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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by mollygos, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. soulsword3

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    normally when I start playing the game,and I get to the Erichius Horror,when I pass the first phase of the boss,the game start getting slower,the FPS rate start to get down untill it gets to zero and then it crashes,it has happened in a lot of versions,uncluding the 1.3 version,with a lot of people actually,the last time I had to use cheat codes to pass the boss and go on foward to the game,It really is frustating,I believe the first version I saw it happening was a Nightly build beta.
    Here,it is not only me.
    Now,I am sorry if I sounded a little bit rude but it is a persisting error that have hapened with me in the game,and I really don't like using cheat codes
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  2. Jonesy

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    Well, you should probably make a thread in the Starbound Support section to get help, instead of piggybacking the issue here.
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  3. soulsword3

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    Well,I sent a thread just talking about that on my comment,it looks like it didn't worked
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    And please remember that one-word posts are discouraged under forum rules.
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    Anyways I'm hyped for running through a planet and finding some person with a funky outfit just rant while inside their protected building! I wonder what happens if I guess the password and arrest them without having a bounty on their heads.
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    I'm sad that the Update isn't on Humble jet.:nurusad:

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