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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by RichardGamingo, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. RichardGamingo

    RichardGamingo Master Chief

    Hi Starboundian bros, I am here with some rhymes and I hope you throw down with me!

    I'm just a Glitch in the system
    Random planets don't expect me so when I arrive its an issue
    for the local inhabitants who I tear through like tissue
    Got a robotic itch that comes up with the wickedest notion
    that I'll take over the world peacefully using the word
    'til another alligator with twenty eyes from outerspace assaults me

    Peaceful critters fill the land,
    they seem to get along so well
    I can't stand the sight! So I make their nest my next homesite
    I land like a twenty story tall helicopter and blow them away
    Scattered and mystified the rabble are dispersed
    And I, the one twenty story tall helicopter, live on

    Bring it to me friends, any rhyme will do. Eminem or Barney let's here your song!
  2. MarcusDemonicus

    MarcusDemonicus Space Kumquat

    i circle worlds with guns ablazin
    swingin swords at critters grazin
    i snag phat loots then on i go
    in a pink tutu with a dog named joe
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  3. Kahzel

    Kahzel Big Damn Hero

    The vast universe
    Full of bright colors it is
    It dazzles the sight

    Gheez, it's hard to write a haiku properly in an occidental language which is not your native one. I hope i didn't miscount the syllabes.
  4. D-16

    D-16 Spaceman Spiff

    what is the plan here?
    we got this far by pants seat?
    confidence erodes.
  5. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Moved to Fan Fiction.
  6. RichardGamingo

    RichardGamingo Master Chief

    Jonesy Jonesy
    You Kangaroo! You try to kill the rhyme thread and think you can leave us dead with just one move to fan fiction -- aka no man's land?
    Give us your best shot! The word is mightier than the sword and we're all equipped with repeaters
    I keep the fire in me don't make yourself regret me
    Having to spit hot lava upon you
    You Kangaroo!
    To the General Discussion we'd like to be buoy'd!
    You Kangaroo!
    Take this opportunity to avert a flame war that covers this world in ashes from the mighty rage of lyrical masters suppressed to the eerier land of Fan Fiction!
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  7. MarcusDemonicus

    MarcusDemonicus Space Kumquat

    jonesy, oh jonesy
    tried to kill our thread
    jonesy, oh jonesy
    made us angry instead
    jonesy, oh jonesy
    youre in for a ride
    jonesy, oh jonesy
    youd best go and hide
  8. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Or you could have just asked me to move it back, instead of trying to defame me.
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  9. MarcusDemonicus

    MarcusDemonicus Space Kumquat

    nah guy. im just teasin ya. sorry if it didnt come across that way. i guess i should of put a :p at the end. the typed word doesnt transmit the "way" i say it.
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  11. MarcusDemonicus

    MarcusDemonicus Space Kumquat

    tvk, oh tvk
    tried to kill our thread
    tvk, oh tvk
    made us angry instead
    tvk, oh tvk
    youre in for a ride
    tvk, oh tvk
    youd best go and hide
  12. Hehe, never!
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  13. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Moving to Fan Fiction
    may cause some fan friction.
    Leave it in General Discussion
    lest you get hated on.
  14. Lord Bit

    Lord Bit Space Penguin Leader

    Ooh, kill em'.
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  15. King_Kadius

    King_Kadius Master Chief

    Starbound is game
    Not one that you could call lame
    Start small, pickaxe in hand, mining up some copper
    But all of a sudden your rescue call finds another?
    A penguin UFO, looking like a MOFO
    Comes in to land, flicking up the sand
    You clench your fist, get ready to fight
    Arrow shots whiz all through the night
    Then finally the fight comes to an end
    The alien penguin is indeed dead
    A molten core, rises from the ashes
    Then all of a sudden a meteor crashes...
    "MY HOUSE!"
    "Oh wait no it landed on his house... lol noob"

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  16. RichardGamingo

    RichardGamingo Master Chief

    Shall I

    To Ore or Or Not, that is the question--
    Whether 'tis more winning to mold a new sword
    The most effective weapon to cut down my enemy
    Or to take Arms into the surface's jungles
    The best way to fill my belly.
  17. PiratePeaHat

    PiratePeaHat Big Damn Hero

    Florans are Red, Hylotl are blue
    Don't come anywhere near me Fishface
    Or I will ssstab you.

    Ssstab you.
    Ssstab you.

    *drops the bass*
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  18. King_Kadius

    King_Kadius Master Chief

    My Glitch gear brings all the boys to the yard!
    And my spaceship, is medieval style!
    Damn right, It's medieval style!
    I could teach you, but I just f***en died.
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  19. RichardGamingo

    RichardGamingo Master Chief

    crazy robot glitch can't stop talkin':

    Straight forward motion never stopping my orbit is tight like how the planet stick to the ocean with rhymes deeper than any submarine I trash devils when I see 'em peeping through the seam of another zombie virus infected fiend and blood stains trail behind with the smell of propane cuz there ain't no one to blame when I leave the whole colony in flames duh no survivors means there's no one to blame so Scotty hook me up with that beam and we'll head to another planet and deliver our sting.
  20. Patar

    Patar Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hylotl wander around in a town
    Their skin is yellow, green, and sometimes blue
    But then a Floran comes up with a frown,
    Kills all of them and take their pixels too.
    The Floran walks away, himself unharmed
    Until he meets a monster on its way
    It bites him in the face when it's alarmed
    He needs to rest and heal for the day.
    The floran jumps up out of his green tent
    And takes it to adventure somewhere else
    But runs into a human barbed wire fence
    And puts on bandages to heal himself.
    This Floran was before a friend of mine
    The character wipe made sure to end his time.

    (Shakespearean sonnet)
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