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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by mollygos, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Kiath

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    I am really disappointed with this update. I've been waiting for one for such a long time and the only thing we get is "mech update" adding a mech with clear, not satisfying grind, moving the starship all over the universe just to find a place where you can find anomalies and hostile ships, and also, another great idea.. Giving us another big station for building like we didn't have an upgradeable ship and dozens of planets to settle in. Considering the time devs have put into this update and the content we have gotten just makes me regret all that waiting. How come Terraria has been started by two people and managed to get to the point where it is (entertaining dozens of people) while Starbound has a pretty big amount of "cast" from the beginning and yet they are making terrible choices?
    The whole game should get update which would include new armors and kinda brief the character progress with mech progress by, I dunno, making space biomes where you can actually collect some minerals by only mechs. Right now I am seriously disappointed with your work, Tiy.. No creativity at all, really.
    Upgrading that goddamn mech feels like a goddamn mini-game with no real purpouse. Like, why do I have to do that?
  2. DraikNova

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    Ehm, you can find anomalies and ships in any Star System, they randomly appear and disappear, so you don't have to move at all to find them.
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  3. DragonsForce

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    As already mentioned, that is not necessary. The only change necessary is switching between startypes (gentle -> temperate -> cold -> hot) for the difficulty; encounters of that difficulty spawn there continuousley - typically faster than you can finish them. Only thing great amounts of travel are necessary for is station trading, and in that case, it is kind of the point of the whole thing.
    Sorry, no. A lot of us were quite happy for this building space - granted, a lot of us were not, but that was because we could not properly build there, not because we got a place to build.
    How long did it TAKE for Terraria to get there? And really, the dev team isn't all that big, and never has been.
    Grinding, keeping the players playing. Compare it to... Well... ANY OTHER game where you grind something to get better at something.

    Last point, Starbound is designed to not force you down one path; there are almost always different paths. Don't like mining? Farm some crops instead, sell them for money, buy materials at the outpost! Don't like the story missions? Noone is forcing you to do them; they are not required to progress. That is why your request here:
    won't be implemented.
    Also, what do you want new armours for?
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  4. majoralfred

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    I couldn't get my assembly station to authorize for me, i did both the mech mission already. Can anyone help solve this? I really need some help. I don't use Fracking Universe, in case you wonder if it is the one interfering. Thx!
  5. Jonesy

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    You're better off making your own thread instead of piggybacking your issue on news threads.
  6. FarLander

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    I think it would be nice if you could move rooms around after placing them. Also delete rooms. I hate commitment.
  7. Perq

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    Got bored of the grind in after around hour or so of play. Killing the same monsters over and over again, to gain 2 parts. Rinse and repeat. Mechs are a great idea, but they look really bad. Goofy metal balls, I'd say. Also, they don't really add much to the "core" gameplay (if there is any).

    Stations lack purpose - they are big and empty. You will be looting them for the most part, while you can talk to only one NPC on the board, which will either trade with you (which is, again, boring as all hells) or offer you to make a space station... which is exactly the same (and pointless) as ground base or your space ship.
    Once again, all this lacks any purpose, goals or challenge. Unless you come up with challenges of your own, you'll get bored quickly. Wanting to get highest tier parts for your mech can only entertain you for so long...

    This is a common theme for the game overall - a tier based system of increasing numbers that offers no real end-game in which all of these things players gained can be somehow challenged. Multiplayer potential still being wasted.
    And the sad part is - game contains a metric shitton of content. A content that is wasted because game lacks a point. I doubt this will ever change, sadly.

    So overall that is it - a update which takes a year to develop is getting old after hour or so of gameplay.

    That is true. However, the grind itself has to be ENJOYABLE. Killing same monster over and over and visiting the same thing over and over again is hardly enjoyable. And it gets old VERY fast. There is very little variation (if any).
    All of the "mech" content is completely separate from the other game parts. You can't buy mech parts using the regular gameplay, you can't fight using regular gameplay. It does feel like a mini-game. A boring one at that, sadly.
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  8. celade

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    :nuruflirt: honestly I've been thrilled with the new update... I sink an incredible amount of time into Starbound off-and-on and now I have even more to mess with! Starbound is awesome for it's trappings and settings. I fall on the side of the player-base that is fine without needing to see what they call "end-game" -- this has been a building and then colonization game for me ever since. I do all the story missions, of course, and I like dungeons. I do agree the mech stuff is a little confusing as far as how to fit it into a lot of gameplay -- but there are arcade type scenarios, which really is what dungeons are. I also never feel much rushed to progress faster except on a first play-through where I want to get my crafting stations to a decent state.

    All-in-all this was a great update for me... I'm still a huge fan after years of playing.
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