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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Katzeus, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. Katzeus

    Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

    Original Post

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  2. Sparklink

    Sparklink Ketchup Robot

    Yes! I was thinking it had been a while since the last update! This just made my day.

    Edit; wait no, I finally just managed to read it. My day has been thoroughly ruined. And you know it is bad when one uses the word "Ruin" with something Starbound related.
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  3. TanzNukeTerror

    TanzNukeTerror Ketchup Robot

    Always nice to hear news. Reassures the community that there's still stuff going on. (Let's just ignore the ones who refuse to take any news as good, though.)
  4. Kawa

    Kawa Tiy's Beard

    A feature's put on hold? Guy could make good money on selling pitchforks right about now :nuruwink:
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  5. Waffle-Chan

    Waffle-Chan Guest

    So the biggest feature to come in an update is being abandoned? Even though it seemed to be nearly complete? Am I the only one that sees a problem with this?

    I’d buy one
  6. Ragnarok10024

    Ragnarok10024 Aquatic Astronaut

    Any word on starbound for the ps4 or perhaps maybe the switch?
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  7. Sparklink

    Sparklink Ketchup Robot

    I like updates good or bad. It is just that I had been looking forward to this update for some time.

    Perhaps there could be some missions between ranks to send you against some particularly dangerous criminals. It would be a boss fight like Asra Nox. Just some suggestions for Chucklefish if they want something to fill it out a little more.
  8. endertrot

    endertrot Cosmic Narwhal

    So, the reason Bounty Hunting has been put on hold is for the same reason that people complained about fishing and mechs, and also what a lot of people were worrying about could go wrong with the bounty hunting? How interesting. Hey, at least they learned something guys. With that said however...

    Pitchforks! Pitchforks! Come on and get your pitchforks, over here at the pitchfork emporium!
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  9. DragonsForce

    DragonsForce Weight of the Sky

    Sooooo the news is that we're basically not getting anything now, yes? Not gonna lie, that does make me a bit sad. Especially since there has not been a whole lot going on at all in the last few months (aka the last half year....)
  10. Kawa

    Kawa Tiy's Beard

    Now I'm all for a free market, buddy, but you're pushin' it.
  11. D.M.G.

    D.M.G. Master Astronaut

    I do understand what's up but

    I really wish you'd make updates about your progresses (even minor) more recurrent
    I know for a fact that many people wouldn't play the game anymore, if it wasn't for the mods.

    So I think what would be good would be that CF becomes more talkative with its community, that they become that friend who's on a big stuff and talks about it
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  12. Pohany

    Pohany Heliosphere

    I think I hit the target! [​IMG]
  13. Kawa

    Kawa Tiy's Beard

    I think the important question is, do we still get the fancy new objects seen in the bounty hunting videos, like those neat keypads? I think that'd "soften the blow" as it were considerably.
  14. Pohany

    Pohany Heliosphere

  15. Cgeta

    Cgeta Pangalactic Porcupine

    I don't mind really

    It would be neat if there was just a general update which adds things like more stuff, new blocks, dungeons, missions, biomes...
    It doesn't have to be a fancy new feature that's fairly isolated from the rest of the game
    And maybe once there is more general stuff, the bounty hunting won't feel so isolated

    You could, like, ease into it, by adding smaller features that compliment it later on when you decide to add it again
  16. Nazja

    Nazja Pangalactic Porcupine

    While I understand why this happened and sort of agree with the reasoning, I can't help but feel incredibly disappointed.

    I was looking forward to new content, even if it (like the previous updates) wouldn't have felt like it really fit into the base game.
  17. DraikNova

    DraikNova Spaceman Spiff

    Bounty hunting would have been a relatively major addition to Starbound's array of very different things to do, which I've always felt was one of Starbound's strong points, which helped to keep it from ever feeling like it was a chore (don't feel like continuing with this thing? Choose one of like 30 other projects you can work on), and the fact that it would have, for the most part, been integrated into preexisting environments already made it less disconnected than 1.2 and 1.3. However, it kind of felt at odds with both the sort of character the story quests set the player up to be (a guardian of law and order) and what players in practice tend to be (hoarding murderous looters).

    Personally, I hope this means that whenever we do get an update, it is focused on integrating 1.2 and 1.3 content into the game more. Actual dungeons for us to explore in space while in our mechs, maybe planetside dungeons that can only be accessed using appropriately-tiered mech gear, stuff like that.
  18. Ickura

    Ickura Big Damn Hero

    1.4 being "put on hold" is kind of sad and all, but im actually glad they are TRYING to make bounty hunting compliment the rest of the game unlike some disconnected features they already added such as mechs.

    My only complaint is that there are some minor but bothering bugs they still hadnt even touched yet such as the critters not being able to climb tiles, which really ruins the penguin mission a bit.

    Overall I'll still be looking forward to more news on 1.4, especially the bug fixes that usually comes with big updates.
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  19. GenoMech

    GenoMech Cosmic Narwhal

    Id have to agree, i am disappointed but i understand nonetheless. The bounty hunting system i feel would of just be an extension of sidequest system with extra steps. However i kinda wish i understood what you were going for vs. What you had in terms of the system. I had imagined each solar system with a space station had a kiosk for a bounty board that had like 4 targets based on difficulty that refreshed daily, giving you more reason to go stations for other than trading.

    In the meantime, updates are nice, even for the little things like new blocks, new furniture, new mech parts, new techs, gadgets, biomes, themes, materials, maybe even some new ores or weapon types or more complex and expansive item schematics that require adventure and rituals to craft.

    Maybe quality of life updates like shifting MM radius sizes, block switching, new paint colors, painting objects, armor with passive buffs, etc.

    If the the bounty system didn't work then try expanding on the colony system. Maybe make a post story quest that require building more colonies on different planets for resources and trade.

    Maybe a Mission Pak, a long quest post-game that expands on the lore with short stories, maybe utilize the npcs from the main game.

    Or something random or surprising like making the wandering adventurer on your first planet (by the mining shaft) can become your first party member. Maybe after your first mission, S.A.I.L. malfunctions and your put on an optional/non-optional side quest to repair them or even upgrade them.

    Theres a lot i feel that can fill that void of the bounty hunting update that could expand on the content just as well ._.
  20. Loto

    Loto Void-Bound Voyager

    11 weeks is not a "little bit" That's a third of the time from the first mention of update 1.4 (33 weeks ago) and now.

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