Stardew Valley More Quests / Late Game ideas?

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  1. Scipiio

    Scipiio Space Hobo

    I am currently in my 10th year in Stardew Valley and have completed the community centre quests alongside the final quest with the wizard.
    Overall I am extremely satisfied with the game and would play it over again and again. But I also feel like after you have completed the quests that there isnt much to do afterwards which would greatly affect your game.

    As an example, perhaps after completing the final quest, maybe you can do quests from all characters in game. Almost like a give 'this person' 'this item' kinda idea and afterwards you could get hearts and gold from it. Or perhaps have quests that might be from out of town, such as perhaps another smaller town area that isnt in stardew valley? like a near by village or something for new quests and items (crops, loot etc.) with new unique enemies for that area. Maybe even getting new resources like Bronze, Steel etc for new crafting recipes.
    Its all abit overwhelming but I feel like the game could have more at the end in terms of content, that way the game gives the player more to look forward to after completing all the quests.

    New Materials?
    New areas to discover (abandoned ports/villages, grassy fields, mountains, forests etc)
    New loot (different weapons, new enemies, maybe even a boss?) (Sword could change into different kinds of swords for different effects: Long sword for longer reach etc).
    New Quests / Late game NPC's
    New Animals to purchase and new buildings (besides Jumino Hut etc) (blacksmith hut to buy new tools that will arrive after a certain amount of days)
    New Crops to plant

    These are all just ideas in my head, I just want to clarify that I have nothing wrong with the ending to this game, I just feel as though the game could have more in terms of end game content.
    • Charity322

      Charity322 Starship Captain

      More social interactions would be nice. And the ability to do things like get Clint and Emily together.
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      • Iphigenia

        Iphigenia Void-Bound Voyager

        I came here to say this. I think what might be neat is some more "intelligent" interactions. These could be anything from a heart scene to just a passing, "Wow [Farmer], you've been here for three years! Feels like only yesterday you moved in!" or something to that effect? Maybe interactions that only happen in year 3, 4, or 5. Also, maybe a year specific event? Like one that happens only every other year?

        I have no idea how feasible these are, just throwing them out there.
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        • VinchenzoJackal

          VinchenzoJackal Big Damn Hero

          I would like for the game to look into the Dwarf, and the imp Krobus a bit more, perhaps even the Witch and the Goblin.
          Right now befriending the Dwarf and Krobus does almost nothing, and currently the Goblin disappears after the quest and the Witch which is seen a few times is never at her home.
          Can we make it so the Witch will be at her home at night? Also, can the Goblin be seen serving the Witch more often, maybe he could be spotted at places like visiting the Sewers&Mines?
          Also, the Witch and Goblin and Krobus would certainly be right at home appearing in CinderSap's Secret Forest because it is a dark, secluded, shady, magical location.
          The Dwarf is someone that apparently that Demetrius and the Adventurer's Guild folk and even Gunther and the Wizard ALL have an interest in. So why is there no events with them and the Dwarf?
          I'd also like that the Governor would build his Vacation home near StardewValley, preferably if the player makes the BEST Luau event putting a BEST ingredient in the soup.
          That way people have to work to get the Governor to really want to be at StardewValley, as it requires a high farming skill and using Fertilizer and access to the best crop seeds.
          The Governor, much like the Goblin and Witch in my previous statements, could become a befriendable villager with events.
          Right now, they seem more like placeholder NPCs than worthwhile NPCs sadly.
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          • Ambaaargh

            Ambaaargh Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

            I'd personally love more public works projects to sink my money into. Like things to upgrade the town, even if its just aesthetically. Like maybe some neat stuff for the park, or tidy up the yard near Pam's, or fix up the run down Joja Building into something else, or even give the hat mouse a spruced up place.
            • nevyn21

              nevyn21 Cosmic Narwhal

              I'd love to be able to do something with the abandoned Jojamart. It's an eyesore if you go the Community Center route.
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              • NikkSword

                NikkSword Pangalactic Porcupine

                I like the idea of fixing up Joja Mart if you go the Community Center Route. Maybe Pierre moves in, and his old shop is changed into a normal home? Maybe Sandy moves in and her shop in the Desert changes to something else? Maybe a brand new NPC is introduced?
                More with the Dwarf and Krobus (and the Witch and Goblin like @VinchenzoJackal said)
                Expanding- Maybe another coop animal and barn animal that you unlock by collecting 1,00 eggs or 1000 milks or 1000 Truffles
                new Crops
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                • Stubbles

                  Stubbles Master Chief

                  I, for one, enjoy the idea that the dwarves crashed their spaceship into Stardew Valley. I think it says something in one of the lost books and eventually the ship sunk into the ground. I think a real nice end-game plot line would include uncovering the mystery of the dwarves. Chucklefish could include easter eggs to their Starbound game and Stardew Valley would maintain some of its original mystical charm that allured so many fans. I feel like additional quests and better NPC interaction would come with the somewhat regular updates already, but late-game surprises and goals should branch off into a whole new world, I feel.

