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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Eighted, May 13, 2018.

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    So me and my friend have put about 36 hours into the multiplayer already and we’re both having a lot of fun with it’s remarkably bug free gameplay, so congratulations on doing that, but I have encountered a few annoying things as the player joining a world and I thought that I’d let people/the devs know what they are so that they could possibly be fixed or changed in the future

    The idea of having multiple shacks for the different players is a cool idea that makes your farm seem like a main home, with some smaller ones for other players. But I think that you should be able to (like Pam) build a larger house for other players to have, it shouldn’t be as expensive to build as Pam’s house, but it shouldn’t be as inexpensive as building a new shack. I’m not sure about the details but it seems a little degrading walking into a tiny shack while your friend goes into his larger house. Second, this one is minor but I thought it would be a neat addition. When you upgrade a shack as the “non host”, Robin is never shown upgrading it, in three days it is just finished and that’s that. I would like to see her actually upgrading it as if you were upgrading a regular house. Third, your spouse. When you get married as the “non host” (NH), the first day that you get married, he or she will stand on the host’s porch! That was a weird part for me and I think the shacks should come with porches attaches to them to make it look a little less awkward in situations like that.

    Stardrops and Quest/Events
    Stardrops aren’t “shared” and that’s a good thing. Otherwise with four people in your game you would dole out tasks like fishing, mining, friendship and gathering artifacts and you could have all the stardrops for everyone in 2 years. But there are a few exceptions that upset me a lot when it comes to stardrops. So my friend went mining right away to get that stardrop right away so he had more energy then me by halfway through summer which was a bit annoying and when I went to get the “master cannoli” sweet gem berry stardrop, he went to the statue and got it for free, he didn’t even half to use a sweet gem berry. A little frustrating, but not the worst thing. During Spirit’s Eve night, you go through the maze and when you get to the end, only the host can get the pumpkin, it’s not that there is only 1, but only the host can grab it. It doesn’t really seem fair and it gives the host even more power then the gratuitous amount they already get

    Host Privilages
    The host has a range of abilities such as freezing time, restricting player access, and adding new shacks for others to join. This is all fine until you realize just how handicapped the NH is. I was not the host during my playthrough and let me tell you, it was not good. The player who joins the game can’t destroy farm buildings, has none of the host’s abilities and is generally second to the host according to the game’s cutscenes or events. This is a good feature considering some players might try to mess with others by destroying farm buildings, but a simple feature like a way to give the NH the abilities set by the host would fix all this. The host could select which privilages the NH could have, and which they can not have. The host is also the only one who can start events and that upset me too because it again just feels like the other player is being babysat the whole time.

    The Stardew Valley Fair
    If I seemed upset about the other things in this thread, I’m really not. But the Stardew Valley Fair was the biggest let down of this entire update. You get 1 stand for everyone, you can’t start the event without the event and the star tokens only go to the host. I got first place with 95 points, and my friend (the host) got all the points, so I had to play mini games and then bet my point all the way until I had 2000 to get the stardrop. It was very disappointing but still my favourite event. I love preparing all of my items for the fair and then displaying them. A way I would suggest fixing this would be to add a way to have more display stands so that you could be judged seperetly and you could even compete with each other to see who prepared the best.

    Bugs and Minor Issues
    There here were a few bugs and issues that I encountered that were for the most part minor, but nothing too gamebreaking, just annoying at most. The museum, as the NH I never got any of the artifact descriptions as it would just stay as “Gunther can tell you more about this...” etc. So I couldn’t tell if I had donated something or not, a little annoying but nothing too bad. Sometimes the other players will hold their watering can out in front of them while their face disappears and they start to slide around. Not quite sure what causes this but it’s pretty funny as the look like a flying demon. The only gamebreaking bug I can think of is the one where players can get the sweet gem berry stardrop for free.

    All in all, this update was a great one and my personal favourite. The multiplayer works almost perfectly and these were just a few nit picky details that I thought would be good things to look at, if anyone had any suggestions or things they would like to add to this, please do.

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