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    Starbound ModPacker UI

    Used to be posted :



    Compiled EXE:


    Version History:

    1.0.4 - Updated UI / Bug Fixes
    • Better modinfo checking, now shows modinfo file on both drag and drop and [...] button
    1.0.3 - New UI
    • Updated UI to make unpacking easier
    • Separated ModInfo and Status boxes
    • Made pack/unpack processes threaded, unpacking the mail packed.pak asset file still takes a while, so be patient.
    • Tried to take care of all potential errors mentioned by Errors4l

    1.0.2 - Unpacking!
    • Added ability to unpack - the main starbound asset.pak takes a while, so please be patient.

    1.0.1 - Modinfo Flexibility
    • Allow for packing of mods that do not include metadata in modinfo file
    To avoid conflicts with the data actually used by the game, it was proposed in various places that extra stuff be put in metadata:

      "name" : "your_mod_name",
      "version" : "Beta v. Enraged Koala",
      "path" : ".",
      "dependencies" : [],
      "metadata" : {
        "author" : "Your_name",
        "version" : "your_mod_version_number",
        "description" : "your_mod_description"
    If metadata/version tag is not found, it will be skipped.​

    1.0 - Initial Release
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