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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by _Blipper_, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. _Blipper_

    _Blipper_ Void-Bound Voyager

    Starbound Extended Universe is, as the title suggests, a mod I have begun work on as of recently. Before I begin I will confess i'm no master at programming in LUA, but i'm using what I do know and continuing to learn.

    Starbound EU is, put simply, a mod designed with the intent of adding new content and changing and/or expanding upon almost every major aspect of the game, put especially exploration. This mod was created through issues I had with the game, (why do I have to loot randomly generated structures to find a certain chair) and a mass array of ideas I had for new content. The mod is still in a very early stage, I've only begun work on it recently. This post will be updated as the mod does. I've decided not to write down too many of my current plans for the mod here, as it currently isn't set in stone what will or will not be used (at least in version 1) I will be adding screenshots as progress continues, but as of right now there isn't really anything to show.

    Some things to look forward to
    -A new title screen/opening credits
    -Three new types of stars
    -Many new biomes, including Autumn forests, dying forests, mountains, toxic oceans, gelatinous worlds, and life-sustaining moons.
    -Race specific "home-worlds" such as human cities, avian deserts, and novakid asteroid camps.
    -New structures in space, such as abandoned space-stations, racial starfleets, and wormholes
    -New ores and tools, as well as the implementation of some unused ores.
    -Non-race specific armorsets.

    Once again, I do want to make it clear that the things listed may not make it to the final release, they may not be made at all. This, of course, is not everything, other ideas include new races, racial expansions, a new ship-upgrading system and a new A.I system. For now i'm working with the more simple aspects of the game...

    So, if you have any questions i'm happy to answer, if you want to know more about the mod I'm willing to discuss it.
  2. The Avelon

    The Avelon Phantasmal Quasar

    Well I'll ask the question right off the bat that you WILL be asked, repeatedly, everywhere: is this going to be designed with Frackin' Universe compatibility in mind?
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  3. DrPvtSkittles

    DrPvtSkittles Master Astronaut

    Also would you consider making it modular for people who don't wanna deal with a 10 min load screen?
  4. _Blipper_

    _Blipper_ Void-Bound Voyager

    Unfortunately, I do not currently plan on having the mod be compatible with FU, this is because of the fact that some of the planned content would be somewhat similar to that of FU and furthermore, because I believe that the overall size of the mod and it's content would heavily interfere with some of FU's functions. (As an example, I've been considering adding a new starting mission which may likely interfere with the the basic tricorder quest which all new players face in Frackin' Universe.) This is not to say that FU compatibility is entirely off the menu, but it's currently more further-down the line.
  5. _Blipper_

    _Blipper_ Void-Bound Voyager

    Alright so this is a bit awkard of a quest, but how do you make a mod modular?

    I honestly regret making this post so early because i'm still a noob to the modding world, this project is still very very early in development, it was a mistake to make this post when I have only a beginner's understanding of modding...
  6. DrPvtSkittles

    DrPvtSkittles Master Astronaut

    Basically instead of one big mod, breaking it up into smaller mods. It would just be a group of mods designed to work together.
  7. _Blipper_

    _Blipper_ Void-Bound Voyager

    That was actually something I was planning to do.
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  8. The Avelon

    The Avelon Phantasmal Quasar

    Not at all! Starting it early will let you get some insights that can help you design your mod in such a way that you won't be rewriting much of anything down the line. :) It's also good to have an open thread on this forum for researching how to accomplish new ideas.
  9. SillyLeaf

    SillyLeaf Aquatic Astronaut

    Well, good luck! But I think you should find people to work with you, this kind of mod isnt something that can be done without some help!
  10. Rsleeezy

    Rsleeezy Master Chief

    I hope you're still planning this. Shoot me a PM, looking to delve into a similar project myself. Wouldn't hurt to collaborate and help each other out.
  11. Cryptoid

    Cryptoid Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    And this is something that I will definitely use.

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