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Discussion in 'Mods' started by yuukiw, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. yuukiw

    yuukiw Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    does sdvmm/ smapi give any error?
    • murlocdummy

      murlocdummy Void-Bound Voyager

      No errors, nothing. The only thing button that seems to work is the "Launch Stardew Valley" one. Naturally, no mods work with that one.
      • yuukiw

        yuukiw Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Could you open the settings and check if it has the right path?

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        • SpringsSong

          SpringsSong Cosmic Narwhal

          @yuukiw I am a little curious as to the notation on the 3.1 update on GitHub...

          What about files that need to be added in multiple locations (like farmhouse_tiles, spring/summer/fall/winter_outdoorstilesheet, etc)--how does it differentiate between which location (often Content/Maps and Content/) it should be put in?
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          • yuukiw

            yuukiw Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            thanks, got point.

            3.1b now checks if an multiple files with the name was found and set a flag to tell SDVMM to use the old method.
            • murlocdummy

              murlocdummy Void-Bound Voyager

              It was the right path. I guess the files were corrupted at some point. I'll just reinstall everything from scratch.
              • MDS3

                MDS3 Space Spelunker

                Is it possible to add the SDVMM into steam, like the way you can put Smapi into Steam? Or can you just select which mods to use, using the modmanager?
                Is it possible to put the smapi into steam, and it will work?
                • BizarroTed

                  BizarroTed Big Damn Hero

                  I've wrestled with many different mod managers through my twenty years in pc gaming but this program escapes me. Every time I do something it gives me an unhandled exception. Change the game folder location, unhandled exception occurs; install a mod, unhandled exception occurs; uninstall a mod, unhandled exception occurs; try running the game, unhandled exception occurs; click on the banner at the top of the program to take me directly to this thread, UNHANDLED EXCEPTION OCCURS! But at least that time it did something and actually brought me here! I can't seem to even copy the text in the error windows for some bloody reason to paste it here to give you an idea what might be the problem! One time the unhandled exception was telling me the mods folder didn't exist in appdata/roaming/stardewvalley, which did in fact exist but I guess wasn't punctuated just right for your program to detect... A capital M is all I needed for that one!
                  I've reinstalled Stardew and this mod manager twice now, no luck. I don't know what else to say! Good thing the old fashioned way & nexus mod manager still works.
                  • texasniteowl

                    texasniteowl Big Damn Hero

                    I too gave up today after my 3rd unhandled exception error. I just do it the old fashioned way...downloading it myself and extracting it myself, etc.
                    • thingwithwings

                      thingwithwings Phantasmal Quasar

                      I get an unhandled exception every time I attempt to update (or fresh install) SDVMM. I don't know what I'm doing wrong...
                      • Branic

                        Branic Lucky Number 13

                        The tool has not been updated to support SMAPI 2.0+. As of 2.0, SMAPI uses a single schematic version string ("1.2.3") in the manifest.json files. SDVMM expects the old multipart version property when parsing the json, and since it doesn't check whether the version property has child properties before trying to retrieve those child properties ... it throws an unhandled exception error.

                        Put simply ... SDVMM will not work with new SMAPI mods until SDVMM is updated.
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