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Closed Starbound BETA: Bugs Database LU 8.29.14 (Not for nightly)

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Alucard I, Dec 6, 2013.


Are *you* helping developers to fix all the bugs?

  1. Of course! I'm the most helpful here! :)

  2. Nah, I'm too busy playing this awesome game. :D

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  1. Sylivin

    Sylivin Space Hobo

    Lava contributes to the Heat Death of the Universe.

    In particular, lava near the surface produces no heat and I still slowly freeze to death while standing near a lava pool near a volcano. Touching it still burns you mostly to death though.
  2. Alucard I

    Alucard I King Homestuck I

    And I'm back from procrastinating. Back to work I guess!
  3. One of Six

    One of Six Phantasmal Quasar

    I guess my question is a matter of "What is it that is causing some of my planets to be corrupted?"
  4. Dunto

    Dunto Guest

    If you're having an issue with the game, your best bet is to create a new thread with the specifics of your problem, any error messages, and a copy of your starbound.log.
  5. Alucard I

    Alucard I King Homestuck I

    Oh hey, never seen you here. Hi.
  6. Squishybrick

    Squishybrick Phantasmal Quasar

    There are three bugs i've found playing the game. they might or might not have already been discussed or tackled but here they are.

    Some bugs I've found before were explained as part of design of convenience, like how gravity seems to magically increase when you're near any kind of

    Certain trees' leaf color do not correspond to the seed item icon's color.. It might just be a single species of tree with this bug as far as I've seen.. I harvested two different colors of the same species of tree, which had little pods on the tips of branches instead of leaves.. One was bright yellow, the other was green..
    The yellow tree dropped a seed with a green leaf-color on the icon, and the green tree dropped a blue leaf-color icon seed..

    The "bunny alter" which is occasionally found in avian tombs (The ones with the pits of sawblades) is, for some reason, unbreakable.. Sometimes if you hit the right spot it'll shake like it's being broken, but still won't break.. The identical "head alter" breaks just fine when being hit with a pickaxe or block-breaking tool,
    so I know bunny alter probably supposed to be as breakable as the head alter.. The only way I've seen to break it is to break the ground blocks below it, but that's not breaking it, that's causing it to be displaced and turn into item-form..

    ANY tree that was harvested in a winter biome will always have snow on it, regardless where you re-plant it.
  7. Alucard I

    Alucard I King Homestuck I

    Settlements have normal gravity everywhere, it's not considered a bug.
    I have added your bug about trees and seeds.
    Bunny altar's bug was added long ago. It actually IS breakable, just takes a while, around 2 minutes. You can break the block under the bunny to get it right away.
    Snow trees were added too, I think. I'll check again.
  8. Squishybrick

    Squishybrick Phantasmal Quasar

    Labeled for convenience of dev-reading

    BUG: On occasion, natural plants like oculemon and rice will grow on non-soil blocks. Sometimes in the middle
    of settlements, clipping behind decorative or functional objects such as doors, or a hand scanner.

    TRIVIAL: Also, a fully grown oculemon plant drops a seed so that it can be re-planted and grown, but the trees do not? If this decision was a matter of trying not to make oculemon "too bountiful" you already kinda messed up on that, since there are planets that are populated with nothing but oculemon all over the place, with enough trees and plants to give you easily a couple hundered.
    A good suggestion would be to either lower the population of naturally-growing oculemon on a planet that typically grows them, or, vastly lower the amount of oculemon an eye-tree drops, so that the trees can justifiably drop seedlings to plant more. I'm sure
    I'm not the only one who feels kinda bad that you can't harvest eye-trees..

    POSSIBLE BUG: Also, one more thing, this might be intentional according to science fiction tomfoolery, but it seems every single oculeman-based planet I've ever been to ALWAYS has glitch knight towers populated with strong glitch knights all over the place.. It's populated with other races, but it always seems
    to have a minimum of 5-7 glitch-knight towers on an oculeman planet at all times..

    POSSIBLE BUG: Alright, this is also confusing.. I have 2 one-handed blades.. They're the exact same blade-shape, have the same range, and damage, and both have the poison element imbued in them that deals 3 additional damage.
    One has a swing speed of 2.44, with a DPS of 6,
    The other has a swing speed of 2.25 with a DPS of 8,
    How does the slower weapon have a higher DPS? Is this a numerical bug, or is there a very small detail I'm
    missing, like maybe the interval between poison damage is slightly smaller on the other weapon?

    TRIVIAL: One last last thing, though this is really obvious and has probably been mentioned..
    The game has no pause function.. If you want to do something else really quick, you either have to encase yourself in whatever you have available and hope you don't starve to death, or quit the game..

    TRIVIAL: Okay another thing.. Floran prison furniture has awkwardly basic descriptions and names sometimes, as if the person who made the furniture for the game was really sleepy and tired when he got to making these.

    BUG: Wow this thread is a lot slower than I thought.. Here's another thing I found.. Water apparently can be blocked by the placement of trees during initial terrain generation. When you break the tree blocking the water flow (somehow), the water will hang in the air, not being displaced.

