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    I wanted to share the challenges I’ve been setting myself up to during the hours I’ve put into Stardew Valley. I was also hoping to hear if any of you have any other challenges to share – or maybe even improvements suggestions to the ones I have on going.

    Process EVERYTHING!

    You are not allowed to sell any item that you have unlocked the processing method for. For example: You are allowed to sell “plain” crops as they are harvested until you have unlocked the Preservers Jar. When you have the blueprints you have to process ALL items prior to selling. You can of course choose processing method when possible (keg, loom etc)

    It is not allowed to sell un-processed crops to Pierre or un-processed ore to Clint either - however you are allowed to sell the result of the processed item; jam, pickled vegetables, metal bars etc.

    This challenge also includes item that you might not normally use for a big profit, like wood. You are not allowed to sell “plain” wood once you have the Charcoal Kiln.

    Batterypacks, bat wings, minerals, fish etc. which does not have any clear way of process into sellable goods are allowed to be sold as they are.

    Finish the Community Center in the first year

    This is a self-explaining challenge - finish the Community Center the first year. I have managed to do this at Winter Day 3, Year 1 (and I have missed this challenges waaay to many times when completing it Spring Day 1 Year 2).

    This challenge is very easy to combine with the other challenges as well!

    Obsession mode (one purpose farm)

    Create a character which is obsessed with one item. For instance, eggs. Then, earn your entire profit on eggs and the process possibilities that comes with it. The farm shall of course also reflect this obsession.

    It is not forbidden to earn your fortune through other means, but you should try not to stray too far away from your main item in favor of another. For instance, if you do chose eggs – you should not prioritize building multiple deluxe barns and purchasing pigs to get truffle before filling up your farm with deluxe coops and chickens/ducks.

    It is of course easier to manage this challenge if you focus on an item which has a high value (like diamonds, truffle oil, ancient berries or sweet gem berries), but it is fun to try to use items you normally do not use to make your wealth.

    Limited methods to earn money

    This is more of an adaptation of the “Obsession Mode” challenge. I sometimes limit the farms possibility to earn money.

    · Never maintain any livestock (this one makes the Animal Bundle in the Community Center tricky to finish but luckily the traveling cart can help!)

    · Gain your fortune through planting trees (both non-fruit bearing trees and fruit bearing trees). When I play this challenge, I do plant crops so that I can complete the Community Center but I try not to plant an overflow of crops that yields a lot of money.

    This requires a lot of wood, coal and copper bars!

    · Build a winery yard

    · Make a vineyard filled with crops to produce wine (or juice) and kegs

    · Go for a thunder-lightning farm (very limited when money will come in from this though ^^)

    The one purpose farm possibilities are endless!


    Focus on befriending the villagers as quick as you can. For instance, during spring you should at least save 32 cauliflowers to give to Maru during the year, 32 parsnips for Pam and save another 32 parsnips for Marnie since they are included in Farmer’s Lunch that Marnie loves.

    This is a really fun challenge to do at the same time as the Community Center in one year! You really need to utilize each day to its fullest.

    Stop pre-collecting items!

    In this challenge, you are not allowed to collect and save items that you do not currently have a need for. For instance, your next step in the game is to upgrade your pickaxe to a copper pickaxe - You are only allowed to get enough copper ore and coal to smelt your five pieces of copper bars and the rest of the items that you gathered in the caves must be sold.

    You are allowed to gather items for multiple purposes at the same time, but you are not allowed to "over-collect". Say you want to build your Coop, one Tapper and one Preserves Jar - these three items require 300 wood + 40 wood + 50 wood = 390 wood. All exceeding wood must be sold until you have another ongoing project.

    You can only start a project once you have the blueprints for that specific item.

    It is allowed to start collecting the items for the Community Center even before the event is unlocked and you are always allowed to keep geodes until you can open them at Clint's. However, this challenge only allows you to have two Chests; one for on going challenges and one for items that you gain throughout the game and do not wish to throw away (like painting from gathering artifacts) so you cannot have unlimited on-going projects.

    It is allowed to use the backpack for storage as well.

    This way of playing means that you cannot for instance keep seeds from another season, you cannot save iridium (if you were lucky enough to find it in the "normal" caves) unless you have an on-going project that requires iridium. You will have to go day by day to get what you need and you really need to plan ahead.

    Never sell to villagers

    This is more of a side challenge to make it harder in the beginning of the game when you really need all the gold you can get. Sometimes I only use the shipping container to sell items - this means that you are not allowed to go into town and sell items to the villagers in order to get quick money because you need a few more gold that specific day.

    Self-sufficient farm

    This is a fun one that I found while searching for more challenges to do and ZephyrWindSpirit have an earlier post regarding this:

    Evil corp farm

    Of course you have to at least once unlock the Joja Mart part of the game.

