Abandoned Starbound Building Contest

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  1. Lemon drops

    Lemon drops Pangalactic Porcupine

    Greetings, earthlings!

    I am now commencing a Starbound build contest!

    Post a screenshot/series of screenshots of one of your best/most unique builds in Starbound. Submissions end July tenth, 2021.

    There will be multiple prizes based on the following:
    Terrain Utilization
    Object Decoration
    Best Garden
    Fastest built (For those who built a structure directly for the contest. Please send evidence of your speed if you wish to win this.)
    Best in Show
    Smallest Good Build
    Material Utilization
    Most Detailed

    Winners will receive a mod that puts a trophy dedicated to you in the game, which will not be distributed unless you wish it to. You will have much input onto how the trophy looks/is mounted if you wish to. All builds are eligible for multiple prizes.

    Places you can submit:
    here, in this thread
    if you cannot use these places, DM me and we can discuss other ways I can receive it.

    Now get building,
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