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    I wanted to use Stardew Valley's audio files for other things, but didn't want to use a key in order to figure out what they were. So instead of renaming them one by one, I wrote a program to do it for me!

    This program was made mostly for personal use, but I thought it may be helpful for those who are doing sound mods.

    I used this spreadsheet to determine the names of the files.

    (Make sure to keep all the files in the SVART folder together)
    1. Run SVART.exe
    2. Click "Browse" and select the folder that contains the Stardew Valley audio bank files (.wav)
    3. Click the button you want to Convert to

    Convert to Name changes the file names from their IDs to understandable english
    Convert to ID changes the files names back to their original IDs


    You can also look at the source code on GitHub for those who care

    Let me know if there is anything that should be fixed/added!

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