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  1. Kingofstarryskies

    Kingofstarryskies Pangalactic Porcupine


    The world was busiling with excitement as it was only 1 hour away from new years explosion!
    People were singing, dancing and fire spitting as the ground beneath them got warmer and warmer,
    The lava goats were getting ready for a lovely meal, and the non-natives were running in fear!
    We want shamernock! the people said! make him bring us a flood of lava, they begged!
    The volcano was rumbling, the people getting excited, the goats getting hungry, the non-natives terrified!
    and so, all of a sudden......
    Out came the lava! bursting as if it was from hell itself! a great demon was seen, moments before it stopped, spewing lava, as the people cheered
    in delight. they leaped in to the streams of it, as the lava rain bgan. as non-natives burned horribly the goats eatting happily, the people dancing..
    And then, it stopped. everone got back to work, claning up bodies.....
    Until next year! =D

    From the one and only Kingofstarryskies! I sure hope i do well! BAAAAAI!

    (its about a planet of fire spitting guys celebrating their new year.
  2. Xetor

    Xetor Big Damn Hero

    Argh how do people make such good storiessss
    Teach me O King Starry!

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