley to be standing on a pot and Abby and Elliot to be glitched in each other.

                                          (Edit two) Also forgot to mention, not sure if this is intended or not, but secret notes that are collected can only be seen by the person that collects them, for instance, host collected note #17, the two farmhands couldn't see it. Then a farmhand collected note #6 and the host and second farmhand couldn't see it.
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