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  1. Pyrobolser

    Pyrobolser Orbital Explorer

    Hello fellow Starbounders ;)

    I have seen a lot of nice dudes and dudettes totally lost on Reddit these days, trying to bind their keys the way they wanted to in order to come with us exploring sssssssspace !

    Let me introduce to you, the Starbound Keybinder v1.0


    What is this ?

    It is a little third-party software, written in C# with the .NET Framework 4.0 intended to help you :). Because it can be difficult and not really user friendly to deal with the starbound.config file (Yeah I know a tutorial has been written here but hey, just in case it can help somebody :giggle:) when you want to change your key binding.

    You know it's going to be in-game right ?

    Yeah I know that, but for the moment it is not and as I said, it's just made to help the community even if it is just a little bit :oops:

    How to use it ?
    • Download the file
    • Unzip it anywhere
    • Launch the Starbound Keybinder.exe
    • Click on "Main > Find starbound.config file..."
    • Find your starbound.config file (must be located in SteamApps\common\Starbound if you own a Steam copy of the game for instance)
    • Now you see your current key binding on the screen, cool :D but... there is a thing you should now
      • Starbound allow you to configure more than one key by action, it's not possible in this first version of the keybinder :unsure: so, take care and correct the binding that may be linked to the wrong key
    Example : "Player Shifting" is binded to RShift and LShift, make sure the list is currently indicating the key you are truly using while playing !​
    • Just click on a list and select they key you want to use in game for each action displayed on the screen
      • Take care non-QWERTY users. Starbound is binding the keys for QWERTY displays so take this into account when you are using the key binder.
    Example : I'm using an AZERTY keyboard and the ZQSD keys to move my character but I need to link WSAD keys in the keybinder because it assumes that my keyboard is a QWERTY one.​
    • Ok, it is all clear for you, now just hit that "Save !" button and voila the binding is finished ! You can go back in space without hurting your fingers ! :up:
    I have found a bug ! It's totally crap dude !
    Easy, easy, I work alone and some of my friend have already tested it, but ok, some bugs can be here to entertain some Apex.
    Just report it below in this thread and I will try to patch it as soon as possible and I'm really sorry for the inconvenience ! :cry:

    I find it cool, what's next ?
    I plan on putting all the starbound.config options if the community wants more. And for the moment I don't have any other ideas for a third-party tool, but if you have some ideas and you don't really know how to create it. Don't hesitate to talk with me about it if I may help you :coffee:
    You can come on the Reddit related thread if you want to chat about it.

    ---- :redpanda: Download it with the thread attached files :raccoon: -----
    Or with Multiupload if it's better for you :cool:

    Well, it is bed time here for me if I want to be ready for work tomorrow :zzz: !!
    So see you tomorrow and bye guys ! Have a nice journey in sssssssssssssssspace :alien:

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  2. Birias

    Birias Aquatic Astronaut

    Hello! First I must say thanks for doing this :)
    I however write here seeking some help since it seems to show some windows size problem for me!

    It opens very well and fast, but I can't resize the window in any way, a lot of controls are outside the range of it and even the save button is hidden ):
    I can't seem to be able to scroll through it either.

    I use Windows 7
    I took a screenshot of it too:
  3. Pyrobolser

    Pyrobolser Orbital Explorer

    I'm not sleeping !

    Ok I'm totally sorry about that ! I just uploaded a new version with some resize and scrollbars. It may be a little 'ugly' :(

    But I hope it will help you to reach the save button ! ;)

    Thanks for your feedback
  4. Birias

    Birias Aquatic Astronaut

    Thank you! The scrollbar works properly and now I can also navigate it with my arrow keys ^^ just successfully saved my changes, again thank you very much for doing this!
  5. kinzuko

    kinzuko Zero Gravity Genie

    nice! too bad my friend wont play the game because "i cant bind it in the GUI so i am not going to play this game until i can"... and i even have friends who wont even buy the game because "it is a terraria clone" and some others who insist that both terraria and starbound are minecraft clones... why are my friends so dumb... :(
  6. Je Fawk

    Je Fawk Void-Bound Voyager

    Sweet! I like!
  7. Je Fawk

    Je Fawk Void-Bound Voyager

    Do you accept suggestions? :) (politely asking, I find it fun to improve least :p)
  8. Pyrobolser

    Pyrobolser Orbital Explorer

    Of course, it is said on the post, if you have any ideas to make it better, it's up to you now :D
  9. Je Fawk

