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    Starbound Animator is a tool to help people create and modify frames and animation files for Starbound. It has the following features :
    • Load, modify, and save frames files
    • Unpack Starbound assets (or any .pak file using the Starbound unpacker tools)
    • Lua script editing, with syntax highlighting and limited intellisense/auto-complete (coming soon)
    Planned features include loading, modifying, and saving animation files. Currently, the tools biggest utility is assisting with unpacking Starbound assets and then exploring the files that Starbound Animator loads.

    All bug reports, feature requests, and constructive comments are welcome.

    Download the current version, v0.3, HERE.

    sba-002.png sba-003.png


    sba-script2.png sba-script1.png

    [​IMG]Edit : updated the URL for download, and added screenshots.
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  2. The | Suit

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    Hi was just wondering if you will support overlapping of frames in the future?
    For example to view Full character Frame + armor
  3. Pfhoenix

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    Does setting a background image do what you want?
  4. The | Suit

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  5. Pfhoenix

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    That's more in the vein of animation editing, which I want to do. That's a pretty neat tool, though.
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    GROVER CURES HOUSES Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm all for trading the love2D dependency for the .NET dependency, personally :V
  7. Pfhoenix

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    Updated the OP with screenshots and a sneak preview of an upcoming feature, Lua script editing support.
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  8. Pfhoenix

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    Added a screenshot of the script globals definitions editing and management.
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