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    Hey guys!

    So, one of the things I've been working on in my game, is building a zoo. In the clouds. Because, why not? =D

    With all the creatures and critters I've been coming across on my adventure travels, I thought it would be kinda neat to make a zoo and fill it with whatever creatures I could find. Here's a small batch of screenshots I took of it...

    The first one shows the aquariums... I only have two for now.
    Second one shows my bear collection.
    The third has some random critters on top, and below, I've got my horse collection (an on-going process!)
    The fourth shows a tiny part some of the aviary.
    Last one shows some stone trolls I recently caught.

    It's still very much a Work-in-progress, but I've been having fun making it, and building onto it, as well. Eventually, I'd also like to put in some nice seating areas...have a fountain and some benches and statues, etc.

    Anyone else got the idea of making a zoo, just for the fun of it?

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    I like it bro <3

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