Starbound vs. Terraria (Friendly Discussion Only!)

Discussion in 'Games' started by Xylia, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. davoker

    davoker Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The mechs have their utility in space, at least one utility xD mine copper in large quantities, gold and silver, but especially the copper that is used for many things, with the mechs that task is easy, without them is that no longer it can be mined in space like before the mechs.

    It's fun to improve them and such, and well, you also explore with them space, anomalies, enemy ships or friends, but outside of that they do not have more use, using them on planets is not feasible because there is no energy for them (with mods yes, Like you said).

    Fishing has no more use than collecting, there are people who like to have it all, all the collections, it's the only interesting thing you have, you can not even cook those fish, at least they could have made every fish you took can cook, each fish would be a different dish (there is no mod so I would use it, at least the fish you catch would have utility, and not just catch them and disappear xD)
  2. Catherine Franz

    Catherine Franz Ketchup Robot

    I think the bounty hunting system or any other system can be put in starbound as it's literally a sand-box game like M.C. so I wish they just add more content to this...
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  3. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    I agree with that, I'm just saying that in the vanilla base game, they could have done... perhaps slightly better to integrate the side-content a little better. Like how mechs only give mech stuff, and you can't find mech stuff outside of mech content. They could have mixed the main game and mechs together a little better, and if they had done that, it would have felt more integrated instead of a side-quest.

    Same goes for bounty hunting -- if they had made bounty hunting and the rest of the game inter-connected, it would have been fine.

    Or if not, yanno, modders. Modders can fix anything.

    Frackin'Universe did an amazing job of integrating the mechs with the rest of the game, as mech content gives you reward, and you can do other content to get stuff for your mech. Rather than feeling like an unconnected mini-game, FU mechs feel like yet another tool in your growing toolbox for you to get what you need.
  4. MistyTheNeko

    MistyTheNeko Pangalactic Porcupine

    Yeah in all honesty, Starbound's major issue is the fact that the base game gets really boring very easily. Good thing mods exist.
    Terraria is quite fun just by itself, but modding it makes the game a complete mix of utter chaos and fun.
  5. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    Depends on which mods, but yeah. Though... Terraria runs really nice without mods, if you add large content mods, I find that I start getting framerate drops more often when I do.

    Starbound mostly doesn't do this, but it has a much lower framerate to begin with. That, and even with an SSD, it takes 10x longer to load than Terraria.
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  6. ratkintheoverestimated

    ratkintheoverestimated Subatomic Cosmonaut

    So speaking of terraria, the 64bit Mod loader is out. I currently run 94 mods. It's something to behold.
  7. Armorine1983

    Armorine1983 Phantasmal Quasar

    I like both Starbound and Terraria but i like Starbound just a bit better. If these 2 games were combined together their would be a game that we could have thousands of hours playing without getting bored and the community i sincerely believe would grow easily 10 times.
  8. Catherine Franz

    Catherine Franz Ketchup Robot

    Anyone can play as long as they want if they have ideas for the game or maybe just because they really enjoy playing sandbox mode I guess?(Not me though,I'm a slave to quests -> 0 quests? -> rip game uninstall)
  9. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    Well, everybody has their limit as to how many times they can do the same things on randomly generated planets (or even Terraria Worlds) that are still mostly the same. I did 20+ playthroughs of Terraria, but I mixed it up, or put decent periods of time in-between. I'd do a melee-only playthrough, or Ranged-only, or Magic-Only... or I'd do a playthrough where I wanted to make NPC themed housing or something.

