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    The Backstory of all of this mess (Recovered by Time Patrol Trunks.): "Hello, as you will know me, my name's Time Patrol Trunks, or if you do know me, be my guest. Anyways, i wanna tell you Starbounders and Patrollers all about this. It's top secret, so i'll explain it further. Moments ago, Kimiko was a good Patroller of mine when we fought the past to restore the timeline. She saved my existance once, ane even fought Whis and Beerus for a test. We even fought Demigra three times after i was purified of his control. But now, it takes a turn on the tables. When Kimiko is almost done with Demigra's Final form, it ripped another universal barrier apart, and Demigra was able to mess up both of our universes. And thus, caused two false timelines. Both timelines were about to be combined into one, and that caused some chaos on our universe. The Three gods, helped our universe to be restored, but not the time line itself. I'll tell you the three gods, it's Helios, Helia, and Helira. All three except one Demi-God outcasted into floran Society. They call him '13 of The West.' He was a legendary Demi-God who was an outcast. But he can help you train and adventure you. You were chosen as an Starbounder or a Patroller. And when the time is up, you will be ready. Now, please save our both universes from peril! You are only hope-"

    (The Rest of the backstory is torn or burnt off.)

    In order to join the RP you must follow the rules:

    No Godmodding
    No Auto-Hittin'
    No Harassin'
    No S*x Parts (Bleah, I hate that.)

    Once you are done that, You must Choose the List of Characters you wanna be or use a custom Character of your choice.

    The Availble Anime are:
    Dragon Ball Z/GT/Xenoverse

    For a custom Character, Here is the Form.




    Starter Gear:

    Races list:

    Earthling (All Stats are Balanced.)

    Majin (High Health, Medium Stamina, But has 6% health regeneration.)

    Saiyan (High Armor, But high on Energy reserves, but low health and stamina. Gets stronger when you're injured.)

    Floran (High Energy Reserves, but Low on Stamina and Defense.)

    Hylotl (High Strength, High Health, But low Energy. Improved Movement skills when on any liquid.)

    Namekian (High Health, Medium Armor, but Has a low energy and health regen of 5%.)

    Ice-Jin (Immune to the cold planets, Massive Energy and Stamina reserves, Low Energy Regen of 3%.)

    Apex (Increased Run and Jump speed, High Stamina and Energy reserves.)

    Avian (Increased Flight speed, High Energy, Medium Armor and Health.)

    Novakid (Glow and Aura effect, Very High on Health and Energy Reserves.)

    Glitch (Immune to Poison, Extremely High on Armor and Energy, but Low on Health.)


    After that, and you chose the character you wanted or chose an Canon one, you are free to RP!

    And also, that's all! Don't forget the backstory if you don't get it!

    And End Transmission!
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    Ok... May i join please?
    I got my character form filled out!
    Name: Methyl Sawbones

    Race: Novakid (female)

    Personality: Still

    Starter Gear: Red Ryder and a Rusty Revolver. Full set of the black armor with gold thing

    Backstory: A purple novakid with the slowest reflex's... But she has not made any friends... Stranded on a island far from earth... She beamed up... then flyed to this planet... and started her fight against the Patrollers... She would protect this world from anything... Her name... was Methyl Sawbones...
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    Your Character has been Accepted, Welcome to Toki Toki City.
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    Ok... im gonna start the RP tomorrow...
  5. Presios Saiyan

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    Good Luck, And don't perish.
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    Ok... Thanks for the advice!
  7. Presios Saiyan

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    This RP will start, NOW!

    Also My Character is:

    Name: Azaya Yashida

    Race: Namekian

    Personality: Calm and Wise, Never cares for the enemy.

    Starter Gear: Default 2.0, Scouter's Armor, 6 Bandages.

    Backstory: Azaya was once a Floran, a Glitch hero of some sorts. He was hunting for Gold till, He was now a Green, Tall Man. A namekian you would say. He arrives on Toki Toki City, where the new one is built in a star system. The old was destroyed, and took many lives. Now he learned his mistakes, and tries to get his starter gear. All he has are one Glitch weapon, Tier 1 Human armor, and 6 Bandages. His english was now perfect as he spoke, 'Tonight, it's time, to restore our universe.' He then encounters Time Patrol Trunks, and he waited for an answer. [DOUBLEPOST=1428009503][/DOUBLEPOST]In the RP, there is Banned Races:

    Gods (Hell No!)
    Kais (Nope, Not going to happen!)
    Demons (Too Overpowered!)
    Mushroom People (Sorry, but i don't want some mushroom Haloom people around. The RP is reluctent and picky about these.)
    Fairies (This is about Dragon Ball Xenoverse God Damn it!)

    And There is Banned Powers:

    Gravity Maniuplation (Sorry, High Gravity is Not Allowed. The Buff Light works.)
    Time Travel/Manipulation. (Only The Time Patrollers can do it wisely. Not you Godmodder! The Demon God didn't care.)
    Stabbing (NONONONONONO. No Stabbing. Jesus.)
    And All that.

    You Have Ten Chances to join or you can't join no longer.

    The Max Characters are 3. Once you are dead in a mission, you go back to Toki Toki City, but Dead in a Time Patrol Mission, same old same old.
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  8. Melio Etta Zyguard

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    Not sure what's happening to this RP but might as well I join in :)

    Kaizen Tsuinteru (First attempt at a Japanese name)



    At a glance, she seems quiet and shy. However, once you know her, you could even stay up all night chatting unaware of the time.
    Always wears that headset of hers, unless bathing or sleeping. There's no music so why is she wearing it?
    Apparently she has some sort of obsession with paper cranes. Always folding them in her free time. She even has one as a pet. Like seriously, it flies around her listening to her commands.
    Also, she tends to do unexpected crazy things once in a while (that isn't dangerous).
    Prefers not to use violence, but has no problems with violence.
    -Likes reading books, sushi and origami.
    -Hates cooking, fussy eater and conflicts between friends.

