Stardew Valley Bundle Checklist (Spoiler-ish)

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  1. MissPotato

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    Are you looking for a checklist to help with your Stardew Valley needs? Well, we at Potato inc have just the solution for you! A totally over engineered google sheet!

    Does it support Remix Bundles?
    You can bet your straw hat that it does! Drop downmenus let you select the bundle and will automagically update for you!

    Over engineered you say?
    Yes! You heard that right! Dynamically updates using filters, dropdown menus, and little bit of javascript!

    How do I hide the blank cells?
    At the top of the sheet is a button that kind of looks like this |>- rotated 90 degrees. Click that and click "hide empty rows!" It's just that simple!

    I have mods that change bundles, what do?
    I tried to make it as flexible as possible. As such, just edit the data sheet and it will auto-populate. Though, you may have to tinker a bit, I included a tutorial in sheet on how to do so. It's not exactly the most fun experience, and is a bit time consuming tho.

    (To the DRIVE)

    Version 1
    Complete checklist for version 1.4
    Added drop down menus
    Made public

    Version 2
    Updated to 1.4.5
    Fixed fish bundle tips being wrong.
    Added Abandoned Jojamart Bundle

    Version 3
    An entire rewrite for 1.5.6
    Now uses filters, and custom java script
    Now supports remix bundles!
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    • MissPotato

      MissPotato Big Damn Hero

      Some of the fish seasons are wrong, sorry about that. I'll be using the other wiki to double check. And maybe look in the XNB files to find out more accurately. Going to wait till tomorrow.
      • katgirl28888

        katgirl28888 Void-Bound Voyager

        Ohh thank you! Someone else made another spreadsheet that looked like a disaster, at least this doesn't make me wanna tear my hair out.
        • MissPotato

          MissPotato Big Damn Hero

          Glad to hear that it's working out well!

          It's been updated to match version 1.4.5. Oddly I missed the new Joja Bundle in the first update.
          • MissPotato

            MissPotato Big Damn Hero

            A long delayed update to 1.5.6 is here! With it I added remix support as a cherry on top.

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