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Starbound Server Hosting by OrangeServers

Discussion in 'Server Hosts' started by OrangeServers, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. OrangeServers

    OrangeServers Space Hobo

    OrangeServers are offering Starbound dedicated server hosting. We offer servers starting from 5 slots at £0.50[​IMG]|$0.88[​IMG] | $0.70[​IMG] per slot.

    When you order hosting for a year it gives you 15% off your order.

    We have servers in the EU and USA with more locations coming all the time.
    We believe in our hosting so our servers are instantly setup with full FTP access with the ability to edit your configuration files directly in our panel.

    Other Features:
    • Easily Accessible Logs.
    • Web Console.
    • Fully customizable servers. Make your server however you want it to be.
    • RCON Support.
    • Easily update your server with a one click updates button.
    • Able to password protect your server.
    • No Branding. Completely customize your server the way you want.
    All our servers run on the latest software and updates with redundancies so server performance shouldn't be compromised. All servers have 1Gbps networking to reduce latency and our friendly staff will be able to help you with any questions or concerns you have. We hope choose Orange Servers but if you have any questions please visit our website to raise a ticket with us.

    Visit us here to place an order today.
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