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  1. sxfighter

    sxfighter Void-Bound Voyager


    I haven't been playing SV long at all, but it's really cool, and I love the potential for total conversion.

    I now have vague plans to do a Steven Universe total conversion, starting with replacing Vincent with Steven!

    Keep in mind that this is my first ever attempt at pixel art and it's a little awkward (mostly the hair.)

    !NEW! Connie Maheswaran V.1

    Steven V.1

    !New! Placeholder Steven Portrait


    I tried to make a portrait based on Vincent's but it ended up looking pretty comical in a bad way. So I edited screenshots from the show. I hope someone awesome will step up and make some charming ones from scratch.

    !New! Beta Dialogue
    stev_dia1.jpg stev_dia2.jpg

    All dialogue (text)
    This is the first draft of Steven's dialogue, based on Vincent's lines, suggest changes!

    Introduction: "Oh, a stranger! My name's Steven. \ The Gems told me not to talk to strangers... But you seem okay."

    Mon: "I wanna be strong in the real way! \ Okay! Bye!"

    Mon (4 Hearts): "Mom's not around anymore... I wish I had gotten to know her."

    Tue: "*sigh*... The Gems won't let me go on missions, I can fight too!"

    Tue (6 Hearts): "Can you keep a secret, (player name)? \ I accidentally turned my fingers into cats again. \ Just don't tell the Gems, okay?"

    Wed: "I wanna look for corrupted gems, but Pearl gets too worried when I'm in danger. \ It's a tough choice."

    Thu: "I'm hungry... where's the bits?"

    Thu (2 Hearts): "You're not like most adults. Wanna come over some time and watch Crying Breakfast Friends?"

    Fri: "Ew, Amethyst is trying to make me food again... \ Oh well... I'll just order delivery from Fish Stew Pizza."

    Sat (1 Heart): "Dad's coming over soon! \ I hope he brings me some new G.U.Y.S.™."

    Sat: "Connie brings a new book for me to read every week. \ Nothing's been as good as 'The Spirit Morph Saga' yet, I love the cake scene!"

    Sat (8 Hearts): "Garnet seems worried. I wonder what she's seeing? \ She's been going on solo missions a lot lately. \ I hope she's OK.

    Sun: "Hey (player name). \ Beautiful day, isn't it?"

    Sun (10 Hearts): "Hey (player name)! \ Don't tell Lion... but I got him a set of little booties to protect his paws.

    Coming soon - Steven beta dialogue

    Planned Replacements (So far):

    Steven Quartz Universe \ Vincent
    Connie Maheswaran \ Jas
    Amethyst \ Sam
    Pearl \ Jodi
    Garnet \ Kent
    Lapis Lazuli \ Leah

    Yellowtail \ Willy
    Bill Dewey \ Lewis
    Sadie Miller \ Gus
    Lars \ Emily
    Priyanka Maheswaran \ Marnie
    Doug Maheswaran \

    Lion \ Cat and Dog
    Centi \ Krobus
    Bismuth \ Dwarf

    New characters to be added:

    Buck Dewey

    I'd love any contributions! (Art/Ideas/Coding/Etc.)

    Constructive criticism is welcome.

    You have permission to edit this as long as you credit me and allow me to incorporate your edits into the main package if I feel that they are better.

    Thanks to:
    Rebecca Sugar for creating Steven Universe
    Jinxiewinxie for her custom face type designs
    MaxiGamer for "Crystal Universe FONT"
    EpicAdventure for inspiring this with their Jake the dog mod
    cantorsdust for their modding guide directory
    Drogean for his "Easy XNB Pack/UnPack Toolkit"
    hiddenone for their SU RPG Maker sprites that I'm using for palette and inspiration

    Steven Universe is ™ Cartoon Network, I claim no rights or ownership to the series.

    Included in the "Steven" zip: Character sprites and portraits for Steven/Vincent.
    Included in the "Connie V.1" zip: Character sprites for Connie/Jas

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      Blooper8484 Starship Captain

      He looks really good!:laugh: I like it. Good luck with this project!
      • sxfighter

        sxfighter Void-Bound Voyager

        Thanks! Means a lot coming from you, love your work!
        • Blooper8484

          Blooper8484 Starship Captain

          Really? Wow thanks for that, i'm not very good though... but i appreciate it. Once again the best of luck to you!
          • sxfighter

            sxfighter Void-Bound Voyager

            Yeah, you should have more confidence in your work. Thanks again!

            New Connie sheet!
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