    POSSIBLE BUG:Jeez, I'm sorry, but, another thing.. Some species of trees can't be farmed, which is fine, since most of them are either dead trees, or tentacles that grow in corrupt area, and that makes sense since those types of "trees" don't have any foliage to produce seeds.. But I've discovered regular-type trees with foliage that don't give seeds.. I can only assume this was a bug, seeing as I've cut down trees of the same wood-type but different foliage, that gave seeds. The tree is in a desert planet, but there's a 2nd species of tree on the same planet that does give seeds. (though it looks more like a savannah tree than a spikey palm tree)

    POSSIBLE BUG: "Pipes" found in apex structures have a picture-frame icon for the item. This may just be a temporary template which will be replaced later, but if not, I've mentioned it so there you go.

    BUG: The "Frog Merchant" is not affected by gravity, if you break blocks under him, he will just float in the air.. Also, the game treats him as a placed object instead of an NPC, causing you to be able to use a pickaxe on him, though he never breaks.

    TRIVIAL: Cacti are not obtainable, or farmable, or anything.. They instantly disappear when mined. Are they really meant to be treated like typical plant-life when they grow bigger than a person? Even the death-flower thing drops some plant fiber when destroyed.. Or is this just a WIP thing and it will eventually drop "Cactus-something" that will be useable?

    TRIVIAL: The bird fountain that's occasionally found in avian nests actually DEPENDS on the "standing water" glitch to maintain it's appearance.. This game has wiring, electronics, and even a drain, would it be too much
    to try and actually make a functioning fountain?

    BUG: I found a severe terrain generation bug on a planet, where there are multiple seemingly infinitely tall pillars
    of land and even non-pillar-like entire mountainous structures that also seemingly never ended vertically, and
    forced me to dig through it just to get back down to ground level. The FPS seems to sharply lower when you
    get up to a certain altitude.
    Planet Data:
    "Beta HR 6817 Dra 15 IV" Coordinates X: -35758747 Y: 86159445 OS: Windows Vista

    POSSIBLE BUG: The defense turret on the wiring station costs 500 pixels, along with various advanced
    materials.. But the 3D printer allows you to make as many as you like at the cost of just 1 pixel each.

    BUG: I found a graphical bug messing around with my homeworld. If there's lightning in the background
    of the planet the very second you teleport to your ship, the image of the lightning will be stuck in the background
    of space. It went away when I teleported back down to a planet.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2014
  9. Raveanya

    Raveanya Space Hobo

    Not sure if this has already been posted or not but every time I play and have been on a planet for awhile I will take a random 7 damage continuously until I die. I can't stop it, there aren't any enemies or anything harmful in the area. I just keep taking 7 damage and it kills me. :/ It really sucks because it's near impossible to tell when it's going to happen, I could be there a little while or a long time before it happens. I can't stay on the planet. I have to beam off, and even then sometimes it keeps going even in my ship. It makes collecting pixels nearly impossible and it's really frustrating.
  10. Squishybrick

    Squishybrick Phantasmal Quasar

    After a bit more exploring, I found it IS just this specific tree species that has this bug, as I've found 3 different color variations of it (green, yellow, and another shade of green that dropped yellow leaf-color icon seed).. I know though that this isn't the only tree with this problem because I've had this happen with one or two other species, but I didn't document it at the time.. Sorry if this is just repetitive information, just wanted to update you on my findings.

    EDIT: I JUST realized! They're not "pods", they're tiny brains! It's a brain-tree! It makes sense, since the planets they typically grow on have giant brains in the background just laying around.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2014
  11. talonsniper

    talonsniper Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    For client-side errors, add that your computer can go into a screensaver, even if the game is fullscreened, and the game crashes. Also that playing an instrument in multiplayer game without putting in a band name crashes the game (at least for non-dedicated servers. I was hosting the game when this happened, if that makes a difference).

    Edit: Just found this: if you try to kill the merchant on the pirate ships, the game will essentially freeze: parts of the world stop loading, NPCs and enemies stop moving/ are stuck in their animations, and you can't interact with anything. Trying to beam to your ship or quitting the game crashes the game.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2014
  12. Nunez_

    Nunez_ Yeah, You!

    okay, so whenever I enter my ship it shows a black screen with a few white pixels that look like eyes for 3 seconds then goes away. How do I get rid of this problem?
  13. Lord Regulus

    Lord Regulus Space Hobo

    Looked on the list and it doesn't seem like it has been reported, either that or it's just something on my end.

    BUG: Trying to cut down any cactus on a desert planet caused my game to crash.
  14. Alucard I

    Alucard I King Homestuck I

    ...cacti? As in these trees that drop cacti instead of wood? I've never met them tbh. Are you using a nightly build maybe?
  15. Owl_Stalker

    Owl_Stalker Guest

    They're on stable. I've encountered them before, but I've never cut them down.
  16. Alucard I

    Alucard I King Homestuck I

    I did cut them down before, they dropped cacti normally...
  17. Lord Regulus

    Lord Regulus Space Hobo

    Grr... of course I was browsing the wrong topic. Disregard that. I was half asleep and read it as "For Nightly" rather than "Not For Nightly"
  18. Dunto

    Dunto Guest

    Closing this up as a new version is currently in Unstable and should hit Stable soon, so these issues/bugs will no longer be current.
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