    Starter Gear:
    -A small 30cm by 14cm sling bag, which contains a completely burnt photograph, an empty 500ml bottle, some currency that is completely unknown to anyone and an amulet necklace which holds some meaning to her.
    -A small scythe that bears a Hylotl's emblem for some reason.
    -An ordinary black coloured worn out cloak which is tattered.
    -A black headset that has small cat ears. For some reason the headset is waterproof, shockproof, bulletproof and bombproof. The material also doesn't get scratched or dented by anything.

    Due to the world being screwed up due to someone's mess, she woke up not knowing where she is. The only thing she remembers is her name, and that the amulet necklace feels nostalgic, important to her.
    Not knowing what kind of a place she's in, nor what to do next, she just wonders around this strange town finding odd jobs to do. Heck, she doesn't even know a thing about this world. Maybe she might meet someone who could explain something to her......
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    Melio, Your Character is accepted. Welcome to Toki Toki City.
  10. Melio Etta Zyguard

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    I spent 50 mins just typing out that whole chunk lol. While waiting just gonna scout around for new Starbound players to play with. Hope to see this thread continued :)
  11. Presios Saiyan

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    Of course.

    It may Start on April 30th.
  12. awesomecomer123

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    Ok... Im starting it NOW!
    I did what any curious person would do... Walk around the city... kind of learning the basics.[DOUBLEPOST=1429738735][/DOUBLEPOST]:)
  13. Presios Saiyan

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    Yeah, i know.

    The RP starts now since the RPer started now.

    Sorry for the delay.

    In Toki Toki City, a Brave Young Namekian stands there after being teleported. He's confused to what he got there in the first place. He then looks around to see Trunks holding a sword. Trunks then said, "Hello. I wanna to introduce myself. But first, let's see how strong you are. Hyaaaah!!" He then ran twords the Namekian, while The Namekian released his sword to fight him. Both swords clashed in smoke, the green and blue are shining in their swords. The Namekians swung his sword at Trunks while he kicked him in the face. He then flinched, and tries to kick him back. Trunks went flying, but a little bit farther than usual.

    Trunks stopped fighting, and said to the namekian, "You have a good fighting skill. And you even kicked me far enough. I am going to stop now. My name is Trunks, And i am from a Time Patrol. The question is how you were able to get into Toki toki City? Good question, You are here for a reason. To stop the Demon God's Destruction of Both Universes at Both Timelines. You are also here for another reason, to get stronger and fix the timelines. You see, I'll let you to talk a few people here on Toki Toki City to get started on. Try it! Oh and i forgot, what i your name?"

    The Namekian replied, "Name's Azaya. And I am a hero of all sorts. I was once a plant, but turned into a better race. Even so, i'll help you. Is that a deal?"

    Trunks replied, "Deal. For now, talk to me when you are ready."

    Azaya then nodded, he then explored and talks to 6 specific people that who knows about The Time Patrol. Most of the Time Patrollers has a sense of Hopelessness inside them. Most of them are depressed due to their female hero fallen. After this, he went back to Trunks and he was lead to the Time Vault. The First Green Scroll was shown to Azaya by Trunks to see The Hylotl-Floran War took a harsh toll on them. The whole floran race felt wrong, like they are all possessed. Many of all Hylotls never survived, and they were weakened. The Apex, never stood a chance, The Human Race was destroyed due to the power that the Florans had, and Almost All planets are gone. The Novakids saw to their fear, even the Glitch are afraid of the floran race's power. The avians are now dwindled to the last bit of hope they can get. And the Ark was now damaged to the point of disrepair.

    Azaya grabbed it and the scroll took him to the timeline before it was doomed before.

    The adventure begun for him, and the Fate of both Universes has begun.
  14. Melio Etta Zyguard

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    Wait... Our characters backstory is based before Azaya went back in time or after that? I have no idea how to continue that.
  15. Presios Saiyan

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    (Yes, it's a reference to Dragon ball Xenoverse. And Yes. You got to follow the storyline.)
  16. ashpickachu

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    hope im not too late to join :D



    personality:a saiyan who woke up somewhere unknown on an unfamiliar planet with a broken sword and a letter with no name on it. he didn't remember anything except that he fought harder than he ever did in his life before he was knocked unconscious. who is this letter from? and who was he fighting? but there are more important things to do as he felt that the universe is collapsing and that he must save it......

    starter gear:broken hero sword(or rusty revolver),normal saiyan armor(or the black armor with the golden thingy),and something similar to a letter.

    i hope i can join thanks.
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    Accepted. You aren't too late!
  18. awesomecomer123

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    I suddently bump into Kaizen. kinda adding a shove/push effect. I apolizige... and ask him/her what him/hers name is (her nickname)[DOUBLEPOST=1430171823][/DOUBLEPOST]:lickitung:
    Ok... correction on my character log... i have platnum armor underneath fullmetal armor...[DOUBLEPOST=1430172371][/DOUBLEPOST]Ok... this is EXACTLY what my character looks like... (sorry for the crappy drawing)[​IMG]
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    (Huh, Cool. Your character's cool. I like him.)
  20. Melio Etta Zyguard

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    Kaizen was extremely surprised by the push and started apologizing non-stop to Methyl. She calms down after a while and tells Methyl her name is Kaizen, that she was randomly wandering around, how she doesn't know anything about this world and that she doesn't have any memories. She then nervously asked Methyl if she could help somehow.

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