    Je Fawk Void-Bound Voyager

    Well I've noticed a small problem. You seem to open new Forms when the user activates the Help and About menu buttons. When the application closes via the X button on the form, you don't close the threads ( ? ) correctly which leaves the application running in the background. Start the program, use Help / About then close everything in which order you like. Open up task manager and you'll find it still there :)

    Maybe put on mainForm on closing a try { form1.close; form2.close} ? :) Just saying :p

    Also regarding the graphics aspect, I would be more than happy to share with you the pixelated fonts I used in my project so that it looks more Starboundish I guess :) (also making all the background's pixelated would make it have a more theme-like game :p) - but this is just for eye candy and everybody likes it in a different way ( lol make settings for this :viking:....nah just kidding, this is way too complicated for what it's doing :D don't mind me)

    Haven't done Windows desktop programs in a while but I think you can hide the .dll inside the .exe ?? Hmm, maybe if it's set to "compile" instead of "content" not sure...
  10. Pyrobolser

    Pyrobolser Orbital Explorer

    Well, you are right, it's pretty disturbing, and it's now fixed :)

    Yeah, in my opinion the design is not really perfect and the whole thing was made too quickly but, maybe I'll take a look at it someday, but it's not really an application you use on a daily basis so it's not a big issue, and thanks for your feedback on this !

    You're right and I tried but my friend who is testing the application for me had an issue when I embedded the .dll in the .exe so I put it like that after all :unsure:

    Thanks for your time and for your remarks ;)
  11. Je Fawk

    Je Fawk Void-Bound Voyager

    That was fast :up: good job....and welcome to "Other Fan creations" category :proper:
  12. Moofin

    Moofin Space Hobo

    Thank you so much for this buddy!! After editing the INI file multiple times in different formats and still failing, the file would always revert to it's original state after launching the game despite editing it correctly! This works a charm and has saved me from my curse of being left handed!! haha. Thank you again mate top stuff! :)
  13. Pyrobolser

    Pyrobolser Orbital Explorer

    Really happy that it helped you :) have fun in Starbound !
  14. Clerk

    Clerk Space Hobo

    For some reason this just doesn't change anything. I've located my config file, changed all the bindings that I wanted to, saved, restarted my game, edited an option then returned to game, everything. Nothing seems to actually work.

    Oh, and great job on making this. Props to you man.
  15. Pyrobolser

    Pyrobolser Orbital Explorer

    :oops: Oops, sorry about your problem with the Keybinder.

    It's weird, can you post your file before/after modifying it in the Keybinder please, maybe I'll be able to find what goes wrong. Or you can also just post a screenshot of the Keybinding that you want and I'll give you the file after applying your custom bindings on my side if it still doesn't work. :)
  16. Type1Ninja

    Type1Ninja Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    This is awesome. I have a friend who goes nuts because he's a lefty and has trouble playing Starbound. I try to tell him that it is possible to keybind, but he never hears me because someone else is already shouting something at him over Skype... When I hit him over the head with this, maybe he will find it better.
    I've created my own third party tool as well. Want to check it out?
  17. dropdead

    dropdead Big Damn Hero

    @Pyrobolser (this is just a bit of feedback - no need to change anything!)

    Hi there, just found your little treat and downloaded it out of curiosity. It looks good but I noticed something that´s probably not a problem for most.

    The lighting of my notebook monitor is broken and since I´m too lazy to change it (I´ll buy a new computer soon anyway), I rely on an old flat screen with max resolution 1024x768.
    :chrono: Yeah yeah, I know...

    But only because of this personal inconvenience I noticed how much everything nowadays focuses only on higher resolution devices. You´ll never know until you try it. Okay, let´s come to the point:

    Your program is fixed in size and it just doesn´t fit.

    On the right side some elements are cut off and the underside is completely inaccessible for me.

    Maybe this post is void since no sane person would use such a monitor. But on the odd occasion... I don´t need this neat little application - I just choose to give this feedback anyways. Good job.
  18. DimonKrag

    DimonKrag Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    What about Xbox360 controller?
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  19. Xylott

    Xylott Orbital Explorer

    I just want to put out there thanks for this ability to remap the keyboard. I've played the game for a while and was really struggling with the whole space bar to jump feature. It was really messing with my game! I loved Terreria and I mapped the W to jump on that game and was looking to do the same with this game, but could not find a way to remap the buttons!!!! Again, thanks for making this a possibility. As soon as we can start mapping out the extra buttons on the mouse, I'd really like to know. <hint, hint>
  20. gamerongames

    gamerongames Yeah, You!

    Just wanted to point out that this doesn't work. I filled them all in, tried the game, and the settings don't change.

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