    Gotta mix it up somehow.
  10. Catherine Franz

    Catherine Franz Ketchup Robot

    hehe...housing and ranged playthroughs...can't do it..must commit not alive!!!
  11. stanroberts007

    stanroberts007 Void-Bound Voyager

    In my i think that terraria allows for a much smoother flow for the game compared to starbound, in terraria if you know what your doing you can go straight for the items and gear and start doing bosses within an hour or two into the game and then you start to play into the games flow and continue making progress at a reliable rate, and while starbound is quite similiar i don't personally like how it goes about having it's progression, to beat terraria you need to take out the moon lord etc. but for starbound you have to go through the scavenger quests which feel more like time padding than actual wanted exploration, but maybe that's just from my mentality that i should do this quest so i should go to this world just to find the items to unlock it.

    if we are talking about the games with mods, i personally like how frackin universe makes the flow of the game continue, and also allows for different ways of getting early to mid game minables etc. with its bees. while with terraria you see mods more like calamity that redo the entire flow of the game with new bosses, weapons, armor and all the other items allowing for an entire new experience by just having the mod installed.
  12. Starbound/nerd=pro

    Starbound/nerd=pro Space Hobo

    I have one thing to say, and one thing only partner, starbound is best. (Mic drop)
  13. Catherine Franz

    Catherine Franz Ketchup Robot

    You mispelled Optimizations...
  14. Starbound/nerd=pro

    Starbound/nerd=pro Space Hobo

    I never really liked the graphics of Terraria, but I guess its alright. Although, starbound is more about exploration. Terraria... mmmm, honestly I thing y'all are crazy but it is OK, even though it doesn't work smooth enough for my standards.
  15. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    Terraria's combat flows way better, but only in like.... Late Pre-Hardmode, when you get running boots, some decent weapons, but by the time you get wings in Hardmode, that's when it REALLY gets fun. The movement is faster, more fluid, you have better weapons, and it's just... better combat, lol. Not sure how else to say that.

    I will agree that early game is..... slow. But it does get better. Way better.

    Maybe when I get to Hardmode, I can stream some later gameplay for you and you can see what we mean.
  16. Catherine Franz

    Catherine Franz Ketchup Robot

    Is there another mode after Hard mode?
  17. Starbound/nerd=pro

    Starbound/nerd=pro Space Hobo

    Well starbound is the only game I play with an infinite universe, though Terraria is multiplayer as well, the gosh darn start of Terraria is the thing that really makes it to confusing
  18. Starbound/nerd=pro

    Starbound/nerd=pro Space Hobo

    Which is why starbound is better
  19. Catherine Franz

    Catherine Franz Ketchup Robot

    Starbound has the same start tho, just has the little story-ish start > w>
  20. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    Kinda. There's various stages of the game, and I really don't think "Hardmode" is a very good way to describe it.... IMO, the stages work like this:

    1). Start.
    2). Break 1 Orb or 1 Heart. (this activates Goblin Invasions and Meteorites)
    3). Kill the WoF. (The Aforementioned "Hardmode")
    4). Break 1 Altar (Optional!) (The only thing this does is trigger impromptu mechs and pirates and corrupts 1 random stone block for each altar and obviously the new ores but you can get the ores from crates instead.)
    5). Kill 1 Mech (activates Yelets drop, along with a couple other things such as Red Devils if you want Fire Wings and Life Fruits)
    6). Kill all 3 Mechs (Plantera Bulbs start spawning, Mothrons begin to spawn during Eclipse)
    7). Kill Plantera (Hard Dungeon) (Rest of the Eclipse Mobs and item drops IIRC)
    8). Kill Golem (Insane Cultists)
    9). Kill the Lunatic Cultist (the 4 pillars spawn) (repeatable)
    10). Kill all 4 pillars (Moon Lord spawn) (repeatable, after engaging the Moon Lord, win or lose you go back to #8).

    EDIT: As I write this, I realize that Terraria has a rather neat idea, where the world and how it behaves changes based on your actions and your progression. That's something Terraria has in spades over Starbound, and that is an actual progression path (and choices thereof).

    Sure, you got the different ores and stuff, but it's all copypasta with different graphics, make EPP go to planet, get ore, make armor, and the next EPP go to next planet. It can be done in just a couple hours with very minimal work.

    Meanwhile, Terraria... large-scale changes happen to the world over time, where it is no longer the same as when you started, especially with how the corruption mechanic works.

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