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Stardew Valley mobile taken off app store??

Discussion in 'Support' started by RoxasNova360, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. RoxasNova360

    RoxasNova360 Space Hobo

    It doesn't come up on US app store and if I try and bring it via the web it says it's not available in my country or region...? This is a glitch right? Until this is fixed I don't think I can update the game, and the current version has some problems too, like you start spinning in circles when trying to talk to NPCs for one. CF/ Concerned Ape if u see this please fix it!
    • Allention

      Allention Space Hobo

      Hmm I can’t find it either. Maybe they took it down so people wouldn’t flood it with 1-star reviews while they fixed the current bug. ‍♂️
      • patdski

        patdski Poptop Tamer

        That seems likely, as they’ve confirmed on Twitter that they’re working on it, which has been mentioned elsewhere along with reports of the app being pulled from several different regions.

        Kind of wish people would read other posts before making a whole new thread...
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        • drummerking3

          drummerking3 Lucky Number 13

          Yea it’s sad that they had to take it down but yea it’s understandable
          • mr_ace_1234

            mr_ace_1234 Space Hobo

            The game is back in the App Store with a new version

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