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    Speaking of which, does anyone still use the hoverbike?

    EDIT: Because I actually wouldn't mind the same modular concept applied to them as well
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    there's an admin command for that?
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    It's sarcasm, Kawa.
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    After playing the recent update for several weeks, I have created a list of comments that I have regarding the additions and modifications that were made; I have written all of this here because it is relevant to v1.3 and v1.3.1. I will begin with my positive comments.

    1. The mechs and space combat are both very interesting. Mechs are only slightly unwieldy, which provides a suitable challenge in space encounters outside of FPS or latency problems.
    2. Although space encounter worlds appear to be slightly vertically short, this, along with the mech's objective arrow, allows the player to locate the objective more easily.
    3. Space encounters are still playable outside of mechs, with the arguable exception of Extreme encounters, which orbit fiery stars. The majority of their enemies are not as atrociously overpowered as I had believed them to be, and various items can be used for navigation and space combat. I do not object to this gameplay as long as it still provides the player with a chance to succeed outside of their mech.
    4. Using certain weapons in zero-gravity environments produces interesting results. I accidentally discovered my favorite example of this while attempting to manipulate my height with one such weapon, which was an amusing surprise. I will leave these discoveries to the reader as well. =3
    5. The introduction of player-owned space stations sounds very interesting. They provide specific templates for players who may be less experienced with customized structures.

    I also have several minor concerns with content that was added or modified in the recent update.

    1. All status effects are cleared upon entering a mech. This appears to be a bug because it does not make sense for status effects, such as regeneration, to be removed when they do not affect the mech as a result of it being a separate entity.
    2. Although the maximum speed limit for the Rocket Spear ability is important in space encounters in order to ensure that the player does not move at impossibly high speeds, this limit does not appear to be necessary in worlds that are affected by gravity, as they have allowed the player to traverse the environment without unreasonably affecting their gameplay.
    3. I see a random gray line in the background of all space encounters. I do not have any modifications that would affect this background, and I have checked my graphics settings and zoom levels.
    4. Space encounters that are near planets, such as ships that are orbiting them, do not have the planets in question in their background. I believe that it would be interesting to see these planets in the background while exploring ships that are orbiting them.
    5. The current nature of player-owned space stations, and the opinions that several players have already given in this thread, implies that they provide too little customization and usage for too many materials. However, I believe that it is possible to resolve many of the customization-related problems by implementing more possible room options; for example, rooms such as a 2x2 or 3x2 dome and a 3x3 eight-passage hallway - likely with two expansion slots in each corner passage for simplicity - may contribute to customization options. In addition, in Post #44 of this thread, Ugicywapih suggested two methods of resolving arguably unreasonable expenses: substitution of many low-tier materials for few high-tier materials and mining drone stations that automatically produce ores, similar to fluffalos' functions. I would like to see these options investigated by Chucklefish, as they provide interesting potential for reducing the requirement for grinding in the case that the player is not interested in doing so.
    6. Due to gravity being removed from asteroid fields/belts, building in these areas is incredibly unwieldy, if not impossible. In Post #27 of this thread, DragonsForce proposed a gravity generator that affects a specific spherical or square radius. I agree with this suggestion because it provides a simple solution to problems with zero gravity while remaining logically possible.

    Unfortunately, I have also encountered several large problems with some of the content. Please keep in mind that I primarily play in a multiplayer server; while I am interested in playing alone, I do not wish to be entirely alone without any communication or chat with others.

    1. I have noticed that while I enjoy the space encounters, they appear to be rather repetitive. Although I have heard of a large variety of structures that can be found in space encounters, I have not personally seen many of them. In fact, I have seen several seemingly generic or abandoned structures a large number of times. This may be due to luck or due to a low probability for certain structures to appear, although I look forward to eventually personally seeing the other structures, as I am certain that the developers have worked very hard to create them.
    2. The obstacles of all hostile ship encounters that I have visited so far appear to be composed of the exact same formation of debris. Although it is possible that I am mistaken, I have noticed the same vaguely L-shaped fragment of a structure, followed by what appears to have been one half of a room and a quarter of another within a spaceship. Enemies hide within the same locations in these parts; I expect that the same occurs throughout the remainder of the obstacles. It may be possible to resolve this problem by creating multiple microdungeon files for the obstacles of space encounters, which should cause each encounter to generate obstacles differently.
    3. In multiplayer servers, merchants that are found on friendly ships - those that sell space furniture - cause the client to disconnect upon interacting with them due to an error. The client is also disconnected if the player exits a world while piloting a mech; although they can currently work around this by exiting the mech before exiting the world, it is often slightly bothersome for players.
    4. When v1.3 was released, the orientations of nearly all of the fluorescent lights that I had placed on surfaces other than ceilings were modified; many were rotated in awkward directions, and often partially phased into walls. I found this to be rather strange because new content has not normally interfered with other items or objects before this update.
    5. The fossil minigame is somehow broken. Upon using a brush on a fossil, the animation freezes and the minigame does not begin. Although I have only tested this on a multiplayer server, I have a suspicion that this may affect singleplayer games as well, considering that the fossil minigame has no relation to the content that was introduced in v1.3; it is likely that the new content has somehow interfered with the minigame. Although I admittedly do not remember when I have tested this, it was probably tested before v1.3.1; however, I have mentioned this here because it was not mentioned in the list of fixes in v1.3.1.
    6. Custom instanced worlds in multiplayer servers still appear to be broken. If a server has assets for a custom instanced world that the client does not have, the client will crash upon attempting to access the world. Challenge doors may also be broken in multiplayer servers, as clients are disconnected upon attempting to access several of them. Although I have admittedly not visited any recently, Ancient Vaults may also require attention. I am uncertain of whether this is intentional, considering that these worlds were previously loaded by the client without any problems as a result of the server sending the relevant data to the client. I believe that metadept (@metadept) may be able to provide a response regarding these problems.
      I understand that several of the developers and directors would like to focus on the quality and stability of the gameplay itself, as it is vital to the game. However, in response to them, and although I do not intend to accuse any of the developers of doing so, disregarding multiplayer-compatible modding - or, potentially, attempting to prevent it - is counterproductive to a large aspect of the game; the multiplayer system is as important as the gameplay itself because it allows players to interact and collaborate with each other, which is healthy for individual players, groups, and the general community. Therefore, I would like to see Chucklefish resolve the problem with instanced worlds, as it would mean surprisingly much to a moderately large number of players, modders, and server managers.

