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    Hello, and welcome to what will probably be my final thread on these forums.
    It's been a long time coming, and I haven't been spending much time here for over a year. However, I enjoyed my time here, and even though I haven't been very active, I want to leave on a high note. In order to commemorate the time I spent here, I've dedicated my RPG maker XP RPG I've been working on for years to this occasion.

    The RPG is quite long, it took me over six hours to speedrun the thing, and my lovely beta tester, Dragonith, about ten hours to play through it on his first run. There are 8 worlds contained in the game, each one with at least two bosses to fight, based off of Forum members, although at this point, many of them have long since left the forum.

    Regardless, I hope you enjoy.

    Quite simple to install, just download the file linked below, and extract it. Within the folder should be an orange icon labeled "Game". Double-click this icon to begin playing.


    How to play:
    Use the arrow keys to move, use the "C" key to interact with objects and select options, and use the "X" key to open the menu and back out of options.
    You can also use the "A" button to run.

    Gameplay Screenshots:







    List of bosses & minibosses:

    Angry Muffin
    Murky Dragon
    Blind Sniper
    Squidgly & Murkiathan
    Lich Sniper
    Dark Cyberspy
    Hoard of Shadows

    Final note:
    There are villains in the game for the purpose of progressing the story, but I just want to make clear that their depiction is meant to be comical and based on clich├ęs, and in no way reflects the personalities of the actual people.

    A very special thanks to:
    Dragonith, for both providing me with some sprites, as well as playing all the way through the buggy, annoying beta version.
    Blind Sniper and Izzabelle, for providing me with sprites to use in the game.

    If you have any questions, critiques, complements or comments, please leave them below! Also, if you run into anything that might be a bug, PLEASE let me know ASAP.
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    Hey, RPG maker! I used to use that.. and you appear to know a lot about these forums. Do you happen to know where I can go to contribute to Starbound in some way? I am a spriter, builder, and composer and I would love to pour some of my suggestions out.
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    Wow. I'm not a boss? 0/10. :cry:

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