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    Hey there!
    In the last tutorial you've learned how to start working with Tiled and you now have a map with a bunch of tiles.

    "But Hey! Whats about my objects ?!" you may ask now,well...

    Thats whats those folders called "objects-by-...." are for. The're containing all objects from Starbound.
    You import them the same way as normal tiles, and they will show up in the same place where your normal tiles will show up.


    Just place some objects now, but keep in mind, all objects have to be placed in the "front" layer!

    There are a few rules when it comes to objects:

    this floran cabinet will spawn perfectly:


    This objects on the other hand won't spawn because the're overlapping.

    Rule 1 :
    Objects must not overlap with each other !

    This Shipping container won't spawn either because it's stuck in tiles.

    Rule 2 :
    Objects must not overlap with tiles/blocks !

    When you get errors with placing objects while spawning your dungeon (we will discuss this topic in the next tutorial) it will probably be caused by one of the above mentioned things, but sometimes it's caused by another thing:

    Object Offset:
    You may have seen this before when working with Tiled and Starbound, in Tiled everything looks fine, but ingame your objects have a sligth offset from where you placed them.
    This is'nt your fault and you cannot change it. Starbound places objects based on anchors and offset specified in the .object file. Tiled does'nt, because it only cares about the texturesize. And because of this you scene might look different ingame, than it does in Tiled.

    Next time we'll be talking about importing your map/dungeon!
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