    Maximized farm

    Also a very self-explaining challenge – complete all achievements in one save!

    So tell us - how do you challenge yourself?


    Best regards,
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    • jaaaaayciee

      jaaaaayciee Poptop Tamer

      how... how did you save the community center by the first year?
      im in the middle of year two and am just now upgrading my barn ;-;
      • emaalinen

        emaalinen Subatomic Cosmonaut

        Trial and error on many different farms :) Whenever I did not succeed with completing the community center in one year I took a look at the items I was missing and made a new plan for my next save on how to get those specific items earlier on.

        My key findings were to never miss a chance to purchase community center related items at the traveling cart and picking Fruit bats for the cave on your farm. Also there are some items that need to be prioritized; like Fiddlehead Fern. You need to unlock the secret woods before summer has ended (and therefore prioritize to get your iron axe).

        One of the trickiest items to get within the first year is the Red Cabbage.. I have only manage to complete this challenge when I found it (or the seeds) in the traveling cart since the seeds are only available at Pierre's during Year 2.
        • LuthienNightwolf

          LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

          I've had the community center finished within the first year - I could have completed it the first day of winter actually because it came down to the nautilus shell and a snow yam being the last two things I needed. But I wanted the celebration scene to happen in Spring so I waited until Spring 1st to turn the last piece in.

          I attribute that success to two things: one, Timespeed, which makes everything a million times easier; and two, the fact that I had set myself the goal of unlocking the greenhouse before winter. I normally don't start buying animals til year 2 but I had to have a few for that bundle, and the rest was either good planning or good rng.
          • Minimanta

            Minimanta Spaceman Spiff

            I've already done a version of the "self-sufficient farm" challenge, didn't quite complete it because 1.1 rolled around and distracted me, but I do want to go back and finish it off.
            And then I've done the maximized farm too. I'm a bit of an achievement hunter, so I did it on my second saveX3
            Another challenge I've done before was getting to the bottom of the regular mines with the rusty sword as my only weapon. And I made it! That was a real challenge, super fun too if you like combat.

            But that's also it for me when it comes to vanilla challenges as far as I remember, but I've challenged myself with modded CC bundles, hardcore mode basicly. You needed a ton more stuff for each and every bundle. Loads of fun, but quite a busy challenge.

            I've considered completing the CC in year one, but it's just not something I'm that interested in. Especially because you depend on the travelling merchant for the red cabbage. Maybe I'll do it one day, but eh.

            Process everything is something I've considered before, but I usually just stick to mass-selling fresh produce with the occasional processed goods thrown in :p
            It would definitely be fun to try full-blown min-maxing though, where you only grow what you need for your machinery and such. Definitely something I want to do one day.

            And the last one I would be interested in is the "obsession" mode or the limited income method challenge. I'm already getting ideas of a goat herder selling iridium quality goat cheese, hmm... No idea why goat cheese was the first thing that popped into my mind when I considered this challenge, but I like it! Might even make it my Leah save.
            • emaalinen

              emaalinen Subatomic Cosmonaut

              @LuthienNightwolf Yeah I've never actually seen any Snow Yams or Nautilus shells at the traveling cart - but I think I might have been unlucky (or missed them when I was busy focusing on something else I needed).. :)

              @Minimanta A rusty sword throughout the whole cave is impressive! :up: I've thought about it in combination with never upgrade the pickaxe but I get bored of the mines after a few days if I do not have any progress :) Love the goat cheese obsession idea!
              • Minimanta

                Minimanta Spaceman Spiff

                It was brutal xD
                It was all about finding the way down as fast as possible and try to avoid monsters whenever possible. Bats are the worst in this challenge, can't flee from those bloody wallhackers >.>
                Did end up dying a couple of times in the lower levels, but I was determined to do it!
                • Surenu

                  Surenu The End of Time

                  No sprinklers is an interesting challenge, and I am currently debating opening up a save for it or not. Would most likely stand or fall with watering can upgrades and early rain totems.
                  • emaalinen

                    emaalinen Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    @Surenu I agree - fun idea! I also think it would be fun to do "no sprinklers" in combination with "no livestock" or something similair that keeps the main income come from crops :)
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                    • Surenu

                      Surenu The End of Time

                      We should call that the "Hard work" challenge :D
                      • emaalinen

                        emaalinen Subatomic Cosmonaut

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                        • ThePineappleWarlord

                          ThePineappleWarlord Title Not Found

                          One of my favorite challenges is the "Minimalist's Farm." What I do is set aside a small plot of land on the farm (generally around 15x15 tiles), and just don't use the rest. It is pretty tough to distribute my space to crops, trees, etc., but it can be fun, as well.
                          • LuthienNightwolf

                            LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

                            I know I've seen her sell the shells, but I don't remember if I've seen snow yams. When I found her selling the cabbage she was also selling cabbage seeds, and I had the greenhouse open already so I bought both. Usually it's large milk I have trouble finding - she'll sell small, but the bundles want the large size.
                            • emaalinen

                              emaalinen Subatomic Cosmonaut

                              @ThePineappleWarlord Oh that is interesting. Do you utilize the rest of the town/forest for like Tappers? I can imagine that the fortune in the game does not really come until you have Crystalariums placed inside the house and use the greenhouse for more crops (or do you not use the space inside the house and greenhouse as well?)

