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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by mollygos, May 31, 2017.

  1. Xylia

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    Then you'd just have to wait until 1.3 is released onto Stable...

    Modding outside of the workshop isn't that hard... you download either a .zip containing a folder, or a .pak file... either way, same goes: just drop said file into the \mods\ directory.
  2. Caladbrun

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    Still i love that zaku II mech body, good work; cant wait for stable. Please do tell the name of the mod if its uploaded i most likely would check it out. (still a GP02 with both shield and atomic bazooka...:cato3o:)
  3. AlyksThatGuy

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    So I posted this in another thread but I decided to post it here. The other discussion was about how the space dungeons are all kinda boring.

    I agree with the space stations, they are very boring and monotonous, they should ad least be different colors, at most having unique tilesets and dungeon pieces. Food stations should have more dining like many have said, but I also think they should have crops and animals, or maybe some preserved food producer(not a vending machine). Weapon Facilities should have weapon labs, as well as some actual weapons on board, and possibly cosmetic armors. Maybe the electronics stations actually have some hard to find tools or tech? The medical research stations should have the various stims as well. All the stations could sell Augments of some sort, maybe unique augments. Also on the topic of color and pieces, The player made stations can't be painted? What's up with that? They also are very bland as well, even more so than the generated stations! and you can't edit their frames, only what's inside.

    As for the maps, I like the system overview as is, but I do think stations should be included in that, even if it's just a station identifier, not specific to what type of station. Also, why don't enemy stations exist? Derelict ships kind of exist, but instead of just anomalies there should be rescue beacons, where you find ships/stations under attack or long past being attacked, left empty and abandoned. Maybe it was a research vessel that got attacked by some space parasite or a cargo ship under bandit attack who will reward you for helping them.

    NPC ships are very boring, albeit very cool looking. Sometimes you'll get a mech blueprint for facing hundreds of drones that are unbelievably hard to deal with even if you have a fully upgraded mech, but most of the time its two or three mech parts and some fuel. Enemy ships can't even be scavenged for their pretty cool looking parts. The friendly ships are oddly completely on their lonesome, no drones or enemies anywhere in their vicinity, and there is absolutely nothing to do onboard, except for the occasional merchant.

    I like this update but it feels unpolished. I know it's only in nightly so it is subject to change, so that's why I'm giving this feedback. I like the mech system quite a bit even if the parts are scarce and even the most fully upgraded mech gets obliterated by the enemies found, as they all are kind of bullet sponges who go twice as fast as the fastest mech and deal way too much damage way too quickly. I love the addition of these space systems, but it needs a little more work in my opinion.
  4. Scival

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    Why not space fighters then? :3
  5. Shaggyd0g

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    Yeah, see I'm normally late to the party being in the land down under, most updates hit while I'm asleep or otherwise occupied with day to day rigmarole... I'd been painting up my Warhammer 40K so didn't know how long it'd been downloaded for :p
  6. Gelo

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    Can't wait to see stable release! Good work, folks! ^_^
  7. Tlactl

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    Yeah, even though I live in California it's the same for me since the UK is almost on the other side of the planet. By the way, is Zim as popular over there as it is here?
  8. Shaggyd0g

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    Depends on who you ask. Me and my mates? Oh yes. It's one of my all time favourites!
    I even have Gir covered in blood tattooed on my arm.

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  9. Pohany

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    There should be no blocks below the platforms
    More precisely the back wall.
    It should be clear now ?
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  10. Tlactl

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    It's my favorite show too. I was surprised today, my brother is in elementary school and everyone had to make a car out of cardboard and bring it to watch a movie. One kid's car was Zim's cruiser and it even had cardboard cutouts of Zim and Gir inside. They must have an older sibling because I wouldn't have thought a first grader would even know about the show by themselves
  11. Caladbrun

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    I grew up watching the original mazinger Z :geek:, does that make me old? :cautious:
  12. SilverDarkBlade

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    Yay ^_^

    i have a few things after playing a bit
    #1. bug report - When you select a gas planet the nav panel freezes
    #2. Question - why can we breathe in mech space? this makes very little sense and hurts the suspension of disbelief
    #3. Suggestion - Switch to turn off protection at the end of enemy ships so you can steal things.
    #4. Bug report - using a healing item the entering a mech removes the healing effect
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  13. DragonsForce

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    Because they occasionally are used in a gravity enviroment where they do need legs. Just not very good legs.
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  14. freeman27015

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    Why the torch burns in water ? see screenshot

    another screen

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  15. Shaggyd0g

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    FYI you'll get in trouble for a double post, hit the edit button on your posts if you need to add to it :)
    Also, you're better off posting the bug and screenshots in the support section to make sure it's MUCH more likely to be noted and addressed
  16. Xylia

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    To be honest, we really need a "Unstable" section of the forums... General Discussion - Unstable and Bug Report - Unstable. That way we're not flooding the non-Unstable forums with our feedback on Unstable.

    Don't get why they don't have this already. I know when I had bug reports to make, I was hesitant to post them in the regular Bug Report forums...
  17. Scival

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    or you can just write [UNSTABLE] in the title of your bug report. :DD
  18. BatPetersAKAEnderzilla747

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    Veritech fighters and Invid forces anyone?
  19. Caaros the King of Chaos

    Caaros the King of Chaos Void-Bound Voyager

    So the stable 1.3 update is out, and I have a few questions if anyone can answer them.
    1. Did they balance out the high tier space combat to where it's viable? Even with the best mech equipment, it was next to impossible at one point.
    2. Are we allowed to build outside of the modular space stations?
    3. Do the new sloping hull blocks work properly in water? I remember there was an issue somebody found where the " absent corners" what completely bugger the water around them.
  20. DraikNova

    DraikNova Spaceman Spiff

    The first was fixed in an unstable patch I believe, pretty sure the answer to the second is no, and I'm also curious about the third.

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