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Server Discussion Starbound-Servers.net, the server list and tracker for Starbound

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Endimmion, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Endimmion

    Endimmion Big Damn Hero

    Player count is now displayed for almost all servers on the list and we reached more than 200 registered servers.

  2. Asdrubael

    Asdrubael Tentacle Wrangler

    How do you query the player count and the MOTD?
  3. shibdib

    shibdib Starship Captain

    The site isn't pulling my playercount from my commandstar page despite the link being setup correctly.. Have a feeling it's screwing my score and ranking as I'm never below 15 players.


    Also makes no sense to list private servers in the main ranking.
  4. Endimmion

    Endimmion Big Damn Hero

    More than 300 registered servers.

    We added also a new setting for people using wrapper, like Starrybound (But soon Starrybound should support our server query).
  5. Archer

    Archer Spaceman Spiff

    The better serverlist out there, also coming from StarMade (Windoom) :)

    Not sure if Starrybound is going to be developed further after the recent incident, most owners are resorting to other available wrappers atm.
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  6. Endimmion

    Endimmion Big Damn Hero

    Thank you ;-)

    I was not aware of problem with Starrybound. But our last feature (query port), should work with any wrapper.
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  7. Endimmion

    Endimmion Big Damn Hero

  8. Endimmion

    Endimmion Big Damn Hero

  9. Endimmion

    Endimmion Big Damn Hero

    We added a new information field for your server : "Last Wipe Date".

    This will allow user to know last time your server was wiped.

    We added also a new page that will show the servers that has been wiped during the last 7 days : http://starbound-servers.net/servers/wiped/
  10. Endimmion

    Endimmion Big Damn Hero


    Uptime for each server is now available. This should help player to find stable servers.

    Also in few days we will activate the cleaning function. Servers that have not been online for 70 days will be deleted from the list
  11. Endimmion

    Endimmion Big Damn Hero

    Inactive server cleaning has started and more than 90 inactive servers have been removed.

    We have also added a global statistic page : http://starbound-servers.net/stats/
  12. BioHazardus

    BioHazardus Space Hobo

    I found this very helpful, thanks for the post =D
  13. Endimmion

    Endimmion Big Damn Hero

    Nice ^^ It's the goal of this server list :)
  14. SweFox

    SweFox Guest

    So strange, I've opened port 21025 in UPD and TCP but it still refuses to show online player count.
  15. Blaze9

    Blaze9 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    If using a wrapper, you have to allow it to bypass the wrapper by opening ONLY UDP on the port that the vanilla server is running on.
  16. SweFox

    SweFox Guest

    Does that mean I should open port 21024 UDP?
  17. Blaze9

    Blaze9 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yes, and set the query port as 21024 in your server list settings.
  18. Endimmion

    Endimmion Big Damn Hero

    Thank you for the support :)
  19. Endimmion

    Endimmion Big Damn Hero

  20. Endimmion

    Endimmion Big Damn Hero

    Since my last post, several improvements have been made:

    - A Ticket module has been added to report problem and discuss directly with me on the website
    - The API documentation is now public : http://starbound-servers.net/help/api/
    - User can now vote with Steam OpenID (no more need to resolve a boring captcha)
    - New API option to build your own reward system
    - Tons of bugfixes, speed improvements, design improvements etc....

    And we are now tracking around 430 servers with 73% of them being online at this moment : http://starbound-servers.net/stats/
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