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WIP Starbound Mod Toolkit

Discussion in 'Other' started by Technius, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Technius

    Technius Starship Captain

    I'm currently creating a program that will help with creation for mods. I'm titling it Starbound Mod Toolkit (SMT). It's written in Java, and perhaps I may add support for the Starbound Mod Manager. I will open-source the code once I have finished a prototype.

    Edit: Initial version below
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  2. Technius

    Technius Starship Captain

    Screenshots! Everyone likes screenshots, right? Well, here's one of the object editor. (The object displayed here doesn't actually have valid JSON data at the moment. The editor is still incomplete.)

    Here's another one, showing the JSON editor. Oops, I forgot to add save and cancel buttons. It should be pretty easy to add, anyways.

    Adding support for more asset types should be trivial with the framework I'm using. For example, I can add input components like this:
    @JsonObjectBinding(key = "objectName", type = Type.STRING, required = true)
    public TextField objectId = new TextField();
    It will automatically save and load objectIds to and from the objectName field. It will also automatically verify the type as well as mark it as required if need be. Of course, I still need to specify the layout, but that only takes a few moments.

    I'll be expanding this some more. Look forward to it!
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  3. Technius

    Technius Starship Captain

    Initial version! It's still a massive work-in-progress, and I don't plan on uploading it anytime soon. I will officially add it as a resource when it, at the very least, has player.config integration.

    Current features:
    • Open mods are tabbed: easy switching between the mod you want to work on
    • Remembers the last folder you were working in (good for people who keep all their mods in one spot)
    • Mod folder creation
    • Asset listing
    • Asset management, such as renaming, deleting, and creating
    • Basic .modinfo editor (no metadata support or the like)
    • JSON Viewer (No save/cancel buttons makes it only a viewer... editor coming soon!)
    • Integrated object editing (really basic)
    • Integrated item editing (basic)
    • Integrated consumable editing (almost complete)
    • Integrated recipe editing (complete)
    • Automated formatting
    • Only modifies what it can modify
    Source code: https://github.com/Technius/Starbound-Mod-Toolkit

    Installation instructions:
    Extract to whatever folder you want and run the .jar file.

    System requirements:
    Java 7 Update 9 or newer

    Download? See attached file.

    Oh, and please note that it is a massive work-in-progress, hence the "0.0.1". This is nowhere near complete! It's not good for creating completely new assets yet. The basic parts can be created in the editor and the rest will probably have to be finished by hand. Lastly, please report any errors you find so I can fix them. Alright, I'm off to, well, play Starbound. Have fun modding!

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  4. Ltmarks

    Ltmarks Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Wow! This is really useful! I hope more people find this.
  5. Technius

    Technius Starship Captain

    To clarify things, I'm still working on this. With the winter holidays over, I have been significantly busier, so I haven't managed to get much done. I'm also interested in whether or not people would like to see a file put on the mod resources listing. Please reply if you're interested!
  6. telles0808

    telles0808 Cosmic Narwhal

    You could add more support for pets, spawned items, etc. Do you mean in update it soon?

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