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Stardew Valley Mobile: Known Issues and Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Oct 23, 2018.

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  1. pepsipus

    pepsipus Space Hobo

    After the latest update 1.19 my game crashes at the loading screen. Using a iphone SE.
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    • Laurainestaire

      Laurainestaire Tentacle Wrangler

      Same. If you can get your save file from you Itunes/Apple ID they can research and help. I, unfortunately, do not have a computer to back my phone up to... so i’ll Just have to wait until they fix it for everyone. I’m on iPhone 6Plus most recent ios version.
      • mxnj06

        mxnj06 Poptop Tamer

        My save file crashes at the end of Spring 27. I got to bed, and...nothing. Screen goes black, nothing happens. Did the crab pot bug ever get fixed, so crab pots can be used in the ocean?

        (On iPad Pro 12.9, iOS 12.1.4, v1.19)
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        • Overlord_Odin

          Overlord_Odin Void-Bound Voyager

          iOS version 1.18 crashes when I try to open my existing save, happens everytime. Playing on iOS v12.1.4 on an iPad Air 2.
          • erio_ink

            erio_ink Intergalactic Tourist

            Latest update (1.19) is horrible for iPad Pro users. Everything is tiny, and more importantly, my game no longer loads! Crashes each time I restore from I left or load a saved game. No, I don’t want to start all over again. I’ve spent so many hours on this game!
            • ariana

              ariana Void-Bound Voyager

              On Iphone 8+ (app data says version 1.047, App Store reports game version 1.19), game doesn't play past Egg Festival. After going to sleep that day, it just shows a black screen (doesn't say "Saving" on the bottom left) and then doesn't progress to the next day.
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              • Shpigford

                Shpigford Space Hobo

                After updating to version 1.19 in the Apple App Store, the game goes black upon going to sleep and stays there indefinitely.

                Essentially, I can’t play longer than one game day or save my place.

                If I restart the game and attempt to restore my previous spot, the game crashes.

                I’m running iOS 12.1.4 on and iPhone X.
                • Pacey

                  Pacey Space Hobo

                  Same, but on a new ipad
                  • Tooki1234

                    Tooki1234 Space Hobo

                    I’ve been playing on the iPhone, and after the last update my HUD has become drastically smaller and I can’t play Spotify in the background while I play. There aren’t any options to control the HUD size, so that would be a nice addition.
                    • retropolic

                      retropolic Space Hobo

                      Same problem but i’m running on iPhone 6S+. Everything become smaller on this new update.
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                      • Quillosaurus

                        Quillosaurus Seal Broken

                        I have a little issue here with my Samsung J5-6S.
                        It seems like audio always bugs out whenever I leave the mines.
                        1.03 and problem still persists.

                        Whenever I leave mines, audio files from mine carry over to rest of the world in certain parts.
                        For example - walking sounds like in a mine. Weapon swings sounds like those from a mine.
                        Problem persists until game is closed and launches again. However if I enter the mine, it starts over again.

                        Edit: The buggy sound effect also carries over to android title screen if you leave through 'Exit to title screen'
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                        • Jonnykeys1346

                          Jonnykeys1346 Space Hobo

                          I’ve been playing Stardew valley on my iPhone 6 and have played for roughly 1 hour and I’m currently on day 15 of winter year 2, whenever I open the game everything seems normal and my save file is shown like normal I press to start up that file and the loading screen in the bottom left corner starts to load like normal until about 5 seconds where it flashes then carry’s ok it’s loading animation then about another 5 seconds later it crashes

                          I would appreciate any help or advice on fixing this I’ve played through the game multiple times on the pc and have used the mobile version to play my favourite game during breaks
                          I’m not sure what file I need to upload for your help if anyone could help me I’d greatly appreciate it
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                          • Canulus

                            Canulus Space Hobo

                            I've also had some issues as mentioned previously here. The game blacks out when i try to go to sleep, but it seems that it might be tied to a certain day... if i roll back my save to day 5 of summer year one i can go to sleep and continue the next day but i cannot proceed beyond day 6 as the game blacks out on the night between 6 and 7.

                            There was also another bug that occured right before this issue started and that was when i entered Robins shop. Everything seemed to go down to 1 fps and the game crashed.

                            Everything worked as it should up until the new update was rolled out.

                            (Ipad air 2, iOS 12.1.4)
                            • uXmow

                              uXmow Space Hobo

                              Same problem, can't load my savegame.
                              1.19 (iPhone 6S)
                              I can start a new one but thats obviously not good enough... But the pinch to zoom really is awesome!! If you need a savegame file or anything to help please let us know!
                              • Pinkmingo123

                                Pinkmingo123 Seal Broken

                                Same problem with me!!! Playing on my iPhone SE and I’m on day 10 of fall year 2. Really hope this gets fixed.
                                • Katzeus

                                  Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

                                  We're still actively reviewing reports in this thread.

                                  Because we've launched Android now, and updated iOS to the same version, we're going to start a new thread to keep issues focused on these new updates. We won't ignore any of the reports already made in this thread, but feel free to re-report in the new one if you're having an issue! So I'm locking this thread - go to the new one for new issues.

                                  Thanks for the support helping us identify bugs to everyone who's taken the time to report. It really helps a lot!!

                                  New Thread: https://community.playstarbound.com...ey-android-ios-known-issues-and-fixes.153425/
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