                              @LuthienNightwolf OK, yeah she should have it all but it can be really frustrating waiting for a specific item. I have also been stuck on Large Milk and Large Goat Milk but eventually she will deliver on point so to say :) She has been able to provide me with all the items for the animal bundle multiple times.

                              One of the reasons I like to play without the animals is to reduce the amount of time to "prep" the farm each day (petting and milking) and they also make a lot of noices throughout the day. By year 5 it starts to get to you if you have multiple deluxe barns filled with animals:D
                              • LuthienNightwolf

                                LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

                                I had 12 deluxe barns all filled to max with cows on an old save, I loved it. ^_^ To be fair though I play using Timespeed so time isn't really an issue for me. I actually enjoy the farm chores more than the other aspects of the game - I could see myself doing the No Sprinkler challenge sometime, even though the challenge wouldn't so much come from the time crunch as it would the tedious job of watering everything by hand. Especially before any can upgrades. >u<
                                • Ambaaargh

                                  Ambaaargh Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

                                  Recently one of my save is sort of the equivalent of the old "Miser modes" challenges which I basically call Survivalist. I chose the wilderness map for added monster threats and to make it feel more hard-mode like.

                                  Basically my general rule of it is with key exceptions I can only purchase one thing a season. (Exceptions for me being Tool upgrades from the blacksmith, the fishing pole upgrades from Willy, and I can buy from the wagon) Which tends to result in a loooot of mining and trying to rustle up wild seeds. Spring year 1 my single purchase was one strawberry seed. :rofl: If anything its certainly been a learning experience and really makes you have to strategize which single item would be most beneficial for a month.

                                  Edit note: I'm a doof and forgot about my Joja run save. I've mentioned a couple points I have a save where I pretend I'm a t-800 terminator sent back from the future to take over the farm so that Joja can get its foothold in every corner of the globe once the robot uprising takes over. So that save has a particular double quirk I play in with
                                  1: Only buy from Joja (unless its an item that they do not sell)
                                  2: I'm a robot so I cannot use food. If I am low on energy/health I need to fall back and call it a day.
                                  3: Go Joja.
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                                  • Tigerle

                                    Tigerle Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                    Here some ideas:
                                    Bad Decisions: Everytime you get some options to choose, you have to roll a dice. This includes skill options on level 5 or 10 and dialog options.
                                    Not very hard but you see all the bad decisions, you normally don`t choose ;)

                                    Santa Farmer: Everytime you see other townspeople, which didn´t get 2 gifts this week, give him a gift. Even if you have only things, you really need or he really hates ;)
                                    • emaalinen

                                      emaalinen Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      @Ambaaargh I really like your Joja Run idea! I did the Joja achievement - but I think it would have been more fun if I did it with your robotic rules as well :D

                                      @Tigerle Nice idea! How do you specify the dice rolls? 1-3 is the option you would prefer and 4-6 is the other one? Or do you have another dice roll-out system? Haha, fun! I am really bad at keeping track of all the non-marriageable villagers so this would be a fun challenge!
                                      • Surenu

                                        Surenu The End of Time

                                        Here's some more, though most of them are just as pointless as they sound:
                                        • I can do this myself: No buying seeds/ores from year 2 on.
                                        • I didn't sign up for this: Make the majority of your money for one year from something completely unrelated to farming (i.e. mining or fishing)
                                        • Barefoot: No footwear.
                                        • Al-Qassam-brigadier: No pickaxe in skull cavern, only bombs.
                                        • Arboreteum: By Spring 1, Year 3 all your profits have to come from fruit trees and associated artisan goods
                                        • Workaround: No tool upgrades.
                                        • Horrible person: Marry and divorce everyone.
                                        • Minimanta

                                          Minimanta Spaceman Spiff

                                          Oh boy, I'm actually tempted to do the "Horrible person" challenge. What the heck is wrong with me? I couldn't dream about divorcing anybody on any of my saves, but call it a challenge and I'm actually considering divorcing all 12 of them just to say I did it xD

                                          And I wouldn't have a problem with the "Al-Qassam-brigadier" challenge. It's actually pretty rare I use the pick down there anyway, faster to bomb my way down.

                                          The dice challenge is interesting too, I guess how you determine your roll depends on how many options there are.
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