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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Katzeus, Apr 20, 2018.

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    Rather famous mod, probably THE largest Starbound Content Mod. It's a megamod, and I highly suggest reading the instructions and list of incompatible mods before trying it. It also is irreversible; back up your player/universe folders first, because once you install it, you can't uninstall it without a player/universe wipe.
  2. Von Marlon

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    Is it still full of stolen assets?
  3. Pohany

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    Of course it is the quintessence of Frackin Universe ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
  4. Xylia

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    Not that I know of. I think most of it was removed, but like I said, a .png here or there might have slipped through the cracks. Again, if you find one please let us know and we'll remove it.

    FU did in fact assimilate a lot of other mods, BUT that was done with permission.

    EDIT: Mods that were listed on Chucklefish Repo as "Authors have permission to use assets from this mod" are NOT stolen. If any mod that we've taken did Not say that, rest assured we did in fact get permission from their author(s).

    EDIT2: I asked Sayter for confirmation on this, he is aware that there are some assets from other games, and we are in the process of phasing them out, but we only have so many artists but they are in fact working on it. If anybody is a spriter and feels strongly enough about any game's sprites, feel free to donate replacements. Everybody who donates is given credit, and all assets that came from the Starbound Community have been given credit that we know of.
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    Guys please keep on topic.

    If you wanna discuss mods, this is not the place do to so.
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  6. davoker

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    The procedural form in which the missions of the NPCs are generated is a real problem as well, there are inconsistencies many times, and the masculine and feminine are often confused in these missions.

    The problem that climates (meteorites, embers, etc) causes you to accuse you of stealing I have solved it with a very useful mod, but it is something that chucklefish should solve, one thing is that community improves the game with mods giving new experiences , and another thing is that they do not bother to fix bugs.

    I understand that they are not a big team and that they are busy with many things, but what a modder has done in a few minutes as is the "No weather damage" mod, it could have done chucklefish too in a small update.

    You do not have to take out something big now (a big update), but you can keep the community more active if you listen to people, if you attend to the bugs that people report, they do not have a single person to attend to these things and solve those small bugs? I'm sorry but do not believe it.
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  7. Daikon Ocelot

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    Forgive me for my mistake, I didn't mean to discuss mods in this thread, sorry.
    Thanks for the help, friend!

    Anyway, after hearing you guys explaining about FU, suddenly a thought pass in my mind - why don't SB and FU work together? You know make somekind of collaboration in developing SB. I believe new contents, new features, bugs fix, and other things should be easier to solve then.
  8. chacalik

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    Look, I know that's hard to keep up a lot of game project developments, but Starbound is easily one of your greatest productions, aside Stardew Valley, the upcoming Wichbrook and many others still to come. What I am talking about is, saving Starbound and also, saving yourselves from giving in too much of your efforts on this. My proposal: work some modding tools, release it to the public and let us SB Fans to make SB a new thing again. Everything that could change all aspects of the game are welcome, like making a universe editor for pre-maded universe, so people can create their own storyline, cinematics editor, map editor... Tools to make SB great again.

    I realy hope that SB is not forgotten. My regards to all the dev team.
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  9. Kawa

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    @chacalik They didn't produce Stardew Valley though.
  10. Xylia

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    Eh, actually they do "produce" (the word 'produce' is usually synonymous with publish).

    They don't develop Stardew Valley, no.

  11. davoker

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    ConcernedApe is aware that there are people who speak many languages, it is an example of how to do things right, to translate the game into other languages means that more people will be interested in the game, but Chucklefish has been closed to a single language, English.

    It is a mistake, it is assumed that Starbound is made to be modified, but the language is not, to translate into other languages the procedural system of the missions causes inconsistencies, in English it is not a problem, in other languages it is a puzzle.

    I speak from experience, I myself have translated thousands of files and edited 210 images to be seen in my language, pixel by pixel, translate Starbound is a real chaos when we talk about translating random missions, it is a real puzzle, and the most difficult xD

    ConcernedApe has done a great game and has done it in many languages, and more languages to come, he also started from 0 as Chucklefish, but Chucklefish started as a team, ConcernedApe started "solo", and with the winnings he hired people to translate the game to several languages, consequence? more sales, ports to consoles, more money to continue working.

    This is how things are done, the language is just an example, the bugs are constantly attended, listen to the community daily and take patches to correct mistakes constantly, Chucklefish has forgotten that for a long time, I do not know if you listen to the people if you want xD

    Now a Chucklefish developer is collaborating with ConcernedApe in the multiplayer, as if Starbound did not need people working, they just forget, they worry about the port of xone, hopefully when it comes out some very distant year, with luck, we will have a update, we'll see.
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  12. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    I guess people will need to learn speaking English then. But I think that might be a good idea. But then again, in my experience playing a game using my first language is very confusing, I am not used to it. But still a game with multiple language features can help people who don't understand English, so they can play it. You know like Minecraft, there are a lot of language selection there.
  13. Potatoman967

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    what happened to the devs? are the dead? we havent heard anything from them in a while
  14. Kawa

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    They're not dead. I was in direct communication with one just last week and went offline just as another tried to help out with some mod's Lua scripting.
  15. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    So, are they still working on the XBox version? When do they finish it and will they release a new update, many peoples ideas seems piling up in the suggestion thread with no response, I guess they are hoping SB release a new update soon.
  16. Xylia

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    To be fair, 99.999% of all suggestions are probably never going to be implemented in the game, probably because usually, if you have a suggestion of some kind of content you want added, it's going to be a better idea to just make a mod that adds it, unless it requires some API that doesn't already exist (good luck getting them to add it).
  17. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    You are right, my friend. My suggestion has been abandoned for ages.
  18. chacalik

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    And that's why I support mods focused update from now on.
  19. Scival

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    I did not. They look more like robot Kirby than an actual mech.
  20. Oberic

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    Missing out on the bounty hunting update is gonna be sad.

    But might I suggest fleshing out the existing game more? Even small updates more frequently than once every ... 6? 8 months? would be great!

    Just look at any aspect of the game and ask "Would the game benefit from having this expanded, even a little?" and then answer "Yes." and begin work on it.

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