stardew valley in italian?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by theballisticbounty, Aug 29, 2017.


would you want stardew valley translated in italian?

  1. yes!

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  2. no!

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  1. theballisticbounty

    theballisticbounty Space Hobo

    hiyo! my name is Lucas, and i'm from italy. i know english pretty well, although i do think it would be totally awesome if stardew valley was translated in italian for those who don't understand english that well... I hope we'll get the language added soon, it would be totally epic :) does anyone else here wish stardew valley was available in italian?
    • Rivotril

      Rivotril Orbital Explorer

      I don't speak italian but i think it should be there.
      • Maccoso

        Maccoso Yeah, You!

        We're waiting for the Italian language :)

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