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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by RichardGamingo, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. RichardGamingo

    RichardGamingo Master Chief


    Flamin' Flamin' Flamin'
    Looking forward to an upgrade to tiered progression
    Cuz the hierarchical form is the way of Old Kingdoms
    Families struggling under the caste system
    My Hylotl's advanced consciousness cannot abide by this unequal treatment of individuals who are born equally ignorant so HE WILL NOT be Tame
    My Hylotl's turned his thrusters to the surface of this icecube
    Just to watch all of the old pride melt away, leave old Tyrants with just a begging pan,
    and release the bonds of man,
    I am Hylotl and here to liberate this planet.


    Eeny, Meeny, Meiny, Mo
    Catch a Hylotl by its toe
    Fly into the sky just so
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  2. WildcatDude88

    WildcatDude88 Orbital Explorer

    the time has come
    for me to spoil the fun
    but I have one question for you
    do you appreciate Haikus too?
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  3. Baka_1984

    Baka_1984 Void-Bound Voyager

    An old pond
    A Hylotl jumps in —
    Sound of water.

    Plagiarism, ho!
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  4. RichardGamingo

    RichardGamingo Master Chief

    Violets are blue,
    Salmon are red,
    But can a Glitch have feelings too?

    The deepest ponderings of the space explorer has little room for such philosophical musing,
    and yet what else would the extra two brains of the Hylotl do?
  5. RichardGamingo

    RichardGamingo Master Chief

    Bated Breath
    February 4th's blog post has me hyped up,
    The farming feature will enable the cultivation of fields of greens,
    Wheat, reefpod, and corn will be my staples,
    When it comes time for crop rotation I'll mix in some rice
    When the patch comes out ,
    There will be dozens of farms running on Automato with my little dude constantly farming with a high-tech macro!
  6. RichardGamingo

    RichardGamingo Master Chief

    Oh Oh Oh Sunflowers
    Decorative piece here, decorative piece there,
    Who doesn't enjoy organizing the aesthetic beauty of their planetary homebase, but stodgy old men and crazy cat ladies?
    Floran intellectuals get jealous that I solved the riddle of how to disarm my opponents non-violently,
    I dig 50,000 foot ditches on either side of my floating islands bro,
    but envy will always insist that there is a secret beyond the truth though.
    So let's tour the base and see what unravels,
    A throne elevated on a platform with golden chandeliers about the chambers of my castle,
    and on the roof,
    And up stairs an arranged Zen garden full of sunflowers.
    This is the aesthetic beauty of a mind well organized reflected in a hijacked Glitch castle.
  7. Goldpork

    Goldpork Zero Gravity Genie

    I have a sword
    I have a gun
    I kill innocent creatures
    I'm a homicidal maniac
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  8. RichardGamingo

    RichardGamingo Master Chief

    I always arrive with sin in my mind I peep a view at a Floran space beanplant and itch at the time,
    straight buckin' outrageous at the moment's notice feeling the vibe inside the lotus blizzossom,
    Resuscitated in another space capsule and straight back to work at dirt farming, personal therapy for those dope fiendin'
    Keeping the wires live its time to get back to pounding the pixels 'cause I got a Gold Goblet on my wish list.
  9. WoodStone

    WoodStone Orbital Explorer

    When am in the Mines
    I enter a fleshy place
    Then I take a sip of my Wine
    Then I realised this is Heck
    I don't want to end up like Beck!
    So I run as fast as Sonic
    With all my Ores
    While the fungus release their spores
    Once I got back to my Home
    I did not even left a Bone
    I smelted all my ores
    And then saw a light......
    With Spores of Yellow and Blue.....
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  10. RichardGamingo

    RichardGamingo Master Chief

    Starbound Rap, yah Starbound rap!

    In foreign planets I dig to find the copper ore within,
    My eyes over the landscape no flounder syndrome,
    The shovel of my choice a pickaxe to dig in,
    The fortress I'm planning bigger than any glitch castle,
    I dive ice caves to recoup precious minerals therein,
    Gathering the perfect materials to run my Apex Laboratory
    The force unleashed and my quanta uncalculatable
  11. flamingbacon19

    flamingbacon19 Big Damn Hero

    I have a sword
    I have a gun
    Now fight me
    Since a war begun
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  12. Wow that's pretty good ;)
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  13. J-block

    J-block Pay it Forward

    It's putting me in the mood
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  14. Yeah me too ;)
  15. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat

    I found some codices in the game and for some reason I was inspired to do this.

    was poop

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  16. flamingbacon19

    flamingbacon19 Big Damn Hero

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  17. Grimmli

    Grimmli Big Damn Hero

    To who it may concern,
    Or whoever cares about me,
    It's been a tale, of which, you will now learn.
    I was merely in a town, in a market, you see,
    Now feel free for berate me here, but let me finish first.
    I stroll around the market, and I am met with a bloody vomit burst.
    It's not my forte, but they, those blasted birds, they say,
    Are my duty to take care of, because they're killing all in their way.
    The town's guards are dead,
    The citizens are astray,
    I wish I had stayed in bed.
    That day wasn't my day.

    As I stand there, covered in blood and guts,
    I'm thinking, "Birds are butts."

    As I regret my ill-fated, violence-sated, and gruesome trip,
    I say, "Screw the world!"
    And beam back to my ship.
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  18. Possion

    Possion 2.7182818284590...

    I love all of nature,
    and I love it all deeply.
    Except for those eye tress.
    Those things are flippin' creepy.
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  19. flamingbacon19

    flamingbacon19 Big Damn Hero

    I guess this is a starbound song. I call this one POPTOPS:

    POPTOPS Its staring at you, and looking really, really, really, really, cute. POPTOPS Their gunna eat you, so go to outerspace or sleep on a moon.
    POPTOPS Their gunna bite you, and chomp on your organs like evil, evil poo. POPTOPS, They look really cute but don't forget what they'll do to you..
    POPTOPS, They act like pretty cute, but their demons inside and they'll bite you. POPTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS
    POPTOPS They may be florans friends, but trust me that they'll really hate you. POPTOPS The adults are coming, so you better whatchout what you hunt and chew.
    POPTOPS Their, dads after you so go in your spaceship and hide for a moon.
    (A moon is like a month for those of you who don't know.)
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  20. Best thread, solely based on having RichardGamingo in it
    Richard, i am your Biggest fan, could you please give a shoutout to 'Le dark Memer' in your next video?

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