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Would you play a "forever" Stardew (only have one save with Generations)?

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  1. Ars Techne

    Ars Techne Space Spelunker

    I was thinking, to extend replay-ability, that the people and town would change over the years, or should I say centuries.
    • That bachelor(ette)s will eventually marry and have kids beyond your choice in partner (After 7 years?). After a number of decades your character would retire.
    • Your great-great grand children will then inherit the "farm" (you would get to choose again maybe?) and come back to a time changed town.
    • Shops and homes will be shuffled around, if not be different houses all together. Buildings get old and need replacing idea.
    • The people different, with different personalities and different likes, but all with some heritage to the original residents (and some outsiders too).All randomized, so even a new game will have a different 2nd gen play through.
    • As well, have a dozen town "problem"s that any one generation could encounter, with no one save file ever encountering the same problem twice until 80% have been encountered. An unresolved problem will carry over to the next gen.

    But in general, Children would grow up. Between 5 - 18 they will go to school 5 days a week. Between 13-18 they will help on the farm on week ends. At 18 they leave for collage or get a job in town as an apprentice.

    As for dialog, have a giant list of dialog with each line relating to personality and history aspects. So yes, you'll probably see repeat dialog but should be bearable as it should only be a hand full of lines per generation separation.

    I understand the amount of work that would go in and wouldn't expect anything soon on this should chuckle fish pick it up, but thought it would be cool as a "forever game".
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    • scaledwolf

      scaledwolf Master Chief

      You know it would be nice to have something like this. problem is it might take years to actually make a game like that. +1 for the idea.
      • Laryska775

        Laryska775 Hey, You!

        I was thinking about it too, but I know (and not only me) this is almost "second version" SV. It would be nice to "progress" in town, but randomize stuff is difficult. And could be annoying after some time. When randomized then any wiki will be useless. So there is a lot of + and a lot of - to that idea. I bet dev was thinking about it too. But like I said, this is like "second" game or "DLC"... HEY! DLC! Maybe in the future will be "DLC" to play "20 years later in SV" or something like that, and your idea will be here? I dont know. I hope any of my sentence make sense... English isn't my first language, but Im trying... ;__;
        • Ars Techne

          Ars Techne Space Spelunker


          Very well written for a second plus language. Some Americans don't even write as well :rofl:

          That makes sense, how it could get frustrating. The idea though is that the core mechanics are wiki-able but that every new generation is new and exciting because your town has unique people that you can't just wiki to see what they like. But as DLC it sounds much better as it would take a lot of time to get the RNG and assets to work right.
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          • abigailcool123

            abigailcool123 Intergalactic Tourist

            Yes please I am new to this game and year 1 and what season I am is winter I my next generations kids to take over my farm please:nuruhappy:
            • Nyarl

              Nyarl Intergalactic Tourist

              • Dresden’s Apprentice

                Dresden’s Apprentice Void-Bound Voyager

                I like this, but I would prefer it being a setting when you create the world; either this or the current system.
                • WoodSkip

                  WoodSkip Tentacle Wrangler

                  It's a great Idea but there is one thing that you forgot..
                  what about mods?
                  What I mean is, what if you create a new world and play for some time and you want to start getting into using mods but you don't want to use your current world cause you don't wanna risk having it corrupt or mess anything.. you need an extra world or worlds to play with.

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