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    If you don't know what a repainted is, then check out the games repainted youtube channel for more info.

    Anyways, i'm project lead Insumes, creator of the failed repaint of super smash bros. crusade (I insulted their game once and the devs came after me with rude words).

    Anyways, the point is Starbound + Stanky Maymays = Starbound Repainted

    Here's what we need:

    • modders to program custom assets
    • spriters to sprite said custom assets
    The plan is:
    • Texture replacement
    • Sound replacement
    • Story re-write
    • Race replacement
    • A custom final boss
    • Custom title screen
    Before we begin, i'm gonna show off some of the textures i've already made, check them out right here.

    Now, the story:

    A long time ago in a galaxy a decent distance away, the stars birthed 2 deities, Buff Riku and Flowey. These two deities were pretty cool until one day Flowey decided that he would steal Buff Riku's arms for Undertale Repainted.

    Buff riku was very mad at Flowey, so to ensure that his arms never get stolen again, he banished Flowey to Meme Hell. He then made 7 granddads for all of the races of people who happened to be living in the same universe as him. When these 7 granddads are united at the Gate to Meme Hell, the gate will open, and whoever opened it is the chosen one to defeat Flowey once and for all!

    Since then, Flowey has grown in power, eventually taking over Meme Hell as his own personal Flowey themed kingdom. He waits for the day when the chosen one will arrive so that he can tear them to bloody pieces over and over with Omega Memelord 2.0.

    Alright guys, that's just about it, i'm gonna let you know that swear words are allowed in repaints, but no racial slurs of any kind are allowed, and while sexual jokes are allowed, no explicit pornographic content can be shown unless it's censored properly.

    Here is my discord if you want to contact me: memegod#7593

    There is also my twitter: @1sumes

    i'll finish off by saying that if we work efficiently, we should have this project done by the end of 2016.
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    Please do not use a single color for all text.
    This is what it looks like to some users.


    With that said - I have removed all your colors.
    Please only use colors for highlighting single words or phrases but not the basis for the entire text.
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    oh, sorry, i forgot that some people use the dark mode
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    you don't seem very funny and that's probably the most important quality you need to make a joke texture pack

    since saying that feels kinda rude let me actually give some concrit that isnt a passive aggressive roast: the problem that i'm seeing here is that youre asking an outlier community to assist in the effort to throw in textures, which is a terrible idea because different communities have very different senses in humor, and I can't really imagine a community of a "ya mine ya craft ya build" game having the same humor sense as a niche post-YTP shitposter community. case in point: none of the people here will understand the humor of BuffRiku, because memes are just another way of saying "inside joke". hence, the joke only makes sense INSIDE of your community.

    also your synopsis wasnt funny
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    Thanks captain obvious.
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    I'd love to help maku the spritus, but I don't really use Discord. Can I add you on Steam?

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