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    Helloooo, I'd like to present a little somethin' somethin, an actual Starbound band. I don't know if this has been done before (I have yet to see any and I randomly thought one night this would be a cool little thing to do.) So pretty much, me and my friend have these songs that I compose myself, and I simply export them as midi files and then convert them to abc. So we thought it'd be cool to share these and see what kind of feedback it gets. So far there are 3 songs out, as I just finished the third. Like I said before, totally written by me JUST for Starbound. Do I have a life? Anywho the name is Radio Tree, made up by two Floran siblings. The female being the drummer, and the brother being the guitar/keytarist. Thanks to Archer for his amazing mod. Where did we get the name? Well we figured Tree would be a good start, but then we thought that Radio just made it sound a little cooler.

    Click me for the playlist!

    I hope to see some sort of feedback at some point, it'd be cool if this got any sort of light shone on it.
    (Also I wanna give a shoutout to Lrns123 for his really neat Starbound Composer program which I used to test and export these songs. :) )

    Have a nice day/night, guys. x)

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