                  For example, it could be during the winter of Year 3 that a meteorite crash lands into your farmstead, but along with the number of ores and geodes, you also encounter a new Dwarf Scroll. It may tell of a time where dwarves were known to fly through the air like the glowing rocks in the sky. Perhaps a quest would appear in your journal to talk to the dwarf in the mines to see what it means. His people may only recall a special sacred site sealed off long ago and you can travel to it through the sewers. There could be a lot added into why Krobus is isolated there because he is also the gatekeeper to the crashed Dwarven spaceship from hundreds of years ago. You may need a special key to access a small box on the side of the craft from Mr. Qi purchased through the Casino or maybe through other means. Some say you might also need to place a battery there to jump start the drives. (It would be nice to treat the dwarven spaceship like a second community center) You might also need quite a bit of metal and parts to get the ship into shape, but eventually you could do it with the help of the friendly neighborhood Junimos. With the ship in working condition, you could travel to the home of the dwarves and maybe bring some dwarves back to Stardew Valley and build a little community called Underdew located in the hills west of the farm. You could complete recurring quests by repairing broken machinery for the dwarves and uncover the true secret of Stardew Valley and the origin of Stardrops.

                  This idea isn't completely thought-out, but would allow the opportunity for a "storyline" expansion, character development, and to add flavor to the game. To expect something like this is unrealistic, but cooperation between Chucklefish and Eric Barone could release a DLC for the game including some large expansion. I think it's also important to keep in mind that anything we can expect from Eric will have his personal touch and preserve the casual, original mood of the game. Just adding more of the same thing isn't what made Stardew Valley so unique from other games. It's the passion, the magic, and emotion poured into that inspires gamers and indie developers alike. This is just my take, however.
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                  • Dwarfus

                    Dwarfus Big Damn Hero

                    Dwarf and Krobus heart scenes? YES PLEASE!! And as weird as it is, I would really love to be able to marry them, too! :love: You could marry a god, goddess, and even a kappa in Harvet Moon! Yeah I know there's a mod, but I'd really love canon romance and heart scenes.
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                    • ChaosAzeroth

                      ChaosAzeroth Existential Complex

                      On top of being mod-hopeless myself the only mod I know of to marry Krobus has issues last thing I knew.
                      • Ipielle

                        Ipielle Title Not Found

                        I really like the ideas of doing something with Joja Mart as well as the one about the dwarfs spaceship.
                        A thing I really appreciated in World's dawn (another farming and socializing game) was the fact that you really helped rebuild the town and make it more lively.
                        I would like to do that with stardew valley, bring in more villagers, more life, more shops and jobs and places, get things a bit more interesting so that villagers are really happy living there (most of them are depressed about the lack of clients, people, activities, ...)
                        Getting new areas to explore does sound great too!
                        Another thing I would realli like but which might be slightly off topic would be the ability to hire a villager for your farm.
                        I am thinking about Shane who is the only one ending up without a job after Joja mart is terminated. (Sam gets a job in the Library/Museum)
                        That would be really nice.
                        And a must is indeed better and a lot more dialogues and interactions with the villagers which evolves with the time and progress made by us.
                        Most of all those mean a looooot of work, but if just one or two were actually realized, that would already be awesome!
                        • Surenu

                          Surenu The End of Time

                          I know this is far-fetched but I'd like a city growth mechanic like in Terranigma.
                          • blind3rdeye

                            blind3rdeye Big Damn Hero

                            The first two years of the game have many goals and a great sense of progress. After that the game basically becomes just a sandbox. It's still fun, but it would be nice if that sense of progress could be maintained...

                            Of course, it's tricky to give an ongoing sense of progress without a constant stream of new game content.

                            Here's a rough outline of an idea though:
                            • Many players like to maximise the profits and efficiency of their farms. But this can start to feel a bit empty afterwhile, because it leads to just having all one sort of crop, and huge numbers of casks. And the earning are pretty meaningless, because you pretty quickly get more money than you can spend.
                            • To encourage diversity of farming, the sale price of good could be adjusted based on how many have been sold in the last year. The price drop-off could be balanced such that it only has a significant impact when there are a _lot_ of things being sold, so that the scaling has no effect (or almost no effect) on the early game, but makes it diversification more profitable for end-game super-farms.
                            • To give a sense of purpose to the money, the game could have options for cultural sponsorship and philanthropy. I basically just mean massive cash-sinks which give the player 'points' of some kind. For example, you could pay to host a concert in the town. Or pay to have an art show. Or pay to provide food and entertainment at annual events.
                            • There could be a TV news show which reflect the player's achievements; perhaps comparing the events in Stardew Valley to other towns, so that the player constantly feels like they can contribute to the success and progress of the town.
                            For late game content like this, I think it's important there there _not_ be a monetary payoff. In the early game, most money is spent as a kind of investment to get back more money (or time). But the purpose of end-game content should be the opposite, it should give the player something to spend their earnings on which will not amplify their wealth.
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                            • Charity322

