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    This version is getting released to allow you to use the mod with some of its features while using the latest version of SMAPI (and other mods). It is not finished yet and I can give no estimated date of release. As soon as a new version of ALL is out, I will start working on it again.

    - SMAPI,

    This mod expands Stardew Valley by adding several new areas including a gas station, a diner and a purchasable winery.

    This mod is mainly developed by Tego, but it's an effect of joint efforts of Entoarox, Acerbicon and HopeWasHere. Also the winery uses some amazing textures by Dentrala and sheetcakeghost - available here.

    I do not give my permission to use any part of the mod in any other project. Co-authors (Entoarox, Acerbicon and HopeWasHere) may give their permission to use their assets and Dentrala gave her permission to using her winery textures though.


    - Separation of the farm expansion (you can now use any custom farm you want!);
    - An expanded (only visually though) diner;
    - Expansion of Amed's house;
    - Rework of some of the locations to make it more compatible;
    - New secret area!!


    - A farm map extension with purchasable winery*;
    - A diner where you can buy coffee and meals;
    - A gas station where you can buy alcohol;
    - Some additions to the town (Gunther has a house now!);
    - A map update;

    Planned features:
    - Making Jackie and Amed NPCs;
    - Making Jackie and Amed bachelors;
    - Compatibility with other mods (mainly Sundrop Village).

    *A separate manifest is available for people already using a farm redesign. This manifest doesn't replace the farm and it doesn't add the winery nor the minecart line.

    0. Before installing this mod, make sure you've got SMAPI, ALL and Entoarox Framework installed.
    1. Extract the downloaded archive.
    2. Copy "Stardew Valley Expansion" folder from the extracted archive into Stardew Valley\Mods\AdvancedLocationLoader\locations.
    (if you don't have "Mods" folder you should check your SMAPI installation)
    4. Enjoy and feel free to give me some feedback.

    - I can't find the gas station.
    Have a look at the map.
    - There's nobody inside the gas station.
    It's a small bug fixing itself after a week at most. You can still interact with a shop though, just click on the counter.
    - I can't find the diner.
    Again, have a look at the map. It's east from Pelican Town.
    - I don't like the farm/I'm using a different type of farm, can you make another version?
    Probably not soon, it's a lot of unnecessary work.
    - I can't find the winery.
    You have to use vanilla version of the farm map to get the winery and minecarts.
    - Is this mod compatible with...
    It should be compatible with any mod that doesn't change farm.xnb, town.xnb or tunnel.xnb.

    Known bugs:
    - Amed and Bear not appearing during first week;

    Reporting bugs:
    If you want to report a bug, please attach a screenshot. It's better to report them at Stardew Valley forums. If you want to write to me personally, do that there aswell.

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    • Ribbonain

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      Love the second map option :D
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      • Jim Jones

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      • eemie

        eemie Cosmic Narwhal

        Oooh *watches thread*

        Will the expansion work for all the farm maps?
        Also what if I only want the part of your mod where I could purchase a winery? I always have space left on my farms so I wouldnt know what to do with your expansion haha
        • tegobash

          tegobash Big Damn Hero

          Probably not until there's something better than tIDE for map making. I would have to kill myself if I was to make the same expansion over and over again, then check for misplaced tiles and so on. Additionally I don't use any other farm map than farming since I find them all stupid. Why would it be called a farm if it's in the middle of the forest? Google a farm, ConsernedApe.

