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WIP Starbound Responsive Template - [HTML5], [CSS3]

Discussion in 'Other' started by Armed Mosquito, May 12, 2015.


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  1. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

    Hello Starbounders!

    If your looking for a Starbound theme website for your server, mod, or any other reason you came to the right place! I am working on a website project that will use a responsive framework very very likely Bootstrap with its own skins to go along with it. So to answer some of you this website will be compatible with mobile devices ranging from laptops to tablets and everything in between. Primarily the focus will start with the design for most common devices and eventually work out the kinks for odd and end devices.

    However this is a website I also plan on using and ultimately its my drive to creating it. However I figured I would share it with all of you also to use how you would like. Those of you who know bootstrap, html, and css are going to have no issues using this site for your own usage. But I wanted to share my design with you all early, not to certain of a date on the release but I'm still working on the design process and haven't touched code yet.

    Take a look below any thoughts on colors, typography, etc are appreciated. Just remember constructive criticism is all I ask for, thanks!

    Don't forget its the first released preview and version cooked up last night. I will add more previews each night of working with it if there's people interested in following up on its progress for release. To clear up any possible confusion I will be releasing it as a mod in the "other" category. Rights are still being figured out at this time but any thoughts on how you all might use a website such as this will help me shape it up better for you all.

    I should just add my focus today will be to create a better footer I actually find that the current footer design is lacking.
  2. iZed

    iZed Orbital Explorer

    Can u say what typography u use?
    I want create simple page for servers and add it to download via community.

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