                              Charity322 Starship Captain

                              One thing I am finding, now at the end of Year 4, is that I do all my farm tasks and then I can't be bothered doing anything else, because I've done it all before. New stuff would be good.
                              • LuthienNightwolf

                                LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

                                I'd love to be able to spend some of my millions on charitable things for the town. Fixing stuff up, cleaning up, building new locations etc. It just feels silly to do all that work in the beginning to earn crazy amounts of money, just to have it pile up in your bank account. Even with the new buildings we got in 1.1 we can still end up with more money than we could ever spend. I'd love to donate some of mine to a good cause.
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                                • Lilliput

                                  Lilliput Oxygen Tank

                                  This is my primary use for the traveling cart once I'm set up with everything for the CC and my home is decorated; I use it for a gift-giving boutique. Oh, there's a pink cake for 2000g. Eh, Marnie will like that. Hey! Lobster for Elliott! And so on. Once I've passed the million threshold I think nothing of dropping a few thousand a week on special gifts beyond what I can produce myself on the farm.
                                  • Sventex

                                    Sventex Big Damn Hero

                                    I would like more buildings, more useful for mass production and fill out the farm with more variety. Once the farm gets big, it can get to be a real pain to deal with all those kegs, jars, furnaces and kilns. The Mill was a nice touch in the right direction, but sugar farming doesn't seem all that profitable in Stardew Valley. I like a more relaxed playstyle, and being able to continually upgrade my farm, I should be able to continue that relaxed pace, even if I end up using every patch of dirt for production. Like the mill, you just dump a stack of product A into the building, or Products A and B, and receive a stack of the refined product after time has passed. No more one-at-a-timing. Running a coffee plantation in this game is a heck of a lot of work when you roast it all in kegs.

                                    Ideas from Anno 1404 for mass production buildings
                                    Wine Press Building
                                    Input: Large Quantities of Grapes
                                    Output: Wine

                                    Roasting House
                                    Imput: Large Quantities of Coffee Beans
                                    Output: Coffee

                                    Cider Press
                                    Imput: Large Quantities of Apples
                                    Output: Apple Cider

                                    Imput: Large Quantities of Ore
                                    Output: Lots of Ingots

                                    Input: Sugar and Fruit
                                    Output: Candy! Maybe even Fruit Soda!
                                    • Lilliput

                                      Lilliput Oxygen Tank

                                      Very pretty buildings, if a touch beyond our retro 16-bit look for the game. ;)

                                      I have been wishing for cider (and perhaps peachy) for quite some time, given 'apple wine' just doesn't have the same ring to it.
                                      • LuthienNightwolf

                                        LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

                                        If someone could make the buildings look like those but in the pixel style, they'd be really gorgeous on the farm! I'd love more buildings as well, I'd totally use em'. :)
                                        • Sventex

                                          Sventex Big Damn Hero

                                          I posted them mostly for their concepts. Anno 1404 inspired me to build functional recreations in minecraft in my Medieval Castle City, so graphics isn't the point. When we use the mill, you can just put in a stack of 999 beets, wait a day and get from the hopper with 3 stacks of 999 sugar. A little simplistic, but I like the concept that this building can mass produce a refined product. In minecraft, I could use hoppers to smelts whole stacks of iron ore, leave to do something else like farm for a bit, and come back to find all the ingots produced. It's just a matter of converting a similar idea into the 16-bit look and allowing the player to put in stacks of ore and coal and let the building process it in larger quantities for the player. Currently dedicating an entire room in my house and running 16 furnaces feels too gamey. I should be decorating my house with bookshelves and world maps, not shoveling coal next to newborns to feed my insatiable hunger for metals.
                                          Picture of the adapted Ironworks in Minecraft here:

                                          Plus, I love the look of grape vines, so a dedicated grape wine making building appeals to me. The kegs can be used for the exotic wines like hot pepper or coconut. And I'd love to make Apple Cider, it's been around forever and has a rich history. "Apple wine" is a bit weird.

                                          As it is now, I love the sprinklers and Junimo Huts, their a way to expand the farm without overburdening the player, or even rewarding the player for progressing. I think it would be great if we could expand this with more buildings.
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