    Otherwise, thank you for working on this update and the hotfix for it. =D
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    In those 2 points I do not agree, not completely, personal opinion:

    5) -> With the advanced game, it is not difficult to get materials, you just have to dedicate time, what can not be is that you are asked for 4 minerals to make modules, it is a game, but it is not realistic, That being easy.

    The ideal is that it is expensive, dedicate time to mining is one of the important parts of the game, for that are the mods, to facilitate these details to people who want to have it easier, the game gives you a base, if you do not You agree, you create a mod that allows you to do what you want, but the basis in if I see it correct.

    6) -> 2 opinions here:

    1- Gravity 0 should not have been removed in asteroids, are not great, there should be gravity, I agree.

    2- Since there is no gravity, building is still simple, it is more difficult than gravity, but that does not prevent you from placing blocks to reach the areas you need to reach, with the blocks you get anywhere! Hehe

    PS: A tip, separate the paragraphs, it costs a little to read like this, without offending >_<
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    Rocket spears in normal gravity are completely broken, moving at ridiculously slow speeds while acting as if in 0g, which sucks. I liked using them in combination with the gravity augment or alien juice to zoom across planets more easily so as to avoid navigating some particularly annoying landscape or even just to get somewhere quickly.
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    The rocket spear in low gravity was endless fun. I found the Drill Spear which allows you to fly through low gravity at decent speeds; though it is slower than the original rocket spear but it the upside is that the special attack moves you in the direction you point allowing you to easily attack enemies as you fly.

    I actually have a copy of all of the Starbound 1.2 assets in a safe place. If you want I can give you all of the assets for the old Rocket Spear weapon ability; perhaps you could use those to restore the Rocket Spear to its former glory.
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    Oh, I still have a backup of 1.2's assets, it's just that I'd rather have the official version get fixed.
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    Geez, I hadn't yet noticed they nerfed that. That's a ridiculously low speed limit.
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    Yeah, and I hope it's a bug, since the speed in zero g is not even increased noticeably if I change it back to the old version (which does work in-atmosphere), so it doesn't even make sense that it's changed.
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    Well, then what is this part of the main page for?

    "Starbound has been built from the ground up to be multiplayer and easily moddable. You have the tools to make the universe your own and modify the game to suit your play style "

    This is a game designed to be customizable.
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    It can not be to everybody's liking, they create their game as they want to do it, "to their liking but focused on the public", can not like everyone as it is originally, but it's very easy for people to modify it.

    To others, we like the original game without modifications, the game is balanced, modify many aspects can break that balance, and every person who creates or uses mods does it at their own risk, my opinion.

    What can not be expected is that with each personal opinion about an aspect of the game, it is changed for them, because everyone has complaints about something, that is why they facilitate its modification :nurutease:
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    Is 1.3.1. a stable version? My mechanic station is is still showing "Unauthorized User".
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    Well, did you do the mech mission yet? It only unlocks after you do a mission for the penguin with glasses who usually stands near the one in the outpost.
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    I do agree with you all with the bug fix of stations, but if you go into admin by doing /admin, and using this command: /settileprotection 0 false , it will disable the whole universes tile protection. so your are now free to do whatever you want with the universe.
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    My problem with the spacestation is with the admin commands, just little things...
    If you use the command " /settileprotection 0 false " it should activate that you can mine and colour the "outer" station blocks. Just sometimes the Blocks are not mineable and cant be coloured... Can sb make a mod or try to fix this, because i dont want just a grey spacestation and i dont think this is intended. :) - Shadow
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