          I'll consider a smaller map version with winery only.
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          • Coolwyngs

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          • Aveloren

            Aveloren Starship Captain

            Waiting on this release to start my new save. Yours and Entoarox' work are the backbone of my play-throughs.
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            • Chaos_Incarnate91

              Chaos_Incarnate91 Orbital Explorer

              I can't seem to find a posting on the original farm expansion here, but is there any chance it will be updated to allow buildings to be placed on grass?
              • tegobash

                tegobash Big Damn Hero

                If someone else wants to do it, I'd be happy to share the author title. Now I'm focusing on these two new projects.
                • Naesaki

                  Naesaki Star Wrangler

                  Really like the look of this, gonna give it a try once its available as I've been wanting to do a new game but not been a fan of the other map types so having a remake of the original farm map is perfect for me <3

                  The addition of a winery is just awesome, as I originally built a shed to hold all my kegs and it just didn't feel right xD

                  By the way I'm still fairly new to Stardew Modding I assume when you mention Entoarox' you mean having the Advanced Location Loader & Framework installed?
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                  • tegobash

                    tegobash Big Damn Hero


                    Exactly, that's why I'm making this.

                    The farm mod is almost ready, unfortunately the winery will be open with no way to make a purchase until I and Ento figure out what's wrong with some stuff. The location adding mod is at tilesheet making stage, so... soon.
                    • Naesaki

                      Naesaki Star Wrangler

                      Don't know if you want any feedback specifically but this just a slight suggestion/idea. Would you consider restoring the hill at the back, the one that connects to the grave and cave entrance? Just seems a little odd to have a massive gap in the hill like that, looks a bit out of place to me. (alternatively smooth out the right side of the grave hill so its raised back up to match the cave hill?)

                      Though I do really love the overall design of it, just that little bit I'm wondering about when it gets to in-game itself, though I might change my mind when I can experience it xD.
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                      • tegobash

                        tegobash Big Damn Hero

                        Things have changed a little bit and now I'm considering releasing both mods together as one. Here's a sneak peek of what I've been working on:
                        • Entoarox

                          Entoarox Oxygen Tank

                          If this one connects to the right-hand side of the bus stop that'll be sweet, cause that means you've expanded the stardew world without needing to add new access points (I've always thought the invis barrier there felt weird!)
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                          • Jim Jones

                            Jim Jones Void-Bound Voyager

                            Random question, with the 2nd option will the exit from the farm to the south be blocked off to us until we upgrade our tools or are you just going to block off the other bits?
                            • tegobash

                              tegobash Big Damn Hero

                              Well actually I thought that the delivery truck next to Joja looks kind of weird without any way to park it there, so I made a small road going east from there. I'll think about expanding from the Bus Stop too. This time I wanted to make the town a little bit bigger, so I've added Gunther's house few steps north from Joja (exterior texture ready, working on interior).
                              No, I don't want to take away an option available in vanilla from the beginning. The entrance to the winery will be blocked though.

                              The farm is almost ready, I'm still thinking of a way to add the purchase option to the winery. This time, to avoid bugs, I've decided to test every feature before releasing, so I've been playing with the winery for some time and decided to not make it too big and clean. I don't want it to be like the shed. The backstory is that the building was abandoned some time ago, so it's kind of cluttered with barrels and so on.
                              Two new maps are also almost ready, a road (exterior going east from Joja Mart, like a delivery road) and a diner (interior) next to the road. I'm planning to set up a custom shop in the diner to make a place to buy cooked food. It's taking this long because texturing is difficult when you don't have any experience in pixel art.

                              And here's another sneak peek.
                              • Naesaki

                                Naesaki Star Wrangler

                                Really loving the progress on this, these expansions just feel rather natural :D Looking forward to see were the rest of this goes.
                                • SKKN

                                  SKKN Aquatic Astronaut

                                  So Tego, what if we would want to continue using your old expansion map for the farm map but want to get your other additions like dinner and stuff. Will it be possible to just not add the farm.xnb in ALL and ergo get the rest of your mod?
                                  • tegobash

                                    tegobash Big Damn Hero

                                    Well, the simple answer is: no. But I think that one could still use TSE farm map (copying old farm file to the new mod folder) and have access to the Diner. It would cause a lot of issues and I won't support it, and, of course, there will be no winery, but if one wants to do so, he knows how to.
                                    • Zalkyria

                                      Zalkyria Phantasmal Quasar

                                      I look forward to the future of this mod :D I can't wait to see more ^^

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